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RUSH: This thing that happened on the racetrack in upstate New York. Tony Stewart — by the way, it’s been reported that he will not face criminal charges for running down the other driver on the track, the dirt track on Saturday night.

“Authorities investigating the Tony Stewart racing accident that killed a fellow driver said today that ‘at this time, there are no facts to support any criminal behavior,’ Ontario County Sheriff Philip Povero said. Investigators are reviewing two videos of the crash and are looking for additional recordings and eyewitness testimony,” now known as crowd sourcing, for those of you not in the tech lingo business. They’re looking for crowd sourcing data. That might be other people with their phones and other tech devices that might have videoed the incident from an angle that the authorities do not have. They’re talking to other drivers.

“Kevin Ward Jr., 20, was killed Saturday after he got out of his car in what looked like an attempt to confront Stewart. Video of the incident has shown Ward gesturing towards Stewart’s vehicle as he walked out of his own car and towards the center of the racetrack where he was run over by Stewart’s car.”

A lot of other cars missed Kevin Ward, drove right by the guy, but Tony Stewart’s car did not. But it’s a race. There are people, ladies and gentlemen, get this. If you haven’t heard this, stand by; you will. There are people speculating that the root cause of the Tony Stewart incident is Southern culture. Southern machismo culture is at the root of this. So we’ll keep a sharp eye on this for any late developments that might take place.

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