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RUSH: Here’s Robbie in Panama City, Florida. Hi, Robbie. Great to have you on the program. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. I appreciate you taking my call. I’m a first-time caller.

RUSH: How you doing, Robbie?

CALLER: I’m doing good, my friend.

RUSH: Good.

CALLER: Hey, I just wanted to make a comment. I don’t agree with some things you say, and I agree with a lot of things you say, but I think we got a little bit too much criticism towards our president over this downed Malaysian airline that we know was shot down. That’s all we know from last week, that it was shot down.

RUSH: But we know who did it.

CALLER: Well, we can estimate, we can pinpoint who done it, you know, or think we know who done it, but we ain’t even got our FBI or NCIS or anybody on the ground. The national community hasn’t got anybody on the ground. I mean, it’s just a little too early to be criticizing the president, you know, start one hour after the plane went down.

RUSH: No, I don’t think we start one hour after the plane went down. I think the very fact that we don’t have any — by the way, hey, Robbie, hold it. You just said something that almost went right by me. Why should we send the FBI or NCIS over there?

CALLER: Because we had an American on the plane.

RUSH: There were 23 Americans on the plane, but they were mostly Dutch people. They were mostly people in the Netherlands on the plane. It didn’t happen here. Why is our business to send FBI, NCIS over there?

CALLER: Well, they sending them over there, apparently somebody’s requested our assistance, and so naturally we’re gonna send the best of what we got over there. They help with this investigation. It’s just too early, within hours, Rush, you know, the news media, some on the news media was criticizing the president for not commenting more than 30 seconds while he was out making his, you know, hamburger stop —

RUSH: Let me ask you this, Robbie. Why did he go out today and do it again, then? If he commented on Friday and everything’s hunky-dory, why did he go out and do a mulligan today? Democrat presidents get mulligans, do-overs.

CALLER: Yeah, he’s getting do-overs, ’cause the American people expect it.

RUSH: No. He went out today ’cause he blew it so bad on Friday. And you know why he blew it on Friday? He didn’t even act like he cared. Do you remember what he said, Robbie?


RUSH: He said it looks like it might be a terrible tragedy. Hey, it’s great to be in Delaware, where Joe Biden is from. It appeared to be totally disconnected, uncaring, and the dreaded insensitive.

CALLER: Yeah, I’ll give you that. Yeah, he was. He was. But this being in another country and they hadn’t even got control of that part of the country, Ukraine, to where, you know —

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: — we expect, you know, hard facts from our president as far as what caused this crash and what we gonna do and stuff, it’s too early in the ball game for all that.

RUSH: I tell you what. Hang on, Robbie, I’m gonna play a tape for you, Ronald Reagan, after a Korean jetliner went down, before we knew anything. I mean, it’s the Soviets that did it. We knew far less on that than we did on this. You’ll hear the difference.


RUSH: Now, we have the call from Robbie proving, in a way, my point that we live now in a world that has somehow been given over to moral equivalence. Why is everybody criticizing our wonderful president? It’s only an hour after the thing happened, we don’t know anything, and the president’s out there. Robbie, the president, in that flubbed first attempt at sincerity, said Russian invaders did it. In his thing last Friday he said that we knew who did it. So we didn’t need to send NCIS over or the FBI.

But the thing is, he got a mulligan today because he was not able to fake the sincerity on Friday. Remember during the 2004 presidential campaign, CBS did an interview with Kerry, John Kerry — served in Vietnam, by the way — that was so bad, CBS gave him a do-over, and the tape of the reporter leaked out. “Senator Kerry, you want to give that another go?” He so flubbed up an answer, I forget what it was about. So Obama got a mulligan today.

But I just want to show you how things have changed. We have here about 30 seconds of Ronald Reagan, and much like this event, back in 1983 over the Kamchatka Peninsula, I’ll never forget it, there was a Korean airlines flight, 007, shot down by the Russians. They claimed that it invaded their airspace, civilian airliner. And what made it somewhat fascinating was that the president or the head honcho of the John Birch Society was on board. You remember that? I forget his name. It was Larry something. He was a congressman from Georgia and he was a prominent Bircher. He was among the dead.

So the conspiracy theorists, the Birchers thought that the Russians, the Soviets, shot it down ’cause the guy was right and he was hot on the trail of the global conspiracy and the New World Order and — (interruption) Larry McDonald was his name, that’s exactly right. And so that fed into it, that it couldn’t have been an invasion of airspace, it had to be done on purpose because a member of the Birch Society was on board getting close to proving the New World Order global conspiracy as authored by David Rockefeller, Zbigniew Brzezinski, and — hell, all of ’em. But there was no rhyme or reason for it. I think a couple Russian MiGs were scrambled and shot it down.

