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RUSH: We’ve got the usual Stack of Stuff on the latest with the invasion on the Southern border, and it involves the Democrats going on Twitter and telling the world, “Come on in, America’s doors are open.” Not kidding you. They’re all over Twitter. John Lewis, same thing. Our doors are open. We’re all connected. We can’t just build a wall or a fence and say no to more. This is America. Our doors are open. Obama is welcoming them in.


RUSH: “In South Carolina, a 46-year-old black woman has been arrested for letting her daughter play in a nearby park while trying to earn a living. ‘The mother, Debra Harrell, has been booked for unlawful conduct towards a child,’ a local TV station reports. ‘The incident report goes into great detail, even saying the mother confessed to leaving her nine-year-old daughter at a park while she went to work.'”

The 46-year-old mother works at McDonald’s. Now, stop and think of this. You may think, “Rush, of course, I mean, for crying out loud, this is insane. No responsible parent would turn their four-year-old loose to run around unaccompanied in a park anywhere while she went to work.”

Wait a minute. If you let your four-year-old travel alone from Honduras to Texas through desserts, you’re considered a hero to the Drive-By Media. If you are a parent in Honduras, in El Salvador, in Guatemala, and you put your four-year-old on the “train of death” through the hot, dusty deserts of Mexico, on the way to either California or Texas, you’re a hero. You’re doing everything you can to improve your child’s life. It’s perfectly understandable that you would do it.

If you turn on the Drive-By Media, if you turn on ABC, CBS, NBC, turn on MSNBC, Washington Post, New York Times, it’s perfectly normal that a parent would wave good-bye to four-year-old little Jose as he gets on the death train or gets in a van driven by a coyote or as he hits the hoof express through the desert. Perfectly normal, totally understandable, even worthy of hero status.

But this lady in South Carolina gets arrested for letting her kid play in a park while she’s working at Mickey D’s. She didn’t put her in government-controlled day care. She let her nine-year-old run around with people in the park. By these standards my mother and every mother of every friend of mine should have gone to jail. Well, I’m just saying. I know we don’t do anymore. And I know why we don’t do it anymore. There are rapists, purse snatchers, muggers and all that out there. My mother would no more put me on a train to Moscow or an airplane or whatever.

But I can remember many mornings getting on a bicycle, leaving home, and my parents got mad if I got home before five o’clock. They thought I was being lazy. They sent me out of the house to play, made me go out, cut the yard, pull the weeds, whatever, sent me off to other people’s houses to do odd jobs. There was no concern. I understand the difference, don’t misunderstand here. But again, what are we talking about? Major, dramatic cultural shifts here.

So it fits right in with Michelle Obama telling parents they’re too stupid to know how to properly feed their kids. And today we learned that food stamp recipients are too stupid to know the right foods to buy. If you missed it, the government has a new plan, talking shopping carts in grocery stores that direct food stamp recipients to the proper places in the grocery store to pick up the proper foods, healthy foods, fruits, vegetables, nuts, whatever the hell else they think is healthy. And if they succeed, if the food stamp recipients, obviously too stupid to know what’s best for ’em, if they end up buying a whole lot of really healthy stuff, they could win free movie tickets, also paid for by the taxpayer.


RUSH: “A humanitarian tragedy at the US-Mexican border took a weirdly comic turn in Grand Island on Friday, as federal officials showed up at what they thought was a vacant hotel that might be able to house children who entered the country illegally — only to discover the fully occupied and recently renamed Byblos Niagara Resort and Spa.” Two more shocking illegal alien stories. “Officials Seeking Shelter For Young Illegal Immigrants Thought Island Hotel was Vacant,” but it had already been taken over.


RUSH: I have a fact here, some news that I think is gonna startle a lot of you. Many of us have heard, particularly in the last 20 years whenever the subject of immigration reform comes up, you can count on hearing from a lot of different places in this country, “We are a nation of immigrants. We can’t shut down immigration. We can’t start deporting people. We’re a nation of immigrants. We’re no different today than the people who originally came here. We’re all immigrants. None of us are original.” You’ve heard that.

