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RUSH: Let’s grab audio sound bite number three. When I make jokes about the left, as you well know, they end up coming true. And we kept hearing during the — I guess a month ago or so, when the intense attention was being paid to all the illegal immigrant children pouring across the border, so many Democrats, President Obama, all of those who supported them coming, and Obama actually, I think used these words, ran around and was talking about how these kids were “the future of America,” which prompted me to say this.

RUSH ARCHIVE: If they are so great for the US, why aren’t they great for their native countries? If they’re great for us, I assume they’d be great for Mexico. If they’re great for us, if they’re really, really going to determine our future, why wouldn’t they determine the future of Guatemala, El Salvador, et cetera. And then, folks, is it right for us to steal the hope and future and future greatness of Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, by taking these young gifts of love away from those countries? What gives us the right, I ask, what gives us the right to take these young kids who determine the future. They’re so talented. They’re so good. They’re so important, our future rests on them. What about Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, where they are from? Why are we stealing the future from these other countries?

RUSH: And what about our own children? Are they just jack? Are they just worthless? No. You see, it’s already assumed that today’s children are preregistered Democrats. These children are the future of America because they are registered Democrats-in-waiting, which is the only reason the Democrats care about having them here. Anyway, Obama was saying it, that they were the future of America, and I think my questions are valid.

They may have sounded funny, but if they are special, and so talented, and represent the future of America — and Obama believes that we became a superpower, not because of our own efforts, but because we stole everything from everybody else around the world, then what gives us the right to steal the world’s children? Well, God bless him, the vice president, Joe Bite Me, has come along to explain it. Yesterday at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building during a meeting on legal access for unaccompanied immigrant children, Vice President Biden said…

BIDEN: These are not somebody else’s kids. These are our kids. These are the children that lift the national ambitions of each of these countries aloft. And it’s a tragedy for the countries who are losing them and for us not being able to solve every one of their problems.

RUSH: That’s just so precious. I mean, this is old Joe gaffing. First he claims these kids for America, just claims ’em. They’re our kids. They’re not those kids. They’re not El Salvador’s kids. They’re our kids. They’re not somebody else’s kids. They’re ours. Then he admits that it’s a tragedy that we’re stealing them? It’s a tragedy for countries losing them? Right. Because they’re so great. They are the future and we are stealing them. It’s a tragedy for the countries who are losing them, and it’s a tragedy for us, not being able to solve every one of their problems.

But I have, ladies and gentlemen, a little different take on this. It is said that the Tea Party and Republicans and conservatives — in fact, it is said that anybody who opposes blanket amnesty for these kids or for any of the others living in the shadows, it is said that if you oppose blanket amnesty, it’s because you are a racist, right? It is because you are a bigot. You are a racist and a bigot, and you are a nationalist, and you are selfish. You are greedy. You don’t want to share. You are threatened by young people of color.

Well, what of these people and kids who are rejecting their own culture and their own country, and what about these parents of these children sending their own young people here? Is it not they who are practicing racial preferences? Is it not they who are rejecting their own cultures? I mean, we have to sit here and listen every day to how we’re a bunch of racist pigs, sexists, bigots, and homophobes, and how America is that way because of us. And yet all these people around the world want to come here, and all these parents in Central America are sending their kids here. And in the process are they not rejecting their own cultures?

Despite what all the demographers say, America remains a majority white country. Despite the predictions, despite the hopes, despite the dreams of all the leftists, that white people eventually become the minority in this country, it hasn’t happened yet. So why do governments in countries of color encourage their children to come here if we are such bad racists, sexists, and bigots? And of course the leftists would answer that question by saying, “Because they are here to help us take over. They are here to help us wrest control of this country from you white bigots.”

