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RUSH: Look, I want to make this point again because I really think I’m onto something here. I think it is a profundity. Young people, low-information people, are the ones who claim to hate politics. They don’t like it. They don’t like the arguing, right? The 25-year-old girls, they don’t like loud voices. It all makes ’em nervous. They don’t like it. “Can’t we just all get along? Why do we have to argue about everything?” They hate politics. They do not understand how everything they are exposed to is political.

They don’t like politics, and so therefore the only people to them who are political are Republicans. The Republicans are the ones who are political. Obama is not political. You see, global warming isn’t political, that’s science. It’s the Republicans that are making it political. The Democrats are just trying to save the planet, the polar bears and all that. They do not see that the people moving all of these destructive issues, forcing them on our culture are political. They only see the opposition to it as political, and they hate politics, they say.

This is why I sit here constantly and fret over the fact that we need to get more people to be able to see the politics in everything. Because this is it, in a nutshell. These low-information people, all these people on social media, they claim they hate politics, they tune off it, the bickering, the arguing, don’t like it, have no idea how everything they’re consuming is presented to them for the purposes of advancing a political agenda. To them, politics is what happens in Washington. And Obama, he’s not political. He’s trying to save poor people. He’s trying to help poor people around the world. He’s trying to stop the global warming.

Football is political now. That’s one of the reasons why I’m not so hip to it anymore. Football is political. From pink October to the Redskins name change. There are now demands, because this Ray Rice business, there are sportswriters demanding that there be a new collective bargaining agreement done with domestic abuse as an officially sanctioned penalty that the NFL has a policy to deal with, because Goodell wasn’t tough enough on Ray Rice.

Now, the low-information, they don’t see that as political. They see that as, “Well, spousal abuse, who’s in favor of that? Nobody.” And anybody who opposes this is the political people. It’s gonna be a major task. It has been. But I just want to give an example. Here’s Peter King, Sports Illustrated. He was on the radio yesterday afternoon in New York talking about how pained he was to walk through a Washington Redskins licensed merchandise store at their summer training camp.

KING: When I went to their training camp a week or so ago, you have to walk through a huge team store, and the logo and the nickname, it’s everywhere, and it’s in huge letters, and I bet there are seven or 8,000 people at practice in Richmond, Virginia, the day I was there. They’re all — you know, 80% of the people have some team garb on. So it’s not an easy thing for them to do. Although I do think it’s going to change, I think it could take some time.

RUSH: Basically he was upset. He saw all these Redskins fans not bothered by the name. Not bothered by the logo. He walked through the Redskins practice, he sees all these fans wearing Redskins gear, “Oh, no.” Purely political reaction. The name change has nothing to do with sports. This is purely political. What’s political about it? The effort of the left to advance their agenda to control everything, is what’s political about it. The agenda of the left is to tell everybody in the private sector that is doing something they don’t agree with to stop it, to put ’em in jail, to take their property away from ’em, that’s political. Has nothing to do with sports. Who in the world would walk through, see a bunch of people wearing stuff supporting their team, get mad about it? You’ve gotta be looking at it politically to have that reaction.

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