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RUSH: To Chapel Hill, North Carolina, this is Jamie, and welcome to the program. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. How are you?

RUSH: Pretty good. Thank you.

CALLER: I wanted to talk about how, on the Fourth of July, I saw the fireworks, but I really didn’t feel like a sense of overwhelming national pride, and I think it’s purposeful by the Obama administration.

RUSH: Wait a minute, now. Where were you? I mean, who were you with when you were watching fireworks?

CALLER: I was with a guy I was seeing, Eric. I’m seeing currently.

RUSH: But were you at a…?

CALLER: We were in a field… It’s kind of a field, but it’s —

RUSH: Wait, was it just you two or were there a group of you?

CALLER: No, no. There was a lot of people there, about a hundred people or so.

RUSH: You’re watching the fireworks, it’s Fourth of July, and yet you just didn’t feel the pride that you usually felt?

CALLER: No, and I think that, I mean, that’s on purpose, because we’re made to feel like we aren’t as important anymore and we’re diminishing in the world standing. And it’s on purpose, to make us feel like we aren’t good enough, like we’re mediocre — and we’re not mediocre! We’re the greatest nation in the world.

RUSH: Now, nobody said anything, right?


RUSH: You’re just watching the fireworks with Eric, the guy that you’re seeing?


RUSH: And the other 98 people that were there, but you’re just you’re basically there with Eric and you’re watching the fireworks?


RUSH: Nobody’s there, you’re watching, and you’re just internally… You’re probably manifesting a little guilt. I mean, you are.

CALLER: Exactly.

RUSH: We’re all being pummeled with this idea that there’s nothing special about America. There’s nothing exceptional about it. We’re guilty of this transgression here, or that discrimination there, or this mistreatment over here, or what have you. So you feel disconnected from your own country. You don’t feel like it’s justified to be patriotic anymore.

CALLER: I’m constantly made to feel guilty everywhere I go. It seems like I have to be careful about political correctness and things.

RUSH: Well, look where you live. I mean, you live in Moscow West.

CALLER: (giggles) Exactly.

RUSH: Chapel Hill, North Carolina, is not exactly where you’re gonna be surrounded by fellow patriots.

CALLER: Exactly.

RUSH: They’ll think they’re patriots but for different reasons than you do. They are patriotic because they don’t like the country as is, and they are changing it and making it into what it should be by cutting it down to size, and that’s patriotism as they define it. But not how you do.

CALLER: What it should be to them is a Third World state, and we are not Third World and that’s why so many Third World people want to come here and are coming here because of it.

RUSH: Well, see, in their view, Jamie, we are responsible for the Third World. We made the Third World by stealing all of their stuff, their minerals, their resources, their oil and whatever. We took their wealth from them. This is what your buddies in Chapel Hill believe, along with a lot of other cockamamie things.


RUSH: And they believe that the only way to make this stuff fair and even as if we make ourselves poorer like the rest of the world is, so we find out what it’s like.


RUSH: Okay, our last caller from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, that is exactly how it works. On every issue that the left gets behind, they stigmatize certain behavior. For example, get off on global warming and climate change and CO2 and pollutants and the greenhouse effect, and they actually create guilt in people who driving around in their cars. “Oh, my God, am I destroying the planet?”

You know, people make jokes about it, but it’s in everybody’s head.

Whatever issue that comes up — be it contraception, whatever — they stigmatize, and it’s almost subliminal, the effect. It’s how they transfer guilt and suspicion to people. So she was watching a fireworks display, and because the inundation she gets every day about how rotten her country has treated this group of people or how rotten her country has treated that country and how rotten her country is treating immigrants, it all eventually permeates everybody’s head, or a lot of people’s heads.

And then what results from this is what the left loves, and that’s a constant self-awareness of all this stuff. It’s what happens to you when you don’t, by routine matter, reject it. I will tell you, ladies and gentlemen, I do not suffer from any of this. When I see a fireworks display, when I see the US military show up somewhere, I am as proud as I’ve ever been. When this country does something that I adore and love, I am just as in love with it as I’ve ever been.

