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RUSH: Okay. Ladies and gentlemen, I have just been convinced. I already was. Let me put it that way. I have just had the exclamation point attached to my being convinced that the Obama administration has chosen sides, and the side they’ve chosen is Hamas.

AP reports breaking news: “White House Condemns Israel for Latest Attack of UN School in Gaza Strip.” Now, the White House knows, ladies and gentlemen, that Hamas is using schools and hospitals as military outposts. Already three schools have been discovered with rockets. You remember how you found rockets in your school one day, right? Remember that time your janitor showed you. They are planting weapons that they intend to use offensively in hospitals. And they’re advertising the fact.

They’re letting the Israelis know that this is where the ammunition that they are using is being stored, schools and hospitals. This is why the Israelis are sending 20-minute warning shots before they attack. The administration knows all this. The administration knows what Hamas is doing. The administration knows where Hamas is putting its armaments. The administration knows that Hamas is killing its own children with this behavior, and yet they blame Israel.

And I’ll tell you again, there’s a predisposition to hating Israel, disliking, opposing, whatever, in this administration, there can be no doubt about it now. But then now to invoke the children again, it’s a repeat of what’s happening here at the border. The invocation of children anywhere is used to eliminate and silence and nullify any opposition. So if it is tens of thousands of children crossing our border, shut up, it’s children, for God’s sake, where is your humanity? And let them in.

So Hamas puts their own children in known targets. Israel warns at 20 minute intervals, “Get out, we’re hitting the target.” Hamas leaves their children there. “How dare Israel kill children on purpose! Damn those Israelis. They hate children.” It’s clear as a bell what is happening. This is just awful, folks. This is just plain and simple awful that this kind of attitude would be engaged in by us toward an ally. And the Drive-By Media routinely now asks every Israeli guest essentially, “So why are you killing children? Don’t you have any shame? Can’t you stop with the killing of children?” And Hamas applauds. PR victory after PR victory.

I watched this morning, does the name Hanan Ashrawi ring a bell? I’ve been watching her, she’s a Palestinian spokeswoman, and I’ve been watching her since the seventies. Imagine my shock when I learned that Peter Jennings had an affair with her during his days as a foreign correspondent, by the way, when he was posted over there back in the trench coat days. Back when every foreign correspondent had to wear the — I mean, obviously the mall had a journalism clothing outfit, store, that was only available to journalists. And in there was the approved journalist trench coat, ’cause they all wore one. Well, other things now.

But back in those days Jennings wore his trench coat, and he had an affair with Hanan Ashrawi. And I learned that ’cause I couldn’t figure out, it seemed like whenever she was on ABC there was never any criticism of the Palestinians. No matter what it was, there was never any criticism of the Palestinians or of Yasser Arafat or any of this. At any rate, I saw her on TV today, and she’s still bleeding the same old stuff. She’s out there, “Why are the Israelis killing the children, the children, do you know how many children died this morning because of the Israelis?”

I’m watching this. It’s just everywhere. So as far as these people are concerned, “The Israelis are targeting and murdering the children. How dare they!” And it’s Hamas that straps bombs to their children. It’s Hamas that puts their children in these targets. It’s Hamas that makes targets out of hospitals. Everybody knows it, and yet they continue to report a lie and then challenge every Israeli guest with the lie.

Netanyahu is not backing down, but don’t forget now, as I pointed out yesterday, they see Netanyahu as no different than your average Tea Party person. He’s a vile, hateful conservative right winger.

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