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RUSH: So yesterday on the program I spent some time with in depth and nuanced political analysis backed up by evidence, the evidence from NBC News on Sunday and the Washington Post on Sunday and Monday. The evidence was backing up the analysis that the media has decided that essentially they’re not gonna throw Obama overboard, but when we get back through this year and actually even now, it’s time to look forward.

It’s time to make sure that we have an untainted Democrat nominee who can win, and in everybody’s mind on the left, that person is Hillary Rodham Clinton. It was hers in 2008, don’t you know? She had been promised, she had been assured of a virtual coronation, because of her sacrifice in moving to Arkansas and putting up with everything she’s had to put up with as Mrs. William Jefferson Blythe Clinton.

She did that. She enabled Clinton to remain Clinton, Clinton to remain governor, Clinton to remain president, Clinton to be reelected to overcome Monica Lewinsky and the “bimbo eruptions.” Hillary made that possible by hanging in there. Now, Hillary was given things in the process: The chance to screw up health care and to pick attorney generals like Janet El Reño and other botched choices.

But even at that, Hillary Clinton was the Smartest Woman in the World, bar none. No contest, no question. And after eight years of the stupid idiot cowboy George W. Bush, the country was once again ready for sure Democrat liberal brilliance, and that was to be Hillary Clinton. It was her election, it was her nomination, it was her coronation. And then we know what happened.

A younger African-American came along, and the powers that be in the Democrat did a side-by-side comparison, and they threw in with the younger African-American. And Hillary Clinton was once again kicked to the curb. But Hillary Clinton was a good soldier. After losing the bitterly fault Democrat nomination fight, even after being supported by Operation Chaos here on the EIB Network, Hillary Clinton faced insurmountable campaign debt.

And like all Democrats, she didn’t want to use her money to repay it.

So along came Barack Obama!

Originally, Barack Obama wanted to offer her the vice presidency, under the theory that you keep your enemies close. He also wanted to nominate her as vice president so that she would always have to be loyal and could never do what she’s doing now. But he didn’t nominate her. He didn’t ask her to be the vice president because he also didn’t want Bill Clinton taking up residence in the White House.

He didn’t want Bill Clinton running around with an open invitation to every Obama event. If Hillary were the vice president, he’d have to deal with Bill, and he really doesn’t like Bill. He really doesn’t like Hillary, but he had to keep her close, because he didn’t want her to do a Ted Kennedy, as Ted Kennedy did to Jimmy Carter in 1980, and run against him in 2012.

So he made her secretary of state, but he did not actually turn the reins of foreign policy over to her. He micromanaged it with his national security people, but it was made to look like she was in charge, and it was an absolute, total disaster. From Benghazi to the Russian reset, it was total ineptness and total incompetence on the part of both Obama and Hillary and everybody on their team.

Well, now, the decision to make her secretary of state and not vice president is coming home to roost. If she were the vice president today, she couldn’t do what he’s doing. She couldn’t run out and trash Obama. She wouldn’t have resigned as vice president, but secretary of state? “Hell, been around the world three times. What’s left to see? I’m outta here.” Besides that, John Kerry wanted the job ’cause he speaks French.

He wanted it on his resume. This is the Twenty-First Century and John Kerry knew how to bring peace to the world. We’re seeing it with our very own eyes now. Yuk yuk. So she’s outside the tent now. She’s out there as the next Democrat nominee, but she cannot win the Democrat nomination if she is seen part of the Obama administration ’cause it’s a disaster, and the media knows it’s a disaster.

They can see the approval numbers. They see the latest NBC poll. They see the latest Gallup poll. They see CNN. Obama is trending downward rapidly. They cannot afford to have Hillary attached to that in any way. Hillary can’t be attached to it in any way. She can’t let that happen. She’s got to distance herself from Obama but still not anger the extreme wacko Democrat base. Obama’s base, Elizabeth Warren’s base.

Hillary has got to distance herself from Obama but not distance herself from extreme liberalism. We had a sound bite I didn’t get to yesterday. It was Joe Trippi. (I don’t need it, Cookie. I can tell people what he was gonna say.) His sound bite yesterday was that Trippi thinks that Hillary may not understand yet just how far left the Democrat Party has actually moved. Not the inside-the-Beltway Democrat Party, but the voters.