That’s what they would say on the blogs, Mr. Snerdley. That’s what they’d say in the comments. If I were to pose that question at Democrat Underground or Huffing and Puffington, that would be the answer. But these children are children of God and they’re so special and they’re so great and they’re the future of America. Well, what about their own countries? I guess they don’t matter. And in the end, they don’t. In a balancing act between the Democrat Party in the United States and the future of Guatemala, the Democratic Party, the US, is gonna win. In a contest between the Democrat Party and the future of El Salvador, the Democrat Party in America is gonna win.

In a contest of the Democrat Party and the children of Guatemala, Ecuador, Mexico, you name it, the Democrat Party is gonna win. And the Democrat Party will make it look good by saying the kids are so wonderful and so forth, but they don’t care what it means in the real world, that the future of these other countries is leaving to join the Democrat Party in America.

Now, there’s a story in the Christian Science Monitor. You know, I just love poking holes. I love finding hypocrisy and lies and BS in the media. And I found another example. Christian Science Monitor: “For Some Migrant Girls, Rape and Pregnancy are Part of the Journey.” And I said, now, wait a minute, hold it a second. I thought, and I thought it because I was being told along with everyone else, that these young kids were fleeing such things in their native countries. They were fleeing rape. They were fleeing poverty. They were fleeing teenage sex trafficking, child sex trafficking and other traffic. They were fleeing all of that.

This article flies in the face of everything we’ve been told previously. We have been told that these children are fleeing sex trafficking. By the way, just so you know, fleeing sex trafficking is the only way that children can apply for asylum under the 2008 Wilberforce Act. It’s gotta be sex trafficking that they’re fleeing. That’s the only way that they can get asylum. They can’t get asylum fleeing poverty, according to the law, which may not mean anything. But they according to the law, the Wilberforce Act, it has to be sex tracking that they’re trying to escape.

By the way, do you know who Wilberforce is? He is the British man who ended slavery in Great Britain. I think his first name is William, but there was a major movie made about the man, and it was made by — oh, I’m having a mental block. I can’t remember the guy’s name. He’s not a traditional Hollywood producer. He’s actually one group trying to get a football team in Los Angeles, and I’m having a mental block on his name. Anschutz! Philip Anschutz financed the movie on William Wilberforce. Wilberforce was the force behind the equivalent of slavery in Great Britain long before we dealt with it here. The movie was Amazing Grace. That’s what it’s about, William Wilberforce.

So, anyway, the Wilberforce Act of 2008 specifically says that these kids must be fleeing sex trafficking in order to be granted asylum. And now this story comes along, Christian Science Monitor, says, “Oh, no, no, no. These poor souls are encountering rape and pregnancy on the journey.” They are not aware at the Christian Science Monitor that we pay attention.

Now, the Drive-Bys are gonna miss this. All they’re gonna see is, “Oh, my God, is it that bad? They want to come here so bad, these kids want to get so America so bad, that they are willing to risk rape and pregnancy to get here? Oh, my God, how can we keep them out?” That will be their take on it. They will not remember that we’ve been told they are fleeing rape and pregnancy and sex trafficking, in order to come here, not that it is occurring on the trip, which is this story.

“Although teenage boys make up the bulk of Central American children traveling alone to the United States, girls increasingly are venturing north, too. And for some of them, the risky journey becomes even more difficult because of a pregnancy.” Now, this, in addition to everything else, raises an interesting point. We know the majority of the these illegal alien children are boys, at least 65%, maybe more, and yet we’re supposed to believe they should all get asylum in the US because they’re the victims of sex trafficking.

So, in other words, the minority makeup of the children coming north is girls, and yet here’s this big sob story about, “Oh, they’re all being raped and they’re getting pregnant, and that’s why it’s a sad thing, Mr. Limbaugh. This is what’s happening. They want to get here so bad that they’re willing to risk these horrors in order to get here.” Wait, not even the majority of them. Sixty-five percent, maybe more, are boys. Who’s doing the whatever? We’re just being lied to. People are trying to tug your heartstrings to get you to agree to all this, and they’re lying through their teeth, folks, it’s a sad thing. You really can’t believe anything you read in the media.

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