Ronald Reagan went on television to speak about the shooting down of Flight 007 by the Soviet Union. This is enough. This is 30 seconds. Let you hear a different time. America was America. America had moral authority. America had a standing in the world, everybody looked to us. When something like this happened, the world turned to the United States for answers, for a reaction, for a response. We didn’t demand it. We didn’t send a memo out saying, “Okay, everybody pay attention to us. Okay, everybody ask us, okay.” It just happened.

We were the moral leaders of the world because of our system, because of our decency, because of our goodness, because of our devotion to individual liberty, human freedom, our opposition to places like the Soviet Union and communist China. We, the United States back then, we were what everybody in the world wanted to be. All the citizens the world wanted to be. And whether we liked it or not, the world turned to us for answers, for inspiration, for explanation, for guidance, for reason. And here is such an American president, Ronald Reagan, September 6th, 1983.

REAGAN: We know it will be hard to make a nation that rules its own people through force to cease using force against the rest of the world. But we must try. This is not a role we sought. We preach no Manifest Destiny, but like Americans who began this country and brought forth this last best hope of mankind, history has asked much of the Americans of our own time. Much we have already given. Much more we must be prepared to give.

RUSH: He went on to talk about the responsibility the United States had. This was a Korean airliner. Now, yeah, they were an ally. But they’re a tiny ally. It was half a world away where this happened. There was an American on board. But the world looked to us for answers. The world wanted us to tell it the truth of what happened, because they didn’t trust the Soviet Union to tell ’em the truth. They didn’t trust any of the allies of the Soviet Union, the Eastern bloc, to tell us the truth of what happened. The world looked to us, and Ronald Reagan answered the call.

Now, we know it will be hard to make a nation that rules its own people through force to cease using force against the rest, but we must try. It’s not a role we sought. Meaning, we’re not aggressors. We don’t run around thumping our chests, bragging about how we’re the end-all to everything. We just were by virtue of our existence. That’s what “we preach no Manifest Destiny” means.

We do not believe that we are singularly better than anybody else. That’s not why we are and who we are and do what we do. But like Americans who began this country and brought forth this last best hope of mankind, history has asked much of the Americans of our own time, because we have a duty. We had been given much. We secured much for ourselves, but as a result of our existence we had a duty to spread it, to stand for it, and to defend it.

This is gone now, totally. This attitude, this belief in America simply does not exist, especially in today’s Democrat Party, and especially in today’s Regime, the White House, at the State Department. So you just heard Reagan. Let’s listen to Obama from Friday. Forget number six. Let’s listen to Obama on Friday, audio sound bite number seven, just in comparison.

OBAMA: Here’s what must happen now. This was a global tragedy. An Asian airliner was destroyed in European skies filled with citizens from many countries. So there has to be a credible international investigation into what happened. The UN Security Council has endorsed this investigation, and we will hold all its members, including Russia, to their word. The United States stands ready to provide any assistance that is necessary.

RUSH: And I gotta now go to my cheeseburger and fries fundraiser and one other fundraiser, and it’s great to be in Delaware. The difference is stark, and it’s evolved here from this notion of we are who we are with a confident acknowledgement of our existence, to now a not-so-subtle apology for our existence. Can’t deny that, folks. Mr. Obama apologizes or gets close to it many, many times, has in the past, continues to portray a similar attitude. And we stand ready to provide any assistance. Nothing here, there was nothing today in the mulligan. There was no condemnation, really, of the act. There was just (imitating Obama), “We will investigate, get to the bottom of it and make sure the UN gets to the bottom of this. Our member nations, we’ll hold ’em to it, and we’ll help out however we can.” Let’s go back to May 21st in 2010, on my program, where I, your host, foretold all of this.

RUSH ARCHIVE: We were told during the campaign, 2008, Barack Obama would be the first post-racial, post-partisan president of the United States. Let me tell you what he is. Barack Obama is the first post-American president of the United States.

RUSH: Gotta take a quick time-out. We’ll do it, be back right after this, my friends. Do not go away.


RUSH: Here’s Mrs. Clinton last Thursday night on Charlie Rose, who said, “Mrs. Clinton, what does the United States do if there’s clear indication, clear evidence that it was Russian separatists perhaps using weapons from Russia?” Obama had already said that it was, but Charlie was asking Hillary, “Well, what do we do if there is clear evidence that it was the Russians and a Russian weapon that shot down the plane?”

