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RUSH: Now, President Obama has done something that’s never been done. President Obama has ordered the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta to bring two Americans suffering from the Ebola virus into America. We are sending a specially-equipped Gulf Stream III. It’s an air ambulance equipped to handle highly contagious patients and keep them shielded and protected from attending medical staff and the flight crew.

The jet took off yesterday, and it’s going, I think, to Liberia. It’s going to pick up a couple of Americans who have Ebola and bring them back to the United States. There has never been a case of Ebola within the United States borders. A lot of people are asking: “Why are we doing this? Why don’t we send American medical personnel to where these two Americans are and treat them in a quarantine situation somewhere closer to them?”

Why are we bringing them here? This has never happened. Folks, this disease… (sigh) This disease spreads very easily. Two doctors treating Ebola patients — decked out in full hazmat gear in Sierra Leone and I think Liberia — have died. Two doctors! One was 39 years old, wearing full hazmat gear. Now Ebola is spread most commonly by something called the fruit bat.

But once somebody gets it… The way the virus makes sure that it gets spread — and a virus is just a life form, and life forms want to stay alive. They want to keep living. They want to populate. It’s the natural order of things. Life forms promulgate. The way Ebola does it is via the blood. What eventually happens is, the first couple of weeks with Ebola you think you have the flu — or if you are in Africa you might think you have malaria.

The point is that it’s not immediately detectible, except if you go to the doctor the first couple of days you think something’s wrong. Now, most people when they get the flu don’t go to the doctor. They think it’s the flu, and they just take it easy for a while. After two weeks, other symptoms emerge — and the other symptoms include organ failure, because the Ebola virus permeates veins and arteries.

So it gets into your organs. It causes bleeding, internal and external bleeding, and that’s how the virus spreads itself. All you have to do is come in contact with any bodily fluid. It’s not contagious… Well, I shouldn’t say this. Sneezing and so forth. That may not be true. But it’s a primarily blood- and bodily fluid-spread disease, and there is plenty of it with Ebola. It’s the… (interruption)

I don’t know how it gets inside a hazmat suit, but it did. That’s my point. It killed a doctor in a full hazmat suit! I don’t know how it got in there. The doctor had to make some kind of a mistake, but that just means mistakes can be made. Even with full hazmat gear, you can get this virus. It’s not hard to get once you are around somebody who has it. So I can’t think of a reason why anybody would want to bring people suffering from it into this country.

Now, I understand the compassion, and they’re Americans and so forth. (interruption) Is that why you think the president decided to do it, because, “Hey, they’re Americans. We don’t want to leave them in a part of the world where they may not get the best treatment. For them and their families’ sake, we’re going to bring them here and treat them.”

(interruption) Well, then what is it? If that’s not the reason, then what’s the reason? (interruption) Okay. Okay. So the answer that I just received from the Official Program Observer is, “Every good crisis deserves a Democrat president.” So you’re saying that if there is Ebola in the world, it might as well be here so Obama can strut his stuff?

Well, there’s only one problem for that. There’s no cure for this disease. There’s nothing that Obama or anybody else can do to save these people. The fatality rate is 50 to 90%. The number for this outbreak is 60% of those diagnosed have died. There’s a… (interruption) Well, no, because so far 60% have died. Those still sick… (interruption) No, the fatality rate is closer to 90%. There’s no cure.

There’s no treatment. All you can do is keep someone hydrated. That’s literally all you can do. Once the internal bleeding starts and the organ failure, there’s nothing anybody can do. (interruption) Well, that’s an awful cynical view you’ve got. If there’s going to be a crisis, it may as well be here so that Obama and the Democrat Party can lead the compassion train in, if not curing it — (interruption) Rahm Emanuel: No crisis too great to waste.

So we’re going to import the crisis. Right. (interruption) Well, if that’s what you think, if you think that because Rahm Emanuel said that no crisis is too great to waste and they’re somehow political — you’ve learned that from me. I know you have, because I have properly said that every event that attracts mass attention is going to be converted into advancing a Democrat Party agenda. Right? Every time we give them the benefit of the doubt we’re proven wrong.

So how about this? How about just as it’s not fair that the Israelis are the only ones that have the Iron Dome, could it be that, hey, it’s not fair that Ebola has not broken out in America and it does in Africa and all these other poor countries, it’s not fair. You can’t possibly believe that they would import two cases of Ebola just for that reason. Anyway, that is happening, and I just, cutting edge, I’m going to tell you there are going to be people questioning why. And the people who question why are going to be tagged as heartless, cold, mean-spirited, uncaring, whatever. And I think just the very act of bringing those two Americans here, that is where the credit and the advancement of the Democrat agenda will be attached, with just the act of bringing them here.

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