His point was that it’s gonna be a real tough thing to do to distance herself from Obama and still satisfy the Democrat Party base, because they are so far left that any distance at all, they are going to see as a betrayal. Now, the fallacy in that — and when you hear that point, it sounds reasonable, but there’s a fallacy in it. The fallacy is that Mrs. Clinton is not an extreme liberal. She is. She is every bit the extreme leftist that Obama is.

She and her husband both are. They have crafted, however, entirely different images. Bill Clinton is seen practically as a centrist with leftist tendencies. He’s just a good old boy, yukking it up, having a good old time, really livin’ the life he could live the best he can, having the most fun in the world. He’s a loyal Democrat helping Democrats here, there, and everywhere. That was always their game.

Bill had to get the votes so he couldn’t appear to be what he was. Hillary, behind the scenes, was the extreme leftist that they both are. Hillary picking the cabinet members. Hillary picking the nominees for this or that or the other thing. So the idea that Hillary doesn’t know how left Democrat Party’s moved, I don’t think is true. It’s right where Democrat Party should be, according to her.

But I think Trippi had a point, however, because Democrat Party has gone so far left. Most Democrats are still happy with Obama, at least a majority of them are. His numbers are not as high as they were, obviously, in 2008-2009. But most Democrats are still okay with Obama, and she’s got the task now of separating herself from all of this that is the Obama presidency. But she can’t go too far because the Democrat Party is extreme left.

Here comes the media!

Their job is to pull this off.

Their job is to give her credibility and back her up when she starts attacking Obama’s foreign policy, because, remember, it was hers. She was every bit as incompetent as he is. But they’re trying to set it up now that she really didn’t have that much power as secretary of state. The story that they’re putting out is that Obama didn’t really relinquish that. She wasn’t a figurehead, but it wasn’t much more than that.

So now the media is supporting her as she trashes the Regime. And in supporting her, the media appears to be throwing Obama overboard on a few things. And there is evidence out there. Michael Goodwin in the New York Post. We cited the evidence and showed it to you yesterday from NBC. On Sunday’s Meet the Press, even when F. Chuck Todd and David Gregory launched into Obama, it wasn’t to criticize Obama. It was to build up Hillary.

And the Washington Post, Dana Milbank. Michael Goodwin in the New York Post today: “Obamaism is Dead and Hillary Clinton Killed It.” Now, this is a story that’s along the same lines. This one does not praise Hillary. Goodwin is not part of the left-wing media.

“Obamaism is Dead and Hillary Clinton Killed It — It wasnÂ’t so much a mercy killing as an expedient one, but thatÂ’s politics in the best sense. The important thing is that she broke the Democratic omertà code by stating the obvious: The presidentÂ’s policy of having America sit on the sidelines of a burning world is a disaster that threatens our national security.”

And she did say that. She said doing nothing is not a plan of action. Doing nothing is not foreign policy. “The power of her argument is confirmed by a report that a testy Obama called it ‘horses–t’ to congressional leaders. Even guru David Axelrod blasted her, proving she scored a direct hit on the Chicago mafiaÂ’s central nervous system.”

Next we move to J. Pod, John Podhoretz, also in the New York Post. “Hammering Obama: Hillary Has Only Begun — Memo to President Obama: You should have made Hillary your vice president back in 2008. She was the obvious choice. But you believed you were strong enough without her … Big mistake. If Hillary were veep, sheÂ’d be inside the tent,” and she couldn’t be urinating all over you. But she is outside the tent, and so it is a big problem.

“David Axelrod Swipes at Hillary Clinton Over Iraq — David Axelrod, the longtime top adviser to President Barack Obama, has taken to Twitter to slam Hillary Clinton in the wake of her comments rejecting the core of the Obama administrationÂ’s self-described foreign policy principle. In an interview with The Atlantic –” this was the third big shoe to drop “– Clinton said the White House doctrine of ‘DonÂ’t do stupid stuff’ is ‘not an organizing principle.'” To which I ask, well, is a plastic red reset button with Russia an organizing principle, Mrs. Clinton?

“‘Just to clarify: “DonÂ’t do stupid stuff” means stuff like occupying Iraq in the first place, which was a tragically bad decision,’ read the tweet from Axelrod.” See, what’s happening now, they’re going back to the first series of votes on the use-of-force authorization Bush sought to go into Iraq, and Hillary voted “yes” both times. That is how they are attacking her. That she never really was opposed to Bush’s Iraq policy, that her policy on Iraq is no different than Bush’s. And the Obama people are now forced into attacking Hillary so as to defend Obama.

