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RUSH: This is from a deeply concerned Reuters. Headline: “Americans Worry that Illegal Migrants Threaten Way of Life, Economy — As President Barack Obama considers sidestepping Congress to loosen US immigration policy –” Don’t you just love that choice of wording. He is going to break the law. If he does this, he’s going to be violating the Constitution. And what does Reuters say? He’s considering “sidestepping Congress to loosen US immigration policy, a Reuters/Ipsos poll shows Americans are deeply worried that illegal immigration is threatening the nation’s culture and economy.

“Seventy percent of Americans — including 86 percent of Republicans — believe undocumented immigrants threaten traditional US beliefs and customs, according to the poll.” And when you read the rest of the story you cannot escape Reuters’ belief that this is just a bunch of crazy, paranoid racists that are responding in this poll. Because everybody knows that illegal immigrants are a boon to the economy and our culture. Everybody knows that these kids are the future of America.

Everybody knows that this is a nation of immigrants, and without these people crossing the border, we will never, ever reclaim our greatness. (interruption) How can kids be a boon? They’re future Democrats. (interruption) I know all kids do is consume, particularly Democrat kids. But they’re the future of America because they’re going to vote Democrat. They’re the future of America because they’re gonna keep Democrats in office. They’re the future of America because they’re gonna be subservient and dependent on the Democrat Party. That’s why they’re the future.

But the point here is that you have a poll where 70% of the American people know the disaster that’ll happen, and Reuters writes about this as though the disaster is public opinion. There’s a story — by the way, it’s not just this poll. Some member of the US Commission on Civil Rights is warning Obama that all of this is going to be disastrous for the black population. And you can figure that one out.

This guy says the poor blacks in this country do not need more competition for the dollars handed out by the Democrat Party. In fact, they’ve got first dibs on ’em because they were the original victims of this country. And what do you mean, importing a bunch of new victims? We can’t have that. It’s all over the place. It’s not just the 70% in the Reuters poll. This Civil Rights Commission guy is standing up and he’s saying it would be a disaster for the black population. I still, I’m going back and forth on whether or not Obama will actually do this.

On the one hand, I wouldn’t be surprised if he did it just to create the disaster, because he thinks this country deserves it. It’s time we found out what life on this planet is really like for most people and should have been like for us all along if it hadn’t been for the fact that we’ve run around the world and stolen everything. On the other hand, there’s a part of me that says Obama didn’t do this when he had both houses of Congress the first two years of his Regime when he could have done it easily. He wouldn’t even needed executive orders. He could have just had the Democrat Congress give him the bill he wanted and signed it.

They could have done amnesty in the first two years, and they didn’t. And the reason they didn’t is because nobody’s gonna get credit for this. There is only going to be blame. And to the extent that Obama cares about the Democrat Party, if he can’t finagle this so that the Republicans get blamed for it, he may not do it. Those are the two competing ideas I have in my head about this, and I don’t know which one is more correct, ’cause both of them, in their own way, make an equal amount of sense.

Again, on the one hand we have Obama with a chip on his shoulder about America. It’s deep and it’s rooted to the founding, how could a country write and ratify a Constitution rooted in individual liberty and freedom when there was slavery? And that’s just something I don’t think he and Holder have ever gotten over, even though it didn’t affect them, didn’t impact them. As leftists they’ve been raised and educated to be angry about that no matter what happens. No matter that we are one of the few nations on earth that has solved it and gotten rid of it, at great cost. So that’s one.

On the other hand, if he does this on his own, it’s gonna be him and the Democrat Party taking the hit, not the Republicans, and I don’t know that he’s ready for that. Time will tell. So on the one hand, I don’t think he’s gonna do it. On the other hand, I think he will. I don’t know which is the case. I think there’s a bunch of huffing and puffing. I think his dream would be if he could scare the Republicans into doing it. I think that’s what this is really all about.

That’s why the Democrats will not shut up about impeachment. That’s why the Democrats will not stop goading the Republicans, all this claptrap about you guys are never gonna win anything as long as the Hispanics keep hating on you the way they are hating on you. And if you don’t start getting some love from the Hispanics your days in the political system are over. And the only way you can make ’em love you is amnesty. And of course the Republicans believe this tripe, folks.

So there’s no question that Obama is trying really hard to make it look like the Republicans are stopping it and then pressuring them into making it happen so that they take the hit. Because the truth of the matter is, if the Republican Party wants to end itself, if it wants to commit suicide, if the Republican Party wants to ensure that it doesn’t win the White House for a long time, they will do amnesty. And that’s what the Democrats want.

The Democrats are not interested in Republicans winning the White House again. The Democrats are not interested in the Hispanic vote shifting to the Republican Party. Any two-year-old could figure that out. Time will tell what happens here. On this one it’s tough to predict. It could go either way.


RUSH: Peter Kirsanow, the black commissioner on the eight-member US Commission on Civil Rights, Peter Kirsanow is the black member, and he wrote a letter to Obama this week. “I write to remind you of the disastrous effect of illegal immigration on the employment of all Americans, but particularly black Americans.” He was livid about it, and he let Obama know in no uncertain terms. Here’s part of what he wrote.

“Illegal immigration has a disparate impact on African American men because these men are disproportionately represented in the low-skilled labor force.” He added, “Granting legal status to millions of people who are in the United States illegally will continue to depress the wages and employment opportunities of African American men and teenagers, and it will also depress the wages and employment opportunities of African-Americans going forward.” So Peter Kirsanow, black member, US Commission on Civil Rights, a Democrat, more than likely.

There is no credit for doing this. Now, let me throw another thing in the mix in trying to predict what Obama’s gonna do. The fact that the Washington Post has an editorial today warning him, and, in a sense, throwing down the gauntlet and saying, “You really don’t want to do this. We will not and cannot defend you if you do this.” That tells me they think he’s really close to doing it, which may give us some sort of indication. As I say, I’m not surprised either way. If he goes ahead and does this and drops that nuclear bomb and grants amnesty to half of ’em or all of ’em, it would not surprise me.

And it wouldn’t also surprise me if he sat around and waited and waited until he could figure out a way for the Republicans to get blamed for it. Because I’m telling you right now there is no credit. There’s no credit to be had here. I mean, not anywhere near a significant amount of credit that would redound positively in a political sense to anybody.

Now, Peter Kirsanow, he’s a staunch opponent of amnesty. He was a Bush appointment, by the way. So he may not be a Democrat. Okay, okay, I stand corrected. Conservative African-American, Peter Kirsanow, and he’s warning Obama. Okay. Well, then that just means Obama won’t listen to him. But he wanted to go on record anyway.

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