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RUSH: You’ve got the NBC poll. “On Tuesday,” yesterday, “the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll found that President Obama’s popularity reached its lowest point since he first took office in 2009. Overall, 54% of Americans disapprove of the job the president is doing compared to the just 40% who approve.”

At Gallup, Obama is still at 39% approval. In the NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, heÂ’s at 54% disapproval — and when you get to immigration, it’s even higher. But despite these low numbers, NBC Nightly News failed to cover its own results during the Tuesday night NBC Nightly News. This poll “also found that a strong majority of the Americans, 60%, disapprove of Obama’s handling of foreign policy.

“Only 36% approve of the way Obama is handling foreign policy. The same poll found that “33% of Americans have very negative feelings towards Obama, which ties the record high in this poll from December of 2013,” and instead of covering this, the anchor for the NBC Nightly News, Brian Williams, spent 40 seconds promoting a video of a Norwegian mother trying to get her two-year-old son to go to bed on a hot summer night. Let’s go to the audio sound bites.

We have the Today show today, the chief White House correspondent F. Chuck Todd joining the correspondent Carson Daley “live in the Orange Room Digital Space,” whatever that is. They’re talking about the new NBC News poll on Obama’s job approval. You will not hear F. Chuck Todd mention it. F. Chuck reports on the poll on that shows Obama at a new low, but he doesn’t mention it. He says the public’s “angry at Washington,” and furthermore all the Republicans want to do is impeach Obama.

TODD: (bouncy music) It’s not just an angry public. It’s not just a frustrated public at Washington. It’s almost an exasperated public. We used this poll to try to understand how hard was it to dig out of the Great Recession, and these people are angry, and they are fed up with Washington and throwing up their hands.

RUSH: Limbaugh Theorem is on display in spades here. What is the Limbaugh Theorem? The Limbaugh Theorem explains how it is that Obama escapes blame, how it is that Obama escapes accountability for anything happening as a result of his policies and his presidency. The way he does it is to act like he’s not really governing. Somebody else is doing that. Somebody else is causing these problems. He’s outside Washington!

He is at campaign-style appearances, and he’s complaining and whining and moaning about the same thing people in the poll are. He’s complaining about Washington and how you can’t get anything done there, and how nothing gets done there, and how nobody will work with him and it’s full of hate and all this. Therefore, these stupid idiots that he gets to sit behind him in these public appearances applaud all of this.

In that way, Obama is able to create this impression that he’s got nothing to do with what’s going on. Now F. Chuck Todd takes a 54% disapproval rating for Obama and translates that into people hate “Washington.” They’re fed up with “Washington,” they’re fed up with the Republicans, they’re fed up with the recession. Never once mentioning Obama! This is how the Limbaugh Theorem is using each and every day, not only by Obama, but by the Drive-Bys in order to insulate and protect Obama.

So Carson Daley, after that sound bite from F. Chuck, said, “Well, let’s break it down into parties, Chuck. We’ll start with the Democrats. What was the word cloud to represent…” Now, this… What they do is they have this graphic, and they create a cloud or series of clouds to illustrate how often words are used, and the more often a word is used, the bigger that cloud is on their graphic. Because, you see, everybody’s stuff is in the Cloud now, so they do these word clouds. So Carson Daley is saying, “Okay, Chuck, we’ll start with the Democrats. What was the word cloud to represent that?”

TODD: This is what Democrats, most Democrats said they would put on their sign. They said a lot of things, but the biggest thing: “Do your job, Congress. Stop Republicans. Focus on our own country.” That has to do with foreign policy. Check out what Republicans would put on their sign. The biggest thing: “Enforce immigration laws” and then “impeach Obama.” So the whole idea of impeachment —

DALEY: (grumbling)

TODD: — is something Republicans are talking about.

RUSH: They are not! The Republicans are not talking about it. It’s an outright lie. The Republicans are not. They’re going out of their way not to talk about it. They’ve “taken it off the table;” they’re so not talking about it. This is not the news, folks. This is not journalism, and they’re not even reporting what’s in their poll. They are misrepresenting it. The anger at Obama has been assigned to anger at “Washington,” and anger at Republicans. They’re angry at the Republicans. Yeah, you have the Republicans. Stop the Republicans!

That’s what their poll said? A 40% approval rating for Obama is translated into, “Stop the Republicans”?


RUSH: Look, I’m not gonna play it again because I’ve played it I don’t know how many times, but you remember the Wolf Blitzer orgasm when George Bush’s approval numbers hit the thirties. It led the CNN News cast every hour for five hours in a row, and we put together a montage illustrating it. Bush’s low approval numbers, do you ever remember them being reported as reflecting poorly on “Washington” or the Democrats?

Did Wolf Blitzer say, when reporting George W. Bush’s approval number of whatever it was, 38% — and breathlessly doing so — also point out that their polls showed that meant people were just ticked off at “Washington” and ticked off at the Democrats? No. Of course not! That’s exactly what NBC News is doing. Barack Obama hits a record low in their poll, 40%. And F. Chuck Todd and NBC News report that people are just mad at “Washington” and they’re mad at Republicans, and they’re mad at Republicans for talking about impeaching Obama.

Back when Wolf Blitzer was breathlessly orgasming over the low approval number of George W. Bush, did they ever talk about how the Democrats were trying to impeach George W. Bush? No! Even though they did. They actually did! Kucinich presented the articles of impeachment. Sheila Jackson Lee forgot she signed on to ’em. She did. It’s… (chuckles) Seventy-six percent of Americans think their kids’ lives will be worse. That’s also in this poll.

Of course, that means people are upset at “Washington” and the Republicans.

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