HILLARY: I think the United States has been very clear —

RUSH: Yes.

HILLARY: — in both its, uh, criticism of Russia and Putin —

RUSH: Right.

HILLARY: — its support for Poroshenko, uh —

RUSH: Right.

HILLARY: — and the new Ukrainian government.

RUSH: Yes.

HILLARY: Europeans have to be ones who take the lead on this! It was a flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur over European territory. There should be outrage in European capitals.

RUSH: There you have it. This is the Regime, their former secretary of state. “Hey, Europe should take the lead on this! It was a flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur over European territory. There ought to be outrage in European capitals. It’s none of our business. Here’s Reagan again, September 6, 1983. (replaying of sound bite)

It would have never have occurred to Ronald Reagan to slough this off. “Well, you know what? This happened over the Kamchatka Peninsula, and it was a Korean jet. Let them handle it. They ought to be flippin’ mad over this!” It would not have occurred to Reagan. It wouldn’t have occurred to any American back then, to have that attitude about this. 9/11?

Now, it’s just… (interruption) Well, I know. “Rush, it’s a changing world.” That it is. That it is, and change… Look, I vowed in my life I was never gonna become a fuddy-duddy, but I guarantee you not all change is good. We are not headed in a positive direction of change.


RUSH: Here’s Mike in Wilmington, North Carolina, great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Good afternoon, Rush. Pleasure to speak with you again. Have you found Braggadocio, Missouri, yet?

RUSH: Have I found Braggadocio, Missouri yet?

CALLER: Braggadocio Missouri, down near Haysi. Located that town yet?

RUSH: I’m totally lost. I never heard of Braggadocio, Missouri.

CALLER: Well, it’s just south of the cape. We spoke before and I figured you might have went in, looked it up, tried to find it. Anyway I’d love to speak with you, but I’ve got a little message for Robbie here, our friend Robbie. Hey, Robbie, the NCIS, are you serious? Pray tell what information do you expect the NCIS to obtain? You sound like a —

RUSH: But, Mike, see, that’s the point. It’s a TV show. That’s reality now.

CALLER: Well, he’s a good old boy so we have to assume he was referring to the NTSB, but let’s go ahead and do him a favor. Robbie, pick up your 12-gauge and pump a couple rounds through your TV set because you are stupid.

RUSH: (laughing) There used to be hosts that would have responded that way to Robbie. I have never been a host who would have responded that way. I mean, that’s cruel, Mike, to say, “Hey, Robbie, why don’t you grab your 12-gauge and pump a couple rounds through your TV set because you’re stupid.” I, as host, would never say that to a caller. That’s why I say I’m the politest host out there.

Robbie’s point was that, “Hey, why should we jump the gun, we get in Obama’s chili here, we don’t know what happened, he didn’t cause it,” and, see, his question really brings to the forefront a serious — I hesitate to use the word “problem” because it’s overdone. It really reflects a major change in the American people’s own attitude about their own country from what it once was and used to be, versus what it is now. And it’s not good.

Now, it’s hard to say when it started, but the attack on the whole concept of American exceptionalism is a reflection of it. Folks, I’ll tell you the root here is that everybody’s the same and everybody’s equal and nobody’s better than anybody else. Wherever that started, and it maybe started in grade school, junior high, the public school system 30 years ago, the idea that somebody’s better. Remember outcome based education? If you thought two plus two was five, that was okay. We were not gonna humiliate you and tell you the truth so you could learn from it.

We’re gonna wait for you to figure it out on your own and we’re gonna penalize people who were fast learners and slow them down ’cause it wasn’t fair that some people were smarter than others and it wasn’t fair that they learned faster than others so we’re gonna slow them down. This whole notion that there isn’t anything significant in achieving anything. It’s typified by Elizabeth Warren and Obama running around to every CEO, “You didn’t build that.” To every entrepreneur who’s built a business, “You didn’t do that. You couldn’t have done that without the government and citizens and taxes, you didn’t do that.” This all-out assault on achievement, on excellence, on improving, on getting better, on being the best. I mean, look at how many schools have gotten rid of valedictorian, because it isn’t fair.

Not everybody can be, so we’re not gonna single out one person and give them an award for being the best in the school. It’s not fair. This has been going on for years and now it’s become an attitude about the country. I’m telling you, there’s no good here, no matter how deeply you want to take this, this all-out assault. Let me put a different way. This blitzkrieg on sameness and equality, particularly when it comes to equality of outcome, that everybody must be the same, and when there are disparities and differences, we gotta punish the people at the top.

