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RUSH: We go to Ocala, Florida. This is Don. Thank you for calling, sir. Great to have you here, and I appreciate your patience in holding on.

CALLER: Yeah, it’s an hour and a half, but that’s okay. I started listening two months ago, and I couldn’t get through. I had a thing about the 1-800 number. Whatever. Anyways, I think you’re the most comprehensive analyst of politics alive, and you’re an icon and you’re the whole package. I wanted to ask you if you —

RUSH: Wait, wait, wait, wait! Ho-ho-hold it!

CALLER: (chuckling)

RUSH: Now, wait just a second.


RUSH: Even I… I really appreciate that, but did I hear you right? You just started listening two months ago?

CALLER: Yeah. ‘Cause I wasn’t aware of the program. I listened to you back in the seventies, and I followed you, and I wanted to ask you if you saw the National Geographic show about the 1990s. They had a little plug on there on you.

RUSH: Yeah, you know, I’ve got that. I’ve got that TiVoed. I haven’t watched it yet.

CALLER: Uh-huh. It’s pretty cool. They put a plug on you, and your positive influence on politics back then.

RUSH: Look at what this guy figured out about me — and he nailed it — in two months!

CALLER: (bashful chuckle)

RUSH: The guy nailed it. You are perceptive as heck.

CALLER: Excuse me. I listen to Laura, Bob, and John, too. But I tried to do get… I should have called Friday on open lines, you know?

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: I wanted to congratulate you on your feat of your books and receiving the award.

RUSH: Well, thank you.

CALLER: I think that was outstanding.

RUSH: I appreciate that. I really do. Thank you. Thank you very much.

CALLER: Yeah. Another thing. Different shows talked about a few days ago, the National Guard going down the border. I think that if Homeland Security can’t, it’s like two peas in a pod. You know, Homeland Security and National Guard, whatever. What’s your opinion on that? I think it just causes problems.

RUSH: Sending the military to the border would cause problems?


RUSH: How so?

CALLER: Well, a conflict of interest with Homeland Security. Homeland Security’s supposed to be securin’ the borders.

RUSH: Well, it’s actually the Border Patrol, but Governor Perry… I don’t know if you heard this or not. Governor Perry is the governor of Texas.

CALLER: Yes. Yes. Yes.

RUSH: He said that the Border Patrol in Texas has been moved 45 miles inland! They’re not even on the border.

CALLER: Yeah. Yeah. That’s weird. That’s strange. Go ahead.

RUSH: Yeah, you probably heard Luke say that or Luke or Bob or Tom. Whoever. But they’re not even on the border.

CALLER: I know. It’s strange.

RUSH: But the Border Patrol is supposed to be securing the border. Homeland Security, they’re supposed to be… Well, it’s a mess. It’s a mess.

CALLER: Yeah, I know. (chuckling) Anyway, another question is there was talk about militia, a couple militia going down there and that would cause even more problems. Have you heard anything more about that?

RUSH: Ah, the militias! I have not heard of any militias that are mobilizing to go to the border.

CALLER: Yeah, okay.

RUSH: I wouldn’t worry about the militias. They’re not a problem.

CALLER: It’s probably just a rumor.

RUSH: Don’t fall for whoever’s telling you about the militias.


RUSH: I don’t know. There wouldn’t be a… The National Guard would simply be a symbolic Band-Aid. The National Guard, they wouldn’t be in conflict with anybody.


RUSH: Unless they fired on Homeland Security, and then I don’t think that would happen.

CALLER: Yeah, the thing about the borders is we’re in the North American Union now and there’s really not any secure borders. We’re all one… one… The three of us are all one country now, basically, so that’s —

RUSH: Not secure, there’s no border. The problem is that the border is being erased. When you get down to brass tacks, there’s this little thing called sovereignty, and we appear to be unconcerned about it. Now, I think Texas Governor Perry does want the National Guard, but only ’cause he could send ’em to the border. Now, I’m gonna warn you here, Don: The Drive-By Media would love for this to be a militia story.

They would love to be able to find some goofballs wearing turkey hats that take old buses down there from some state. They would love that. You don’t want to encourage that. That’s not gonna accomplish anything. This is a Regime responsibility, pure and simple. But I appreciate the call. I thank you. The border has become a bus depot. (interruption) How come we can’t tell these other governments to keep their people in or else?

Are you forgetting the news of last week? The presidents of Mexico and, I think, Guatemala actually had a meeting to facilitate the children of Guatemala transversing the Mexican southern border. The government of Mexico is working with the government of Guatemala to — I don’t know– facilitate the migration. Nobody’s trying to stop it! (interruption) No, we have not said… (sigh) I don’t know of any…

When is the last time, for example, the government of the United States told the government of Mexico to get a handle on this and to stop it? Do you remember when that’s ever happened? (interruption) That doesn’t happen. (interruption) When? (interruption) Oh, well, okay. Eisenhower, for crying out loud. Well, it’s not Jurassic Park here. We’re talking about in the modern era, and it doesn’t happen, and it certainly isn’t gonna happen with Obama.


RUSH: This is Don in the Rio Grande valley, Texas, and welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hello, Rush. This is the first time I’ve ever been on your radio station. Thank you.

RUSH: You bet.

CALLER: I used to work in a detention center that took care of undocumented minors. It’s been about six or seven years since then, but I can tell you exactly what goes on in those detention centers. From a humanitarian point of view, they give them great service. The company I worked for was wonderful. But from a taxpayers’ point of view it’s kind of a nightmare because people are really unaware of how many billions of dollars they’re spending on these facilities, and they’re building more and more of them.

