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RUSH: By the way, Dave Camp, who is the Ways and Means Committee chairman, House of Representatives, wrote a letter to the Attorney General Eric Holder today because a newly discovered e-mail exchange from Lois Lerner’s official IRS e-mail account directly demonstrates her deep animus toward conservatives, which she referred to as — I can’t say the word — she referred to conservatives in this e-mail as… it’s a bodily orifice where one eliminates waste. Now, ladies and gentlemen, you — (interruption) Clymer. Exactly right. George W. Bush called Adam Clymer a bodily orifice.

Well, for most it’s a point of exit. Others have a different idea. But for the most part it’s an exit point. And she referred to conservatives as this, in this e-mail that’s been found. So Dave Camp, the House Ways and Means Committee, has sent a letter to Holder trying to make the point here that there was institutional bias going on.

Now, we all know this. I mean, this is Exhibit, what, 597 in this whole story. But I remember telling you not all that long ago, the first time I saw Lois Lerner, I saw somebody that looked like a Cruella De Vil. She looked like and does look like just a mean, unhappy, constantly angry, irritated person, just looks that way to me. She looked like somebody constantly loaded for bear, ready to go. I had no doubt what was being said about her by people, as this IRS scandal vis-a-vis the Tea Party details were released. And now there’s just a little bit more evidence as to who she is.

Not only that, she referred to conservatives not just as exit point bodily orifice, she called ’em terrorists as well. Tea Party terrorists. And it gives evidence to the fact that there was a bias aimed at political enemies of the Regime at the IRS.

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