I have no guilt what so ever. I don’t allow these people to work this kind of magic on me, ’cause I reject it. I have never once… In fact, I do just the opposite. When I see a guy driving a Prius I give him an anal in my Maybach or I’ll pass him real fast or I’ll go beyond the speed limit just to ram it down this little person’s throat, just to show them!

“Hey, bud, you’re not affecting me. You’re not making me feel miserable. I’m not gonna join you in feeling guilty and unhappy and miserable every day.” I’m not gonna do it. (interruption) No, I don’t threaten ’em! No, no, no. I don’t intimidate ’em. I’m just telling you, I don’t hide from ’em. I see somebody driving around in a little lawn mower, a Smart Car, I am happy to be noticed in my car that I proudly get eight miles to the gallon with.

You know, one night a year, they’ll get a Hollywood actor to support them. I forget the name of the cause, but it’s a global warming cause, and I think it’s every April — it might even be on Earth Day — where they ask everybody to turn off all lights for an hour or something. I turn every one on, and I do it with a smile, and I do it with happiness. Folks, you have to fight this stuff, internally, too.

You have to vow not to be impacted or affected by it. That’s exactly what they want. They want everybody running around feeling the stigma of every one of their issues. How many of you, when you find yourself in a group of minorities, think, “Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Oh, gee I’m a racist. They think I’m a racist just because I’m not them. Oh, oh, my God! Oh!”

And how many of you think, “I gotta show ’em I’m not a racist! I gotta show ’em I’m not a bigot”? How many of you feel that way? Probably a lot of you. That’s just the stigma, and that results from your assumption that they think of you that way because that’s what the news media is telling everybody you are. If you’re not a minority, you have to be a racist.

War on Women, same thing happens. You’ll go out of your way to prove, “Oh, I have nothing against contraception! Nothing,” ’cause you don’t want them thinking of you the way the media has told them you are. That’s why I get into so much trouble with ’em, ’cause I taunt them.
You’re not supposed to do that. You know, you’re not supposed to tell jokes about the left.

You’re not supposed to laugh at them because of what they’re doing, that’s too serious. We can be laughed at and mocked all day long. Have you ever noticed that they are really no conservative comedians? There isn’t a whole lot of conservatism in the pop culture, in music, in movies, and whenever there are conservatives, they have to meet secretly in unknown locations.

They can’t tell anybody where they’re going so they won’t be discovered because if it is they might not work anymore, this kind of stuff. I heard somebody espouse a theory as to why the left owns all of comedy. This person, I forget who was it, said, “What you conservatives are missing is that the comedians are not liberals first. They’re comedians. They’re funny people who just happen to be liberal.

“They’re not liberals, they’re not ideologues first who then also become comedians, and that’s what you’re missing. You guys take your conservative and you want to be a conservative first and then a comedian. You just need to be a comedian who’s conservative,” and when they meant was, “You need to sneak up on people. You don’t want to active people who you are in advance and make yourself a target.”

Now, there may be something to that. My television show, Rush Limbaugh the TV Show, for those of you that haven’t seen it, was what Jon Stewart does today. But it was hated and it was reviled and it was ignored and it was never thought to be creative artistically, because we made fun of the left, whereas Comedy Central makes fun of conservatism.

That’s proved and regaled and considered art and worthy of Emmys and all this stuff. But we made jokes about the left, and you’re not supposed to do that. You know, all the updates I used to do, the Global Warming Update and the Peace Update mocking and making fun of the insanity that’s on the left. Not supposed to do that!

So what was and remains a very funny program is never considered that, other than when they need to try to take me down a peg. “He’s just an entertainer!” But then the next day I’ll be the leader of the Republican Party again. It doesn’t last long. The reason is that I just refuse to follow the stigma. You know, when I turn on the shower in the morning for hot water, I’m not feeling guilty about it, folks.

I’m not thinking, “Oooh, oh, what am I doing to the planet?” If I get on a boat and I sail around out there, I’m not worried about any pollution I might be causing, or if I get on an airplane, I don’t think about any of that. I don’t let ’em get to me because I know who they are and what they’re doing. You have to actively fight this internally, and then turn it around on ’em.

Otherwise you can’t escape the guilt, which is exactly what they want.

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