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RUSH: Here’s President Obama, by the way, Wilmington, Delaware, port of Wilmington, he spoke about the downed Malaysian Airlines passenger jet in Ukraine. Listen to the profundity here of the opening line. Are you ready? Just listen. It’s about 27 seconds, but just listen. I mean, this is raw intelligence.

This is the kind of intelligence, folks, that we expected back in 2008. This is what they all meant when they said, “He’s a man unlike any who has ever walked among us! This is a man who is so much above us that we can just barely strive to keep up, knowing full well we never will.
We are always going to be in his wake!

“He’s always going to be so far ahead of us that we’ll be scratching our heads, but thankfully so that we are at least in his midst and alive at the same time he is. He is what we all waited for!” Here, you’ll hear it. It’s encapsulated here as a response to the jet being shot down in Ukraine, the opening line of the statement.

OBAMA: It looks like it may be a terrible tragedy. Right now we’re working to determine whether there were American citizens on board. That is our first priority, and I’ve directed my national security team to stay in close contact with the Ukrainian government. The United States will offer any assistance we can to help determine what happened and why. And as a country, our thoughts and prayers are with all the families of the passengers wherever they call home.

RUSH: “It looks like it may be a terrible tragedy.” Maybe not. We don’t know yet. Depends. I mean, well, I don’t know. Average tragedy, mediocre? May not be a tragedy at all depending on why and how? (interruption) No, it’s not a question of Tea Party people on the plane. Did the Tea Party bring it down, that’s the question.

I’ve got a woman who thinks that the Chechens did this. She’s from southeast Michigan and her name is Judy. Judy, if you’ll hang in there be tough, hang on, I’ll come to you right after the break. There’s not enough time to be fair with you right now. So I have her and a whole bunch of other people in our final half hour. But I must tell you, folks, I am dazzled here. I barely have the ability to look at the transcript, just keep up with this. “It looks like it might be a terrible tragedy.”

I guess there’s still some doubt.

It’s open to interpretation in ways that we’re just not equipped mentally to process.

That’s gotta be it.


RUSH: Okay. Judy in southeast Michigan, I really appreciate your waiting. You think that the Chechens did this. Why?

CALLER: You know, when I heard about the plane crash this morning, and I heard all the theories going around, I immediately thought of the Chechens rebels. The reason I did is because I honestly don’t think either Ukrainians or the Russians would shoot down a planeload of innocent people. They’re gonna have war casualties, but they would not do this.

If, in fact, it was a takedown of the plane, the Chechens came to my mind because I remember the massacre of the school children. I know they’ve blown up a lot of trains in Russia, and think about it. What better way to get back at your enemy than to have the world think they did something horrendous?

RUSH: Yeah, but here’s the thing about this now. People are sending me e-mail: “What in the world is a commercial jet doing flying over airspace it’s been warned to avoid?” The FAA, since April has advised commercial traffic to avoid this country ’cause it’s a war-torn area. Stay away from it. It’s like you don’t fly over Iranian airspace.

You fly around it, but you don’t flirt with it. So what was this plane do in the first place. It was well known something like this could happen because the FAA had warned every commercial airliner to stay away from it. Number two, did the Chechens (in your theory) really think that if they can blame this on Putin, that something’s gonna happen to Putin?

Are we gonna attack Russia because they did this or is Ukraine gonna take Putin out because of this? What…? What…? How does that work? I mean, if the Chechens… I’m just trying to grab at your brain. I’m not challenging you. I just want to know how you’re thinking about it.

CALLER: No, I understand. It’s a crazy world, and nothing makes sense anymore.

RUSH: Well, that makes sense.

CALLER: And it just popped into my mind.

RUSH: That makes sense. Now, the Chechens, I know they’ve got a grievance. Let’s not forget something here. Way, way back in the early days of Vladimir Putin the Chechens kidnapped and held hostage a bunch of kids in a Moscow opera house. Putin was so ticked off by this that he mass murdered everybody in there, including some of the kids.

They tried to get as many of them out as they could, but what he did was, they found a way to weaponize fentanyl. Now, fentanyl is a really powerful opiate. It is used for pain relief for end-of-life cancer patients in the form of a patch on the arm. Sometimes it can be injected IV, but it’s really strong, and they found a way to weaponize it by making it a gas, and they pumped weaponized fentanyl (which a chemical weapon) into the place.

Nobody knew that this had been done. I think we’ve probably done it, the United States has done it, but it’s never been used, and I don’t think anybody had any proof heretofore that Russia or anybody else had succeeded in weaponizing this substance. But the way it kills is it shuts down the respiratory system. You stop breathing. So that’s what they did. The Russians just pumped it through the ventilation system of, I think it was, the opera house.

Now, obviously the Chechens have been holding a grudge and they’ve been angry since before that happened. But this is curious. When I start trying to figure who could make this happen in order to provoke other action, that’s the long shot. ‘Cause you have a commercial airliner shot down. Granted it’s provocative.

But it’s not the kind of thing that is going to result in an expansion of declared hostilities, at least not on the surface. Now, there could be any number of things going diplomatically behind the scenes nobody knows about. Something like this could be added pressure. But, folks, if you listen to the rest of Obama. After he went out there, we don’t have the whole bite there, and I don’t want it. I could convey it without audio.

He goes out there and says, “It looks like it may be a terrible tragedy,” and then he goes perfunctory for the rest of the 25 seconds and then he started telling jokes and going lighthearted and yuk-yuk about why he was in Wilmington, Delaware, in the first place. So it was clear that his statement on the jet was a perfunctory thing.

“It looks like it may be a terrible tragedy. … The United States will offer any assistance we can to help determine what happened and why. And as a country, our thoughts and prayers are with all the families of the passengers wherever they call home,” and bam! He was off. So much so that even that paragon of journalistic talent Piers Morgan has tweeted his abject shock and dismay that Obama would be so cavalier about this.

When you lose Piers Morgan — ’cause it doesn’t take much to hold him. When you lose Piers Morgan, you’ve lost, my gosh, who knows who else? You might have lost David Geffen if you lose Piers Morgan. And if you lose David Geffen, you’re gonna lose Cher. And if you lose Cher, you’re on the verge of losing some of the LGBTs. I mean, it starts a chain reaction out there.

If this was designed to provoke Obama into taking some sort of action, I do not think… I mean, he did say, “It looks like it might be a terrible tragedy,” and then later on (paraphrased), “Hey, it’s great to be here in Delaware, the state that gave us Joe Biden, who just said yesterday that we didn’t change anything here in the first term. Ha-ha. Har-har. Isn’t that great? Everybody just loves old Joe.”


RUSH: Russia Today, which is the New York Times version for Vladimir Putin — it’s his mouthpiece. Russia Today has breaking news: “President Putin’s Plane Might Have Been the Target for Ukrainian Missile.” Apparently Putin’s in the air at the same time, headed somewhere. It might have been his plane targeted. You just gotta put yourself in that story, don’t you, Vlad?

You just gotta.

You just gotta!

You just have to put yourself in the story. It can’t just be some accident. It had to be you. This is the kind of thing Bill Clinton said, “You know, it just a shame. Why didn’t somebody try to shoot me down? How come I get to miss out on all these great crises?” First 9/11 happens after I’m gone, and Bush gets to be a hero. I don’t get anything like that. I got robbed!”

These people are sick.

I’m just telling you, these narcissists.

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