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RUSH: So Rick Perry was on TV last night, ladies and gentlemen. He said there have been — over the course of the last five years since the fall of 2008 — over 203,000 people who have come into Texas illegally who have been booked into county jails in Texas. Rick Perry said this. He said that these people have accounted for over 3,000 homicides, over 8,000 sexual assaults!

Rick Perry, as you know, has said he’s going to deploy the Texas National Guard on the border down there. So this morning Reuters has the exclusive scoop that “Barack Hussein Obama! Mmm! Mmm! Mmm!” has sent a team of “experts” to the border to assess whether there is any need for him to send the National Guard down there. I’m not kidding. Obama’s still not sure that there’s any problem on the border.

Obama and his buddies are saying that the border’s secure. So a team of experts is gonna go down there. I guess it’s the same bunch of experts in St. Louis that concluded that years-long survey. We reported it yesterday. They found an amazing fact, that if you reduce the length of time people are on unemployment benefits, they’ll get back to work faster. Can you believe it? A federal study!

We could have told them this for one-tenth what they paid for it.

Now, that sounds like a laughing stock. Folks, let me tell you something: The people that did this think they learned something. We’ve got to understand who it is we’re dealing with. It’s no different than back in the mid-nineties when the editorial board at TIME Magazine really thought they were on to something when somebody had news that men and women are actually different.

That was such a shock that they made a cover story out of that, that men and women are different, and they’re born different, too. So now in St. Louis… Well, that’s the dateline of where it was reported, I think. It’s a federal study, and they actually admitted that after a lot of interviews and a lot of data study, they found that the shorter length of time people are on unemployment benefits, the faster they go back to work.

Can you believe it?

They think they discovered something that was unknown.

They think they discovered something that was earth shattering. What did these people learn when they were growing up? Is common sense ever, ever in their lives? Obama needs a team of experts on the Southern border to go down and study whether or not there’s a problem when he’s got governors all over this country, all over the border who are going crazy trying to protect the people that live in their states?

Now, if Obama’s team of experts — if they get back alive, ’cause, I mean, that news that Governor Perry had last night? I mean, 203,000 people in the last five years were booked into jail. That’s not the total number that came across. That’s just the number came across ended up in jail — and of those 203,000, 3,000 homicides, 8,000 sexual assaults.

So Obama’s team of experts could be in danger as they go down and study the border. If they get back alive, and if they are able to report their findings to Obama, maybe then Obama will then appoint a blue ribbon panel to study the problem a little more in depth. This is the way liberals do things.

They send an exploratory panel down there; they come back and say, “Yeah, we may have a little problem here in this stretch,” and Obama says (impression), “All right, blue ribbon panel.” He’ll announce it at the White House and the blue ribbon panel will be there, and that announcement will take the place of actual accomplishments.

The appointment of the blue ribbon panel will equal the problem being dealt with and we’ll move on to something else. They’ll report back to him sometime after the midterm elections. That’s usually the way Obama tackles these kind of problem.


RUSH: Frederick, Maryland. We’ll start with Walt, and so you have the honor of being first today, Walt. Thank you very much for calling. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Thanks for taking my call. Hey, I just wanted to call to see if you would help refresh my memory from a couple weeks ago.

RUSH: Sure.

CALLER: If my memory recalls, wasn’t Obama just down visiting Rick Perry where he turned down a trip to the border because he knew everything that was going on down there?

RUSH: Well, yes, he did refuse numerous invitations to go to the border. Whether he said because he knew what was going on or not, I don’t recall. That could be. I don’t remember him saying that, but he didn’t go.

CALLER: I thought that he made the statement that everybody was keeping him up to date and he knew everything that was going on down there so there was no reason for him to go there himself.

RUSH: Well, you may be right because he did say that the border is secure. Right. So somebody would have had to tell him that.

CALLER: It’s a little ironic that after he turned down that opportunity, now he’s going to send his experts down there to see what is really going on down there.

RUSH: Well, I think Rick Perry forced his hand. Look, remember, Obama is a guy… Perry, I think, is illustrating how it’s done here, by the way. I was talking to a friend of mine late last night. We were again marveling, folks, at the absolute absence of any ideological political partisan party push-back against Barack Obama.

We were remembering what it was like, the way the Democrats treated Reagan, the way Reagan treated Democrats, the way he’d react to them. He told people what they are, what they were all about. None of that going on now. I know the racial component of Obama is a big factor.
There’s just a fear. But something else we were discussing is that inside Washington, inside establishment Washington, there isn’t that much disagreement with what Obama’s doing.

Because they’re all part of the Government-Is-the-Center-of-the-Universe Crowd. They’re all part of the Corporate Cronyism Crowd now where government and big money get together, form alliances, and that’s that. Lobbying is the key. Both parties do it. There’s no push-back against Obama because many Republicans, when it’s their turn, want to be able to do much the same thing, although not ideologically, but still have the same kind of power.

The thing here is that Obama goes out and says, “Well, no! We’re secure down there. I see no problem. Everything is hunky-dory.” Then Rick Perry calls his bluff. Rick Perry takes a bunch of media people with him to the border and shows ’em what’s going on. We got pictures. “Uh-oh, worst thing can happen,” and then Perry sends the National Guard troops and says, “I gotta protect the people of my state. We’re being overrun here.”

It’s kind of forced Obama’s hand.

There are pictures now. There are pictures of what’s going on.

The Regime had made sure that didn’t happen, that there were no pictures of these recruitment centers or treatment centers or halfway houses that these kids are being run through. Now there pictures. So the Regime is forced now to act like they’ve just discovered a problem, may be a problem. They’re gonna look into it now. They’re never gonna acknowledge that Perry was first and Perry was right.

But it is, I think, a good way of exposing Obama.

It takes action and pushback, and Perry’s doing it.

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