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RUSH: I should have seen it. It was right in front of my face and you know why it didn’t occur to me? It’s because it’s so outrageous. President Barack Obama, it is said, is considering the idea of granting refugee status to the children of Honduras. Now, that I predicted. That’s not what I missed. We all knew that was coming. I mean, ever since we began hearing the term “migrant” and “refugees,” as opposed to illegal alien, illegal immigrant. We knew that was coming.

What I didn’t foresee, Obama is going to send US officials to Honduras and okay them as refugees and then use taxpayer dollars to fly them to America so they don’t have to catch the death train and go through Mexico. We’re gonna cut out the middleman. We’re gonna cut out the coyotes. We’re just gonna bring them here as refugees. We are going to facilitate. We’re actually going to provide the transportation mechanism for what are illegal immigrants to cross the border. It’s going to be done with an executive order. There’s no way any of it can be stopped.

It’s being done under the guise, ladies and gentlemen, of reducing the flow of migrants, but instead it’s going to have — and this is what Obama knows — the exact opposite effect. It’s going to be a magnet. And it’s just a pilot program. It’s just Honduras. If it goes well in Honduras, then they’re gonna go do it in El Salvador. And if it goes well in El Salvador, then they’re gonna go to Guatemala. And it’s not gonna go badly. How could it?

You go to Honduras, you send some Regime officials down there, you basically stamp a purple thing on each kid’s hand and put ’em on the airplane and send ’em here. In order to this, they will produce research, eyewitness accounts, whatever it takes, they’ll produce research that, quote, unquote, proves beyond a shadow all of a doubt that every child is escaping poverty, violence, war-torn countryside, abusive fathers, whatever it takes to qualify them as refugees.

The New York Times has the story and they’re all giddy. They can’t contain themselves, they’re so excited. What I didn’t foresee, and I’m embarrassed, these people, they’re always steps ahead. I did not foresee that the Regime would just go down there and assume the role of coyote. Although, I must remind you that I did, last week or the week before, I thought I would catch hell for this, and I didn’t, but I referred to the Border Patrol, or ICE, I forget which, as a bunch of coyotes based on what was happening already. So my instincts were right, folks. I just didn’t take ’em far enough.

Now, here’s the way the story begins. “Hoping to stem the recent surge of migrants at the Southwest border, the Obama administration is considering whether to allow hundreds of minors and young adults from Honduras into the United States without making the dangerous trek through Mexico, according to a draft of the proposal.”

This is not in any way hoping to stem the surge. They’re hoping this will increase the surge. What do you think’s gonna happen? Agents of the Regime land in Honduras, and there’s an airplane there, and if you can get on it, you end up in the United States, and this is gonna stem the surge? It’s gonna be the exact opposite! They’re hoping this will increase the surge. You’re looking here at future little Democrat voters.

“If approved, the plan would direct the government to screen thousands of children and youths in Honduras to see if they can enter the United States as refugees or on emergency humanitarian grounds. It would be the first American refugee effort in a nation reachable by land to the United States, the White House said.”

And this, of course, is a great accolade for the Regime. “Yeah, yeah, we’re so compassionate! We have such big hearts. We’re going and getting the refugees. We’re not waiting for the refugees to make the trek north and then welcoming ’em at the border and saying, ‘Hi! Here’s your voter registration card.’ We are gonna go get ’em, in a humanitarian effort, ’cause we’re such big-hearted, compassionate people. We know there are refugees down there, so we’re just gonna go get ’em and bring ’em in.”

It’s never been done in American history. It’s never been done in world history. It’s always been up to the refugee to get here. Sorry! See how easy this is? Illegal immigrant. We’re gonna go get the illegal immigrants and we’re gonna bring ’em here. Of course, “How can we leave their parents behind?” Wait’ll that hits. The kids, you can see them boarding the airplane.

Count on the fact that there will be cameras. Count on the fact that there will be pictures. The little kids will be running up, a little box of Milk Duds there. Do you think they’re gonna be turning around at the top of the stairs and waving bye-bye to mama and padre? (interruption) Yeah, they’ll be wearing Obama T-shirts, Obama sneakers, whatever. But do you think they’re gonna be turning around at the top of the stairs the airplane and wave, “Bye, Mom. Bye, Dad”? Do you think that’s gonna happen?

I mean, if it’s war torn and it’s poverty stricken, why would we leave anybody there? Why are we only going to bring the children? As I say, the New York Times is ecstatic, and it fits the pattern here, folks. The stated purpose of Obamacare was to drive health insurance premiums way down, right? You were gonna save $2,500 a year! “Your premiums are gonna go down $2500! It’s gonna be much cheaper all over the place.”

Right. What happened? The law’s impact was to drive insurance premiums way up, and we haven’t seen anything yet. So now the Regime is considering a plan to stem the surge of migrants, but what instead is actually going to happen — and any fool should know this — is this going to encourage a flood of new illegal immigrants to try their luck using the refugee excuse.

