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RUSH: You know, last night something — I don’t know what it was. It might have been a TV show I was watching, but I just had sort of like a flash thought in my brain. All these kids flooding our southern border and we’re being told, “We’ve got to let them in, they’re children, Rush, we’ve got to let them in.” Why now? I don’t think anybody’s really thinking about that, because that was then, this is now. Now they’re on the border. But it takes 45 days to get here. And I just don’t believe that out of the clear blue 65,000 children decided to leave their homes in El Salvador and Guatemala and come here, Honduras.

There has to be a reason why they’re on the way here. Somebody has to have convinced somebody down there that it’s going to be utopia when they get here. That when they get here they’re going to be able to stay. That when they get here they’re going to be readily assimilated and moved into our society. They’re going to be fine. Why else come? Some would say, “Rush, you know what they’re fleeing.” Well, yeah, but that’s not new. The circumstances they’re fleeing are not new. Why now? Why, when we have Barack Obama as president, why now is this happening?

I’m telling you, folks, there’s a reason this is happening, and it’s not coincidental. It’s not accidental. And I think at some point we’re going to find out why this is happening. I think we’re going to uncover proof. We’re going to find out later on, somehow, quirk of fate, we’re going to find out what is really behind this. Because this just doesn’t happen on its own. And no, I’m not talking about any kind of conspiracy. It doesn’t have to be a conspiracy. All it would take is some Spanish language ad campaign in some obscure publications in these countries, and that’s all it would take. But it is clear the Democrat Party is not upset by this. It is clear the Democrat Party wants this.

So we’re going to find at some point that this is not just the result of America being a great place. And this is not the result of some kids finally getting old enough to realize what a great place this is. You just don’t leave your family like this in these numbers. And your parents don’t just kick you out of the house and put you on a train for 45 days or to hook you up with coyotes.

I think that gets lost in this because this is an actual on-the-ground crisis with circumstances that have to be dealt with independent of why. To most people, the why is irrelevant now because they’re here. Well the why is really interesting to me. The why and the how are fascinating me, because there has to be a reason. I think we all pretty much have an idea what it is.

The UK Daily Mail has a story that I guarantee you will not see in American media. Headline, and naturally it’s an exclusive: “‘A lot of people die out here’ and ‘all this blood…is on Obama’s hands’: Shocking images show corpses of illegal immigrants left to die after border crossings.”

Here are the subheadlines. “Rancher shares grotesque photos with MailOnline, saying Obama bears the blame for a rising death toll among illegal immigrants. Volunteer patrol network in south Texas has found 259 bodies in one county alone, maybe 20 percent of the actual body count. Border Patrol source concedes the agency has no idea how many are perishing between the border and official government checkpoints.”

Now remember what Rick Perry said, that Obama has moved the border patrol checkpoints 45 miles inland. I don’t mean in places like San Diego and Juarez and El Paso. Other border checkpoints, not major crossings. The border patrol, they’re 45 miles inland. So you cross the border and you still have 45 miles before you encounter anybody. It’s in that sliver that dead bodies are being found. And a rancher, for example, has documented it with photographs and shared the photographs with the Daily Mail. They published some with the grotesque nature of the photos pixeled out.

Another subhead: “Filmmaker says he warned Congress in 2007 that children were becoming drug cartels’ newest pawns on the border.” In 2007, drug cartels, coyote. Well, yeah, but that’s been the case for a long time. This mass arrival and there’s no end in sight to it? This is more than the drug cartels, is my point. I understand that people are fleeing drug cartels and crime in native countries, but this is more than that. Because this, politically, is a godsend for the Democrat Party.

I’m sorry, folks, that’s how I look at things. Every major event is always used to advance the Democrat Party agenda. They politicize everything. Some of you new arrivals in the audience, you can think I’m a little wacko on this if you want, but you wait. Time is going to prove me right as it always has on these things.