RUSH: Yep.

CALLER: And they’re trying to, you know, protect the border.

RUSH: Well, now, your experience is six or seven years ago. Six or seven years ago there was not this flood that is occurring now. We’re being overwhelmed at the moment. The detention centers are full. They are asking churches to ask parishioners to house these kids and not tell anybody about it. They are dispersing these kids to states all over the country, Michigan, Nebraska, and the governors of these states are not being told. They’re not spending much time in the processing centers because there’s so many coming in. They are not being properly medically screened. They’re not there for the length of time.

The taxpayer hit, I think, and especially when you’re talking about the Tea Party, which is the greatest common sense group of Americans we know of, they’re fully aware of what this means budget-wise, taxpayer dollars-wise. They know full well we can’t afford this and they know full well that’s exactly why we’re doing it. There are those who want to break the country. There are those who believe that we deserve this. This is exactly what we did when we were being founded. We invaded other countries.

I’m telling you, folks, Dinesh D’Souza’s movie, America, you’ll hear people say this. This is what we did. We stole Mexico, went in there for the war. We killed ’em and we took their land, this is what we did. So we can’t complain. This is exactly what we deserve. There are people that believe that. This country needs its comeuppance. This country needs to be cut down to size. This country needs to be shown what it’s like to be attacked by this country and colonized and oppressed. There are people in full support of this, ’cause they think that we deserve it, that this is payback time.

I know that to some of you who are, you know, casually involved day to day, “I can’t believe that.” Don’t doubt me. I’m not saying the president thinks that, but I’m telling you a boatload of his supporters do, a boatload of college professors do, a tremendous amount of perverted, corrupt liberals think this. They don’t like this country. They think that we have oppressed people in the world, that we have imposed our way of life on them, that we have colonized them. We have imposed freedom. I don’t know how freedom’s an imposition, but they claim that it is.

They don’t look at us at liberators. They don’t look at us as saving people from oppression. No, no, no, no, no, no. We have come in, and it started with the Pilgrims. The Pilgrims came in, and then the white Europe settlers and Columbus before that, came in and this was a pristine place where the buffalo roamed and the Indians shot ’em now and then but that was it. Then we came along and everything went to hell, everything went to hell. We started destroying the planet right then. Global warming started with the creation of America, the discovery of America, that’s when global warming started. That’s when all of this crap started.

So it’s payback time. Say hallelujah. This is exactly what it felt like when we stormed all of these other countries. And then we sent our CIA in to assassinate their leaders and corrupt their currencies. This is exactly how it felt. This is just the original owners of this land trying to take it back. That’s all it is. You better learn to live with it, Limbaugh, because this is what you deserve.

There are people who believe that. And everything I just said, including global warming and all of the rotgut isms began with the discovery and founding of this land and country. I am not exaggerating. (interruption) What do you mean, wait a minute? Did I forget something? (interruption) Well, now, wait a minute. Snerdley just said the Spanish invaded Mexico. You’re talking about the conquistadors, the guys who showed up in the Caribbean wearing armor and sweat to death ’cause they didn’t have pina coladas back then? Right. Exactly right. They didn’t have pina coladas, they didn’t have ice, and they show up in their conquistador uniforms, their armor, and they’re sweating, but they still conquered, right?

But they spoke the same language. (interruption) Well, they ended up speaking the same language. (interruption) Damn right. (interruption) Exactly right, Spaniards. And where’d they come from? Europe. And they’re white, right? So they’re just as guilty. But we ended up kicking the butt of Spain. (interruption) It doesn’t matter. If you follow the end of the trail, we are the ultimate perp. We are the ultimate perpetrators.

Look it, you can talk Mayans to me all day. You can talk Aztecs to me all day. All these long-gone cultures and so forth. But that doesn’t matter. Yeah, Spain did it. Any number of European countries. The Vikings, you know, they get away with everything. The Vikings never get tagged with anything. It’s like they came here, raped, pillaged, whatever, founded Minnesota, and left.


RUSH: You think I’m making all this up. You think that I am exaggerating about all these leftists who claim that the destruction of the world began when white Europeans discovered this country, beginning with Columbus and then the Pilgrims, as written about in Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims, written by me, Time Travel Adventures with Exceptional Americans.

Have you ever heard of the term “Columbusing”? It is a term that was popularized back in June, Slate.com, and then eagerly picked up and spread far and wide by NPR. And here, basically, is the definition. Columbusing is when you discover something that has always been there but you say it’s new, and then you claim it’s yours, and you own it, and you stomp on and spit on and ignore what has always been there from the day after you discover it.

Columbusing is when you discover something that’s existed forever. It’s just that it’s existed outside your own culture, nationality, race, or even your neighborhood. And then you run around and you tell everybody you discovered something that’s always been there, you have Columbused something. Don’t doubt me on this stuff.

Another definition is from the Urban Dictionary: When white people claim they have invented or discovered something that’s been around for years, decades, or even centuries. White people. The white aspect must be there for there to be Columbusing. The Beatles Columbused Chuck Berry, for example. The Rolling Stones Columbused Chuck Berry. They even admitted it. They never, ever stop. They’re so guilt-ridden, and they must make sure everybody feels the same pain and suffers the same way they do.


RUSH: Why isn’t it Columbusing when the feminazis think they discovered income equality? Well, I’m just asking.

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