Under American law, “refugees are people fleeing their country of origin based on fears of persecution by reason of race, religion, nationality, political opinion, or membership in a particular social group.” So you say you cite one of the above, and you don’t have to pay the coyotes to take you, now. You don’t have to find a death train and sit on top of a freight car.

You don’t have to make the trip all the way north through Mexico. See, “refugee” is now a loophole. “Refugee” gets you an amnesty card, and this is guaranteed to be abused until it’s rendered meaningless, until there won’t be any difference between “refugee” and “illegal immigrant.” In fact where this is probably headed is an effort to totally eliminate the term “illegal immigrant” or “illegal alien” and just call ’em all “refugees,” because, here it is:

“Under American law, refugees are people fleeing their country of origin based on fears of persecution by reason of race, religion, nationality, political opinion, or membership in a particular social group.” You throw in poverty in there, too. We’ll let that count. To the audio sound bites. We have a couple here from Juan Orlando Hernandez, president of Honduras, interviewed last night by Greta Van Susteren on Fox.

She said, “Why don’t your citizens leaving your country stop in Mexico? Why do they continue on to the United States?”

HERNANDEZ: (via translator) There’s a lack of clarity in the migratory policy of the United States. The language is ambiguous. That’s why the coyotes, human smugglers, take advantage of this situation. The coyotes have made parents here think that, according to new legislation on immigration reform, that it would make this reunification possible, or could just simply enter the United States with children.

RUSH: Thank you, US media. Thank you, Democrat Party — and let’s throw the Republican Party in there. Give them some thanks, too, because what the president of Honduras is saying is, “Hey, look, the language in your law is ambiguous,” and it isn’t. It’s the enforcement that’s ambiguous, but it’s the same practical effect. We’re not enforcing the law. If we’re not enforcing the law and everybody who shows up gets to stay, why wouldn’t you come?

That’s number one. The coyotes, the human smugglers, they take care of the situation. They made the parents believe that there is new legislation, that there’s immigration reform and it means the kids can stay if they get here and that they will be reunited with their parents, and this is because that’s what we think comprehensive immigration reform is. Why do we think that?

Because we hear both parties talking about “comprehensive immigration reform,” amnesty, “coming out of the shadows.” Strip it all away and what the president of Honduras claims to be hearing is, we don’t send anybody back, and those that are here are gonna be legalized. So why wouldn’t you come? And the coyotes? Well, they can make money by bringing the children.

Now what’s changed is — and the president of Honduras didn’t know any of this last night, or at least Greta didn’t ask him about it. We haven’t had a chance to ask him, “What do you think about eliminating the coyotes and flying a bunch of 767s down there just to pick up your refugees — and, by the way, Mr. President, how do you feel about that? The US is gonna send a whole bunch of planes down and pick up a bunch of your kids because your place supposedly is a war torn disaster.

“We’re just gonna wipe your population out. We’re gonna bring a whole bunch of future Honduran adults to America. What about that?” He would says “Please, go right ahead, because they will be sending money back home and when they become adults they will return home,” or they will whatever. “We’ll be fine.” Otherwise he would oppose it!

They’re not gonna object to it, so obviously he thinks it’s gonna be a net benefit for him.

Van Susteren then said to President Juan Orlando Hernandez, “You’re going to meet with President Obama tomorrow,” meaning today. “What are you going to ask the president?” Let me guess here. I haven’t read the transcript. I honestly haven’t. I don’t know what the guy’s gonna say. I didn’t see the interview. I have not read the transcript. You gotta believe me. I’m gonna take a wild guess what he’s going to say that he’s going to tell Obama. What else could he say? He needs money, dinero — mucho dinero, aqui — now.

HERNANDEZ: (via translator) We, presidents of Guatemala and Salvador and myself, will ask President Obama and the Congress to accept that this is a problem that should be shared. A humanitarian crisis of these children is a responsibility for Central America and also the United States. Then, develop a plan comprised of economic recovery in Central America —

RUSH: There you go. There you go.

HERNANDEZ: — reduction in violence —

RUSH: Yeah.

HERNANDEZ: — educational opportunities —

RUSH: There you go.

HERNANDEZ: — clarification of the migration policy language.

RUSH: Right.

HERNANDEZ: And it should be a joint effort, Central America, US, and Mexico.

RUSH: By the way, how do the Canadians escape any of this? You know, we share a border with them too. Why is that border somehow impenetrable? Why does nobody keep going north into Canada? I know that Central Americans don’t want to freeze and all that, but, come on. But you heard it here. By the way, the nugget in this sound bite is: “It’s a problem to be shared. We must share the problem. The humanitarian crisis is responsibility for Central America and also the United States,” and there you have it!

It’s a problem that we are responsible for. The poverty and the economic distress Central America, we are responsible for it. We caused it, you see, because we have an unequal share of all the money. Yeah! We have more than our share, more than we need! We took it way back when — from the conquistadors or whoever we took it from — and it’s time now, time now to assume humanitarian responsibility.

That’s how it works — and, of course, we have a Regime who believes every word of that. So there you go.