“Dead bodies of illegal immigrants are turning up in south Texas as Central Americans pour across the U.S.-Mexico border, and a veterinarian who ranches cattle 70 miles from ground zero has the photos to prove it.” You can see it, go to Daily Mail online. And on Drudge. We’ll link to it at Rushlimbaugh.com.

Now let’s go to the audio sound bites, Luis Gutierrez. We talked earlier, “Why are the Republicans doing this? Why are they voting on an immigration bill that’s not going to go anywhere?” It’s not going to ever see the light of day in the Senate. If it did, Obama’s not going to sign it. I don’t want to repeat the first half hour of the program, but the Republicans do not have a position or policy of their own. They’re trying to please two different groups of people. A, their donors. B, their voters. And they’re trying to occupy positions that satisfy both of us. The voters, they want you to think that they’re trying to stop this. They want their donors to think that they’re making it happen.

So how do they do that? By having these votes the last two days. Now, the vote today, there are two bills, the Marsha Blackburn bill which freezes DACA, which is the legalization of all illegal children 16 and under. Obama did that in 2012. The Blackburn bill would freeze it. No more. Obama would have to counter it with an executive order, which he will. Everyone expects this. But the Republicans want to go on record, the conservative Tea Party Republicans want to go on record and vote for that. So they’re going to do that.

Then the other bill is the supplemental, which is the money to give Obama that he wants to deal with this crisis. And the Republicans are going to do that to show the Hispanics they love them, to show the Hispanic voters that they don’t hate them. That’s the whole point. Everything the Republicans are doing here: satisfy their donors, try to satisfy their voters who don’t like any of this.

But there’s a third thing they’re trying to do, and that is they’re trying to show — and they’re desperate to show — the Hispanic voters that what the Democrats are saying about them isn’t true. Democrats are saying that they hate the Hispanics because they’re racist and they don’t like stupid people and the Hispanics are stupid, and they’re bigots and they’re exclusionary.

“The Republicans only like rich bankers and so forth and they don’t want you here,” and the Democrats position themselves as the only ones standing up for these poor Hispanic voters. “If it weren’t for Democrats they wouldn’t have a chance! Republicans, if they could, would just get rid of all of them, deport all of them, and never allow another one in.” That’s what the Democrats say.

No matter what the Republicans do! No matter what they do. And here’s proof: The Republicans, the past two days, are doing everything they can. Right, wrong, indifferent, they’re doing everything they can! They’re practically begging Hispanics in this country to love them. They’re begging! They’re desperate! “Please don’t hate us. We love you! We want your votes. We care about you. We have compassion for you.” That’s what they’re trying to send out.

So now on Capitol Hill, Democrat press conference, responding to what the Republicans are doing, here is Illinois representative Luis Gutierrez.

GUTIERREZ: For weeks they have been calling those that have come fleeing murder, mayhem, terror, drug dealers — they have said that they are disease-ridden, lice-filled, gangbangers, drug dealers, mules of the drug cartels — who have come here in hordes to invade our nation, and now they are demonstrating that’s how they feel in their legislation. Because they have to go down to the least common denominator of hatefulness towards an immigrant community — and when they say it about the children, they say it about all of us!

RUSH: That’s what you’re getting, Mr. Boehner, and all you Republicans. This is what you’re getting for your efforts. You’re just hoping that your donors don’t care, but this is what they’re saying about you, and this is what happens when you don’t have a position. This is what happens when you don’t have a position you can articulate, a policy or series of policies that you can articulate. This is what happens when you’re not willing to stand up for what a great place America is, and how and why, and how you get here, and you welcome people in.

This is what happens when you pander.

This is what happens when you’re on defense.

Gutierrez, by the way, was just getting wound up.