The people who earn more, we’re gonna take more. The people who achieve more, we’re gonna take more from ’em. The people who do better in school, we’re gonna redistribute the grades. There’s guilt associated with achieving. There’s a guilt associated with success. There’s an attempt made to make people feel guilty about achieving and to make other people feel comfortable with not achieving. The whole notion of liberal redistribution is to make everybody the same and everybody equal, in that case it’s all fair and everything.

Well, you know, back when the Korean airliner went down, Reagan’s point was, it was not Manifest Destiny, it was not us telling the world we’re better than you and we have all the answers and we’re the ones that are gonna tell you what-for and we’re the ones that are gonna tell you what’s right and what’s wrong, it just accrued to us. It just accrued to America because it was the truth. America achieved that status in the world as a force for good, is why Reagan referred to this country as the last best hope of mankind, the last best hope of freedom. We were. We still are. But we do not have leaders who see the country that way.

To them, freedom is, I don’t know, they take it for granted or it’s much ado about nothing. Remember, these are people that think the Constitution’s backwards. These are people that think the Constitution doesn’t give the government enough power. And the reason they want more power is to deal with all of these inequities and all the unfairness out there. So that’s the real problem with Robbie’s attitude, in my mind, not that he said send NCIS over there, Naval Criminal Investigative Service, if you wonder what it is. You know, send Mark Harmon and his crew over there to find out what happened, NCIS, FBI, whatever. We didn’t send the FBI over to Benghazi for how long, for crying out loud. Two weeks or more, maybe even longer than that.

The point that I’m trying to make here is that it isn’t good. All of them think that it’s erudite and it’s compassion, it’s understanding to think of us as no better than anybody else. It was never a question of being better than anybody else.

I’m talking about as a country. It was never a question that we’re better people. It’s that we had the best system for people to prosper, to develop, to blossom. This is the country where people came to be the best, to realize their dreams. We don’t have people leading the country today who see it that way. The people leading the country, they pay lip service to that stuff.

They try to make you think they believe it, but they don’t. They think it’s just the opposite. Everybody who succeeds has done it as a result of a crime or on the back of somebody else or some sort of unfair advantage, and it needs to be equalized. They don’t look, for example, at underachievers as maybe people who have not tried as hard. They don’t see it as people who maybe haven’t taken life as seriously as others.

They don’t look at people who don’t achieve as much as others as maybe not trying or expending effort. Consequently, they don’t look at the success stories and see all the hard work and ingenuity and application and grit and determination and ambition. They don’t see that. They see unfair, unequal, inequitable results that come from a system (i.e., the United States) which is constituted unfairly and with discrimination and bigotry and bias built in.

They think the successful people are the people who’ve mastered the bias and the bigotry and the discrimination, who figured out how to game the system, and they are here to protect the victims of all these successful people. And there are far more failures than there are successful people, since it’s a bigger voting bloc. That’s what’s so hideous about this. This bunch plays to the lowest common denominator of our population.

They need a permanent underclass.

What do you think the attraction is for poor, uneducated, unskilled young people from all over the world coming here illegally? There’s value to the Democrat Party in those people. What is that value? Voters. Subservient, dependent voters. You know, folks, I was reading a column by Kyle Smith, Smith in the New York Post over the weekend about the Millennials, young people today, and how the vast majority of them are conservative Republicans but they’re gonna vote liberal Democrat for two reasons.

Let me find it.

“Michelle Obama Tells Kids ‘Folks In Congress’ Want to Make Their Food Unhealthy.” So here you have the first lady, who’s hell-bent on getting her preferred menu in every public school, and the kids are rejecting it. The kids don’t like it. Nobody wants it. So she’s not reacting kind of, “Oh, well.” You don’t reject these people because they’re only out for you, only trying to help you.

They’re only interested in your own good and you’re incapable of that yourself. So what does she do? People in Congress want you to eat unhealthy food! Now, that’s utterly preposterous, it’s outrageous, it is a lie, and yet the news media’s out there spreading the word and promulgating this and promoting the idea.

By the way, “folks in Congress” equals “Republicans.” So we’ve gone from in the mid-nineties Republicans wanting to starve your kids, to now Republicans want to poison your kids with unhealthy food. It’s all about these massively powerful people taking unfair advantage and the need to make everything equal, and they look at the country in the same way.

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