Next up, Mrs. Clinton claims that arming the Syrian rebels was the same thing as supporting Al-Qaeda. Well, which it was. But she didn’t say anything at the time. Now it’s after the fact, she’s outside the tent, and she’s ripping into Obama’s Syria policy. But she has said both things. She has supported Obama’s policy and now opposes it. So the question, was Hillary lying then or is she lying now? It could be that she was just dutifully toeing the Obama line back in 2012. In 2012 is when she spoke in support of Obama’s drawing a red line and arming the rebels in Syria to take on Bashar Assad.

Those rebels were ISIS. We were supporting Al-Qaeda in Iraq, now called ISIS, in their battle against Assad, siding against Assad. Hillary is now calling Obama out on all of this. So last night the couples appeared at a joint birthday party at the home of well-known arbitrator raconteur Vernon Jordan at Martha’s Vineyard. And Hillary suggested, before they both arrived last night, that they hug it out.

“Hillary Clinton called President Barack Obama on Tuesday to ‘make sure he knows that nothing she said was an attempt to attack him’ when she recently discussed her views on foreign policy in an interview with The Atlantic, according to a statement from a Clinton spokesman.” The statement comes as Obama and Clinton are due to cross paths at a social gathering at Vernon Jordan’s house, Martha’s Vineyard. Let’s hug it out, which is conflict resolution 101. So what Hillary is saying, “Look, Barack, I gotta run for office here, and I can’t run as you. I’ve gotta distance myself. You understand, you understand.” And Obama is saying, no, I don’t understand, and I don’t approve of what you’re doing. I don’t want to be a part of it.


RUSH: Not long ago on CNN on a show called Wolf, Wolf Blitzer, chief political analyst, CNN, spoke to Gloria Borger, also chief political analyst. I gather she’s the chief political analyst. I guess Wolf’s the anchor. And Wolf said, “The kind of criticism that, in the last few days we’ve heard in that Atlantic interview that Hillary gave criticizing President Obama, took me back to the days in 2008 when they were both running for the presidential nomination, Democrat Party. And I moderated several of those Democrat debates, Gloria. And you heard that friction and that tension. It was real back then, Gloria. What about it now?”

BORGER: It’s still there. I remember the moment in New Hampshire as well, “You’re likable enough, Hillary,” which backfired on then-candidate Obama. You know, this is the kind of thing, when you take a policy dispute and you disparage the president and you kind of make it personal, which I would argue she did, it can backfire on you. And I do believe that people in the White House are very upset about this. This kind of an interview is something I don’t think they expected, particularly with the wording she used. The “don’t do stupid stuff is not an organizing principle.” It’s a little demeaning to the president.”

RUSH: Right. Exactly, it is. And they are upset about it in the White House even though Hillary’s camp called and said (paraphrasing), “Look, we have to do this. You understand it’s all about keeping the White House two years from now.” And the Obama people: No, you don’t rip the boy wonder, you just don’t do it. There’s no justification for it. You don’t rip Obama. Nobody does. Not in the Democrat Party. It doesn’t happen. There’s never any justification for it. They’re not happy about it. But this is being done to promote Hillary, distance her from Obama.

This one thing, he did say, at a joint debate about Mrs. Clinton, “Hillary’s likable enough.” It didn’t backfire. Gloria Borger said it backfired. Well, how did it backfire? He won, didn’t he? What do you mean, it backfired? What, his poll numbers went down for a couple days? Backfired? And now this supposedly is gonna backfire on her? Wrongo. This isn’t gonna backfire on her. This is all part of a two-year movement or campaign to get her nominated.


RUSH: Yeah, Vernon Jordan was the one who found her a job. If he could have just found her a boyfriend. But he found her a job. And I’m confused. I thought the hug-in at this birthday party, whatever’s going on at Vernon Jordan’s house at the Vineyard, I thought it was last night, but I guess it’s tonight, or was it last night? Which is it? It’s tonight ’cause they haven’t hugged yet. You know, there’s a golf course on the Vineyard that I have played. It’s called the Vineyard Golf Club. I have been there.

The first time I went in I actually thought about putting chaff on EIB 1 in case I was attacked on final approach, just to, you know, maybe get the surface-to-air missiles attacking the chaff and not me. But apparently Obama went there to play golf today, yesterday. The New York past has a story, and everybody there in the restaurant, on the golf course, everybody there was searched and wanded. And they were offended by it. They didn’t like it. Now, Obama went in there and shook everybody’s hands and so forth after that, but apparently it was a disruption, which it always is.

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