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RUSH: Now, this is typical, sadly typical. I had a staff member, my trusted and loyal chief of staff, H.R., just said to me during the break, “My God, there’s no law! Nothing means anything! Oh, my God, I’m depressed!”

I said, “H.R., I’ve been where you are for five years.” Ever since this guy was immaculated. Everything that’s happening here I had a total — I was like Nostradamus. I knew, not specifically, but I knew this kind of thing was going to happen. Remember the discussion yesterday, talking about Middle East peace and the Ukrainian situation, shooting down the airliner. The United States is the problem. The United States military, how often have I said it, the United States military, in their view, is the focus of evil in the modern world. We don’t solve problems; we are the problem. They’ve always believed this.

That’s why we contrasted how Obama dealt with this versus Reagan back in 1983 when the Russians shot down a Korean airline. It’s a whole different view of America’s role in the world with this bunch. And this bunch does not think our role in the world has been positive. They really don’t. They believe so much of this country is illegitimate and unjust. We don’t have any moral authority to tell anybody else what to do and how to do it and what ought to be.

You know, this idiot, John Kerry, is over talking Vietnam to Benjamin Netanyahu. “You know, when I was in Vietnam….” And Netanyahu, “This isn’t Vietnam,” you idiot. When you talk about the Hamas charter, their version of a constitution, normalcy for them is war. That’s the normal state of things. Peace is where you have a lull in the state of war while you regroup and retool and rearm. The Israeli definition of peace is the absence of war, the presence of justice. But the problem — imagine a family member gets pneumonia and you go to the doctor, and your family member with pneumonia is coughing.

“Here, take some NyQuil, see you later.”

“Wait a minute, NyQuil for pneumonia? What about treating the disease? We’ve got a problem here, my dad has pneumonia.”

“All I can do is say NyQuil. If you don’t like that trick, Robitussin.” Well, the disease in the Middle East is anti-Semitism, and there isn’t one United States policy that deals with that. The roots of this strife in the Middle East go back to the seventh century, and it is rooted in the hatred of Jewish people. The modern-day Hamas, formally Fatah and Arafat and so forth, these guys consulted with Nazis way back. They had a lot in common with the Nazis in terms of Jewish extermination. All of this is totally meaningless, to treat Israel and Hamas or the Palestinians as equal and guilty participants in this war is ridiculous. It’s driven by anti-Semitism. Nothing else. And until you treat that, until you deal with that, there is never gonna be a solution.

You can have John Kerry go over there (imitating Kerry), “When I was in Vietnam, when I was driving the swift boats.” This isn’t Vietnam, you Looney Toon. What are you talking about, when you were in Vietnam? That’s why we joke about John Kerry, by the way, who served in Vietnam, ’cause he tells everybody every day. My point is the view that America is the problem and the reeducation and the history revision that has gone on in the American public school system for decades now has created this worldview of America as guilty and as the problem in the world, not a solution, and that the US military is the focus of evil in the modern world. It’s not a solution.

It’s not just Obama who thinks this. He’s just the latest Democrat president who thinks it. The last Democrat president that actually didn’t think this way was JFK. Maybe LBJ a bit, but after that it was all over. By the time you get to McGovern, his candidacy, all the rest of them, US military is the focus of evil, United States is the problem.

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