GUTIERREZ: It is (as) though the Republican caucus that began to reach out after the 2012 November debacle as we re-elected President Barack Obama, and they said, “We need to do something different! We need to reach out to the Latino community.” It’s as if they have amnesia and forgotten and abandoned that road and they have taken the road of those who will be filled with spitefulness and hatred toward our community. The way you treat one of us today is the way you have treated all of us, and we will remember that. Lastly, not only do they treat the children that are in such need of protection, it is almost as though they despise and hate all of our children!

RUSH: “[T]hey despise and hate all of our children.”

They despise and hate all of our children, the Republicans — who are doing what? They’re doing everything they can think of, everything they know how to do to convey just the opposite. They’re trying to pass “comprehensive immigration reform,” so-called. Amnesty. They’re doing everything they can to send a signal to the Hispanics that they don’t despise them, and that they don’t hate them or their children — and look what it gets.

My point is that the Democrats — and this has been the way for, I don’t know, 30 years. They’re going to say whatever they’re going to say no matter what you do. It’s like Carville last night. He goes on Ted O’Baxter show and lies through his Serpent Head teeth, and says that I came out for impeachment yesterday. I did not.

You heard me say that they would say this about me, and you heard me say I’m not proposing impeachment. All I said is, “I don’t think it should be taken off the table as a future option,” but I did not come out for it. Well, if you didn’t hear me yesterday and you’re watching Fox last night, then you probably think I’m one of these groups of people in the groups demanding impeachment. But I’m not.

Here’s Gutierrez just lying through his teeth, but that’s what they do!

That’s my point. They are going to do this no matter what. The Republicans cannot buy off Luis Gutierrez. The Republicans can’t do a thing to make him stop doing this. There’s not one thing they can do to stop him lying about them. Doing what he wants will not make him stop lying! If Luis Gutierrez supports blanket amnesty, and the Republicans come out for it, Luis Gutierrez is still going to say that they hate and despise Hispanic children!

That is the technique.

That is the politics.

Here’s another example: Sheila Jackson Lee on the House floor today.

LEE: (screaming) To think of the words, “No room at the inn!” Our Republicans are confuse. (sic) They are prosecuting the children. Why? Because they’re taking away basic due process rights for humble children who have come just for opportunity. Not only that, they don’t even want to give resources to all the cities in America who are helping the good Samaritans, and then they want legislation that literally undermines due process for these children. This is a bad bill! Do not pass it!

RUSH: Isn’t it amazing?

LEE: Pass comprehensive immigration reform! Pass it now!

RUSH: Right, and the Israelis hate children, too. The Republicans hate children. Everybody the Democrats oppose. It’s just amazing how that happens!

RUSH: This is Gretchen in Long Beach, Mississippi. Great to have you on the program, Gretchen. How are you?

CALLER: I’m fine. Happy anniversary. It sounds like you’re having a great time.

RUSH: I appreciate that. Thank you very much. I’m doing well.

CALLER: Well, this is kind of a comment or idea that just kind of popped in my head but it seems to solve a lot of problems. Why don’t we offer territorial status to Guatemala, Honduras, whoever wants it down there and repatriate their kids.

RUSH: That wouldn’t stop them.

CALLER: Get them back with their families.

RUSH: You could call it anything, and they’re still going to want to get out of there.

CALLER: Well, but you know then they’ll be part of the territory like Puerto Rico. They’ll have all the benefits of being part of US.

RUSH: Puerto Rico protests all the time. We’ve got bomb ranges down there where we test explosions and so forth. They called Jesse Jackson.

CALLER: That’s a recent development because some people want to develop that land for resorts over in Puerto Rico.

RUSH: Right. Let me just tell you: Your idea is not as farfetched as an idea that’s been advanced by Luis Gutierrez. You may not know this. The man who I just played sound bites from who said the Republicans hate Hispanic children, despise them? Luis Gutierrez has said in the past that we need to find every Hispanic that has been deported and bring them back, because none of it has been legal and none of it has been compassionate, and we owe these people an apology for sending them back home and we should find them and bring them back.

Luis Gutierrez.

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