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RUSH: This is the tenth anniversary of Obama, tenth anniversary of what, do you know? (interruption) How did you know that? Is that in the news today? (interruption) It was in the news yesterday? So I asked Snerdley, I said, “What’s this the tenth anniversary of?” He just tells me, “Obama’s speech at the Democrat convention.” How do you know? (interruption) Are you telling me that that’s just off the top of your head, that you have seen nothing about that?

Well, H.R.’s calling you a liar. H.R. says it was in the news yesterday. (interruption) Well, we will figure this out. (interruption) No, it’s not, and even if it is, we’re not going there. (interruption) Don’t — gee whiz. I’m sorry, folks. It’s so unfair for me to know what’s being said to me and you don’t know and I’m reacting to it. (interruption) It’s not a black thing, all right?

The broadcast engineer said, “Snerdley knows it’s Obama’s tenth anniversary speech ’cause it’s a black thing.” What would that have to do with it? Well, Snerdley, of course, the Official Obama Criticizer, 100% pure, what is it, slave blood? (interruption) Right. Certified. That’s absolutely right. (interruption) Well, the key is 10 years. He’s only been in office for like six. I still think that you’re trying to make me think that you’re smarter than you are, but that’s okay. You are a smart guy, there’s no question about that.

Here’s the deal, folks. Today’s the tenth anniversary of Obama’s speech to the Democrat convention. That’s what put him on the map. So the question is, are you better off today than you were 10 years ago? Are you? Are you better off today in the age of Obama than when we began the age of Obama? Ten years ago Obama was a nobody. Ten years ago he would have still been fetching Bill Clinton and Ted Kennedy’s coffee, as Bill Clinton reminded Ted Kennedy of in the 2008 campaign. (imitating Clinton) “Hey, you know, Ted, ha-ha-ha-ha, this guy would be fetching our coffee.”

And then they heard about that at the Obama campaign so they threw the race card down on Clinton. “Well, anybody can get the black vote in South Carolina,” something like that, and they threw the race card down on Clinton. He’s never forgotten it. He’s the first black president. So 10 years ago, Obama, a nobody. And now look where we are.

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