How many of you know the nation, when it was founded, I mean, yeah, we emigrated here from Europe and so forth. But there was no immigration at the time of the founding like there is today with actual programs and quotas and policies and so forth. That did not begin until 1845. And I believe, if I am not mistaken, it actually began with the Irish fleeing famine, the famous potato famine. In 1845 modern-day immigration as we know it began. But do you know that in 1924 immigration was suspended all the way to 1964, 1965, 1960, somewhere around there. Does that shock you? Did you know that?

Did you know that immigration was literally suspended from 1924 to 1965? Well, it was. And do you know why it was suspended? There’s a very logical reason why it was suspended. It was called assimilation, which wasn’t that hard, because most of the people that arrived wanted to become Americans. There was a distinct American culture. There was a distinct American morality. There was a distinct language. It was English. There was a distinct concept, individual liberty and freedom, government serving people. It was all new. It had never been done before, truly unique and exceptional in the sense of an exception to the norm.

So during the years that immigration was suspended, all of the immigrants, beginning with the Irish and then the Germans and the Polish and the Eastern Europeans of all kinds just flooded into this country, fleeing oppression, bondage, war, economic strife, poverty, but they all came here wanting to become Americans. And immigration was suspended to absorb and to accommodate the massive numbers who had arrived. And assimilation is simply people from different parts of the world coming here and becoming American, because they wanted to. There was no force applied. There was no oppression. There were no mandates that you had to. It was something people wanted to do. They wanted to learn English.

They held on to their native tongues and they held onto their native cultures, and they lived together in various neighborhoods and wherever, but they wanted to become American, because it meant and really special and unique. They all learned English and they all became educated in the American public education system, which was one of the greatest education systems ever at that time. They learned our national holidays, for example, and why they were celebrated. They learned about the American founding, all of this in the public school system.

They learned about the Founding Fathers. They learned why they wanted to come here. They knew from afar they wanted to come. They knew what it represented. They knew that this was a repository for hope, liberty, freedom, prosperity, success. However they defined the good life, it was here. And once they got here, they and their children learned how America came to be and why, who the people were that founded it and what they risked, what they gave up, what they sacrificed. And during this period of assimilation there wasn’t any of this drivel that is taught today as part of the multicultural curriculum.

There was no, “This nation doesn’t deserve to exist. The people that came here and founded and discovered this country, all they did was displace the original owners, and they brought disease and pestilence, and they’ve stolen things.” There was none of that that these new immigrants learned. They simply learned what it was to be an American. They wanted to. And during that period of — I mean, little trickle of immigration, but I’m talking about mass immigration was suspended, and that’s when the assimilation took place.

All of that began to change in the sixties. Everything began to change in the sixties because some of the immigrants who had arrived were, of course, not cool on America and were secretly plotting ways of undermining it even while they lived in the shadows, so to speak. They ended up teaching in universities and public schools, and the unraveling of the country began.

That’s why, when we get to 1986 and Simpson-Mazzoli, that didn’t come after a hundred years of out-of-control immigration. Simpson-Mazzoli granted amnesty to three million illegal immigrants, and it took those three million about 20 years to amass. And at the time Senator Kennedy said if we just do this one time we’ll never, ever have to do it again. We’re gonna go back and secure the borders, but we can’t send this many people back. We have to learn to accept them. But even then the Democrats of the day recognized the illegal immigrants of the day as future Democrats voters.

But the point, how many of you were aware that mass immigration was suspended for many decades? Did you know that, Snerdley? From 1924 to 1964, ’65. It’s key not just that it was suspended, but what was the reason for it? The decision was made to suspend immigration so that all of those immigrants who had arrived en masse starting in 1845 could assimilate. Back then the leaders of this country were still proud of it. They wanted everybody else to be proud and wanted everybody else to understand why this country was what it was, how it came to be, and that’s what the assimilation was.

