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RUSH: By the way, folks, book time. I have been meaning all week to tell you. Whenever I run into a couple of books or any book I’m reading that I want to pass on to you, I always share it with you. Daniel Silva’s latest, The Heist. If you like Daniel Silva mysteries, this is just fabulous. It’s the latest one, dark blue cover, it’s called The Heist.

And I haven’t gotten into this one yet, but Wayne Allyn Root, went to school with Obama at Columbia, has just written a bunch of op-eds about that and about how he knows from his knowledge of Obama way back when, what an anti-capitalist Obama is. He’s got a book out, and I have a signed copy, it happens a lot, called The Murder of the Middle Class. Wayne Allyn Root.

And there’s one other. Oh, the latest Stone Barrington is great escape. I mean, if you like Stuart Woods. Stuart Woods is a huge lib, huge, I mean an MSNBC type lib. But I love the guy’s books. Stone Barrington, the series, the big-time lawyer. If you’ve read ’em, you know what I’m talking about.

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