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RUSH: I’ll tell you what, if I were lesbian, and I’m not — if I were gay, and I’m not — if I were bisexual, which I’m not — and if I were transgender, which I’m not — I would be very, very worried if I lived in New York today. Well, because of what Governor Cuomo is gonna do. I would be really, really worried. I will explain why in just a minute.

Greetings, my friends, and welcome. It’s the Rush Limbaugh program here on the EIB Network. Great to have you as we head on toward the end of the week. The telephone number if you want to be on the program is 800-282-2882, and the e-mail address, ElRushbo@eibnet.com.

“New York State is launching a campaign to collect coordinated data on residentsÂ’ sexual orientation as part of a comprehensive effort to improve health and human services for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender New Yorkers.” Uh-huh. Right. If I were gay, which I’m not — if I were lesbian, which I’m not — if I were transgender, which I’m not — this would worry me. That they’re claiming to be looking out for me and they want to know all about my sexual orientation? It’s an announcement that came from — a little bit of a See, I Told You So here. It is an announcement that came from the New York state health department.

“It would be the first such statewide effort in the country, Dan OÂ’Connell, director of the state Health DepartmentÂ’s AIDS Institute, said in an interview with Capital. Eight state agencies will soon begin collecting the self-reported, voluntary data on LGBT people who use their services. The agencies are: the Department of Health, Department of Corrections and Community Supervision, Office for the Aging, Office of Mental Health, Office of Alcohol and Substance Abuse Services, Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance, Office of Children and Family Services and Office for People with Developmental Disabilities.”

All of those agencies are heavily used by the minority population, and all of these services used by the minority population cost the state a lot of money. Now, here’s what I think is going on. This is what one of the many things that worried me about Obamacare or any health care that is administered by and purchased from the government. Because it gives them, in their view, legitimate, total access to everything about your life, because your health care is something they’re going to be paying for. And if they have that kind of control over people, then they’re gonna very easily be able to dictate how people live.

They’re going to be in charge of demanding that certain people or anybody not engage in that behavior or this behavior, don’t eat that food, don’t go to that place, and if you do, after we’ve told you not to and you get sick, you could be out of luck. This is the thing that has worried me. Some of the world’s worst dictatorships, some of the world’s worst tyrannies, one of the first things they did to gain control of their populations was to tell the population that they were gonna take care of them, that health care was a right, that health care is something that nobody should be denied and the government’s gonna provide it for you.

That’s why the whole notion of death panels comes into play because at some point they’re not gonna have the money unless they steal it from others. They’re not gonna have the money to treat everybody equally. Everybody is not going to get the same kind of health care and treatment. It just isn’t going to happen because government agencies, be they state, be they local, be they federal, they’re going to do a cost benefit analysis on a case by case basis.

So if I were gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender, I would be asking, “Why does that matter? When it comes to my health care, why does that matter?” The states gonna say, “Because we’re paying for it, dude, and if you’re out there doing things that, you know, insurance companies say are riskier than you should be doing, well, then it could be problematic down the road.”

“The agencies will ask people using their public services to self-report their sexual orientation on forms, along with other identifying data state agencies typically collect.”

Well, what happens when the self-reporting doesn’t provide the data the state needs?

Bye-bye self-reporting and hello, “Hey, you know what? Not enough people participated! We gotta go to Plan B. Now we’re gonna make it mandatory, like on your tax return.” (interruption) “Isn’t it like getting into somebody’s bedroom?” Yeah. See, this is what nobody’s gonna say about this. Nobody. Governor Cuomo isn’t gonna say it, and none of the heads of these eight agencies that want the data and are gonna be collecting it will say it.

This is something they’re not gonna say either. But there are certain segments of the American population that have a higher usage of medical services and require drugs that are massively, much more expensive than the norm. One such group is the elderly, and it is they who will fall prey/victim to death panels. There are other people that — unfortunately, sadly — end up using a higher/greater percentage of medical services than other people do.

The state is not gonna explain this, they’re not gonna give this as a reason why, but you have AIDS. It’s even mentioned here in the story. It is even mentioned. So you’ve got AIDS. You’ve got people that consume adult beverages. You got alcoholics out there. You have smokers. You have people with a high percentage of depression. You’ve got massive psychological issues that differ from person to person.

The state is gonna end up associating. Say, “Well, is alcoholism related to X?” A certain lifestyle choice, for example? “Is depression, is some psychological disorders, related to certain lifestyle choices?” Once they get the data, they can start matching it in any way they want to. So now the nanny state of all nanny states, New York, wants to gather more information, and the story targets…

I mean, not “targets.”

The story specifies that the primary group of people for whom this data is sought is lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender New Yorkers. What nobody will say is that these agencies think that some of the highest medical costs — treatment and otherwise — are going to be spent on people within these groups. So you have the Nanny State of all nanny states now gathering even more information on this small percentage of the entire population.

I just don’t know if I would self-report any of this, if it were me. Now, I know that the lesbian, gay, transgender, bisexual population identifies with Democrats and they think the Democrats are really cool on civil rights and the right to privacy. I mean, there’s an allied status there between this particular group and the Democrats. Well, the Democrats run this state, and it’s the Democrats seeking this data.

I just don’t know if I would self-report.

That’s just me.

But my natural suspicion of government control, that’s a natural thing to have. Look, there are certain things that in physics just happen, and one of them is government gets bigger and gets bigger and wants more power, and that’s the natural state of government. It’s why you constantly have to fight for smaller government, because the natural order of bureaucracy is to get bigger, more powerful, more inefficient.

The source of the power is the power over other people that they have.

That’s what they get off on.

I would tell ’em to pound sand if it were me.

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