And it’s key, again, to remember that those immigrants wanted to assimilate. It wasn’t something that was forced upon them. They wanted to learn English. They wanted to become Americans. That’s not what is happening today. It is with some. But it is not happening with the mass numbers of immigration that’s taking place today. (interruption) Well, they’re fleeing poverty, but these are kids. The people making this possible have an entirely different agenda than those who made immigration possible in the mid- to late 1800s, into the early 1900s.

There are people today who want this country undermined. Now, they wouldn’t say that. They would say transformed, or they would say changed for the better. They would say it needs to become more equal and more fair because this nation’s always discriminated, blah, blah. You know the drill. But the early immigrants we’re talking about did not arrive with such agendas, and they did not arrive — by the way, this is something very key, too. They didn’t arrive as victims. Certainly not victims of America.

They didn’t come here with the politics of grievance on their mind. Not aimed at us. They didn’t come here wearing their tinfoil victim hats all over the place. And they didn’t come here with their hands out. These people really, really wanted to work. I mean, that’s all the world knew. This just happened to be the best place for that to pay off, and that’s why they wanted to be here. Today that’s not at all the case. You mention the word “assimilation” today in relationship to newly arriving immigrants and you may as well be cursing people out.

You talk about assimilation, “Well, why would they want to become Americans? What’s wrong with who they are? What gives you the right to say that everybody who comes here has to be an American? Just what the hell does that mean?” is their reaction. “Oh, really? What have we got to be so proud of? Look at the way we’ve treated slaves and the Indians and Native Americans and now the Redskins. What is there to be proud of? Why would we want people to come in and celebrate that heritage?”

This is the attitude about assimilation today, because on the left there isn’t any of this pride in America. There is no awe-struck reverence for the founding of this country. It’s looked at as something that had been better off, maybe, in history if it hadn’t happened. I kid you not. Today it’s much different. Now we have House Democrats demanding even more amnesty, $4 billion in funding to facilitate these arrivals.

And we have. In the words of Representative John Lewis (Democrat-Georgia), “Our doors are open. We’re all connected. We just can’t build a wall or a fence and say, ‘No more.’ This is America. Our doors are open. Come on in.” Can anybody doubt just how out of touch the Democrat Party has become? This is all being done on Twitter, by the way. “Our doors are open, our walls are down, come on in, we’re all connected. This is America. Our doors are open.”

John Lewis and all these other Democrats are active on Twitter just telling the world, “Come on in! We Democrats welcome you. We want you to come in. There isn’t any wall, and you’re not going back. Come on in.” They know that they are talking to the lowest of the low-information crowd on Twitter. They can say anything they want and they’re not gonna be challenged because to be challenged…

There’s a reason to send John Lewis out there to say it, because anybody critical of John Lewis is automatically gonna be what? A racist. Bingo. So I don’t care whether it’s Sunny Hostin on CNN or John Lewis on Twitter or any Democrat anywhere. Everybody, including them, is a victim now. Everybody has a grievance against this country, mind you. Therefore it is up to this country to assuage that grievance, to resolve it.

Because this country is responsible for all of these victims, even the victims of Central America, even the victims of Mexico. Yes, they exist in their plight because we exist in ours. We have discriminated against them, we have shut them off, we have stolen from their countries and their people and we’ve hoarded all of these goodies. We’ve raped and pillaged the world, and that’s how we built ourselves into a superpower.

Well, the world wants it back now.

They deserve it because it was never ours to have in the first place, and this is modern immigration: Victim after victim after victim parading. Victim after victim after victim on television. Why, the most powerful law enforcement official, the attorney general, portrays himself as a victim! President of the United States, the most powerful law enforcement official, also at times will get close to portraying himself as a victim.

Everybody’s a victim. Of America.

Particularly of Republicans/conservatives in America.

That is what’s different today.

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