RUSH: No. Obama’s gonna do all that with executive action. I got e-mails asking, “Is Congress gonna approve this?” No! Congress isn’t going to have anything to do with this. But do you think the Republicans in Congress are gonna oppose any of this? They’re the ones trying to gain Hispanic vote favor by standing for massive “immigration reform.”

In fact, I’m gonna tell you: The Republicans signing onto this publicly so the media can report that all these Republicans are standing in favor of “immigration reform,” is feeding the idea that there are mechanisms for people in foreign countries to get here and stay and that there is going to be amnesty.

But no, no. Obama’s gonna do this with his phone and his pen, whatever, executive action. Congress isn’t gonna vote on this — and if they were, do you think that they would vote against it? Do you think the Chamber of Commerce would let them vote against this? Ain’t gonna happen.


RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, there’s another reason why the Obama administration is gonna go to Honduras, the so-called pilot program, and declare the children down there refugees. You know, it’s a little technicality that probably wouldn’t hold up. I mean, talking about what is the law in the United States anymore is — what’s the big deal? I mean, when the president can, on a whim, ignore it, but nevertheless, technically speaking you cannot apply for refugee status if you’re already in the US, which explains why Obama is sending US agents down to Honduras. It’s a technicality, he could wave it. That’s not really why they’re going down there. They’re going down there to speed the arrival. They’re going down there to fly them up here so we don’t have to wait for them to get through Mexico.

Try to put yourself in the shoes of this president from Honduras, who is sitting around letting all of this happen. Now, this president of Honduras in the past has said that he wants Obama to deem all illegals from Honduras as refugees. But ask yourself this. Why doesn’t the president of Honduras do something to fix his country’s problems? Where’s the pride? Where’s the pride in building the country, building maybe a tourism industry that people go down, where is this? Why is it? I’ll tell you why.

The United States is seen as a giant bank that gives money away. As long as Obama’s running, this country is seen as a bank, and you’ve got a bunch of leftists that are in power in all of these Central American and South American countries who are predisposed to resenting and despising the United States precisely because of our wealth and how we did it, capitalism. And so they look at this place as a place to be fleeced. And like all criminals, they think it’s easier to steal than work hard and achieve.

So the president of Honduras is taking the path of least resistance. “Hey, you know what? I’ll pressure Obama. I’ll pressure the United States. I’ll have him pay for my economic problems down there. I’ll get rid of some of my people, fewer mouths to feed, can boom my economy that way. So what if they’re young kids. I don’t care. And at the same time, exact a little revenge against the United States.” But the only thing that makes this possible is that we’ve got an administration sympathetic to all of it.

In the past it didn’t matter. Central American dictator hated us, South American dictator hated us, that was their problem. They had to conform. They had to reform in order to gain our support and good favor. It’s upside down. They can remain who they are and we will change in order to become more like them, which is exactly what is happening.


RUSH: Hal in Attleboro, Massachusetts. I’m glad you called, sir, on Open Line Friday. Hi.

CALLER: Yes. Good afternoon. Thanks for taking my call.

RUSH: You bet, sir.

CALLER: It’s in reference to the US border being Troy, thinking back then. All right? Obama’s modern Trojan Horse is these children coming in, and they are accompanied by adults. That’s the thing I’m looking at: The big picture.

RUSH: Meaning that the children are flown here, and then after they get here, the Regime says, “Wait a minute!”

CALLER: Now they’re being flown here. They’ve been coming up in hordes —

RUSH: Well, true. Right. I’m trying to…

CALLER: — and Obama’s allowing them to come through our borders.

RUSH: I understand. I’m trying to get to your point. Your point is that once they’re here however they get here then the claim is gonna be, “Wait a minute! Where are their parents? We can’t separate them from their parents,” and then we’re gonna let the parents in? That’s your point? That’s the Trojan horse?

CALLER: You see in those photos they’re accompanied by adults.

RUSH: Well, yes, but not all of them are being accompanied by their parents.

CALLER: Right. So who are these adults that accompany them? Are they being sent back?

RUSH: No. No. Of course not. I think there’s some original misinformation about this that the Regime is trying to correct. The original misinformation was that kids and kids alone in packs and packs were getting on board trains — the death trains — and were on top of freight cars, and people said, “My God, they’re coming up here alone,” and so for photo-op purposes they’ve been put next to adults.

(interruption) No, they’re not coming unattended. I mean, the “unattended” just means they don’t have their parents. But, no. It’s been done to quiet some of the outrage. But you’re right. The ultimate end of this is like I said mere moments ago: Let’s transport ourselves down to Honduras and there is an American jet. Let’s say it’s a Boeing 767.

They got stairs up to the front door and the back door. Little kids are walking up and getting on board. Are they gonna turn around at the top step and wave bye to mom and dad? And if they do, what is up with that? Who in the world would permit that? So at some point you have to believe that the Regime will start tugging at our heart strings and say, “You know, these kids are here without their parents!

“We can’t allow that to happen,” and then they’ll act like there’s a big effort being made to find their parents, and then bring them here. That stuff’s easy to see. What I didn’t foresee was going down there and setting up a refugee camp to authorize them and then fly them up here straight to Honduras. That’s what I didn’t expect.

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