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RUSH: Where is the Hollywood telethon for the suffering children crossing the border? We do “We Are the World” for the starving in Ethiopia. Where is the telethon?

Where is the massive leftist outpouring of compassion and fundraising for these hungry, thirsty, ill, sick, victimized-through-no-fault-of-their-own children? It’s just like you said to me yesterday, “Rush, you may as well give it up. You’re not got gonna win this.”

I said, “Win what?”

“You’re not gonna convince people to send the kids back.”

I said, “Why does somebody think that’s what I’m doing?”

“Rush, there’s nobody under 25 in this country who sees a bunch of poor, sick kids crossing the border who thinks they ought to be sent back.”

But I don’t think that. My concern for these kids goes far deeper. I mean, Tom Coburn said (paraphrasing), “First class airfare. Send them back home for much less than the $3.8 billion Obama wants.” But the point was, “Rush, they’ve already won the issue. Nobody sees this is a problem. It’s just some kids that showed up. Okay, it may be 300,000 or 50,000, it’s no different than a poor kid showing up at your back door. You do not send him away.” And I think it’s part of the trick that’s being played.

But, anyway, where is a telethon? Why not? Why won’t there be a telethon? Why? I mean, this is made to order for some rock group like Bono, U2, Sting, Bon Jovi, take your pick. Angelina Jolie. Well, does she sing? It actually doesn’t matter if she sings, right? She can do whatever she wants and we’ll watch. Where is the telethon? (interruption) See, that’s the answer. You can’t tell the story. If you’re gonna do a telethon, you have to explain why you’re doing it. You have to tell the story. “We Are the World” and you’re doing a national worldwide fundraising effort for starving in Biafra, you can blame it on America. You can blame it on some dictator. You can blame it on global warming.
You can explain, but you can’t tell the story here.

You start doing a telethon, start raising money, start asking people to donate, you gotta tell ’em why. Then you gotta present the personal history stories of these kids. You gotta go back to their native countries and find out what’s so bad there, why they’re coming here, how they got here. And that’s something nobody wants to shine any light on. Nobody wants to really tell the story.


RUSH: Another reason why there will not be a telethon to raise money for the children: These kids are all fleeing socialist countries. Not only that, they are fleeing preindustrial environmental paradises: El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras. I mean, these are the places that Hollywood leftists have always considered heaven on earth, and you can’t tell the story without that.

I mean, you have to tell the story if you do a telethon, and you cannot explain what’s wrong in El Salvador or these places that were supposedly the garden variety of what the planet should be. You cannot. These leftists cannot do a telethon which basically would have to conclude that socialism fails. So there is that. But I ask the question rhetorically anyway just to make the point.


RUSH: Folks, I have a couple questions, just a couple questions here. If it’s so bad in El Salvador and Guatemala and Honduras, and the kids are leaving — and they’re coming to the United States to escape utter chaos, the breakdown of civility — when are the children of Chicago gonna leave and try to get into the United States? I mean, it’s bad there.

Did see the shooting statistics coming out of Chicago? When are the kids there gonna leave? And speaking of all this, why hasn’t there been a hashtag? Where has the first lady been? We did a hashtag for the kidnapped kids in Nigeria, #BringBackOurGirls. Where’s the hashtag? There’s no telethon, there’s no tweet campaign to donate, and there’s not even a hashtag here!

Well, now, you may laugh, but, folks, I’m telling you something. I know it sounds funny. I sometimes naturally am. But the fact of the matter is, the very fact that there aren’t any of those things that usually accompany liberal causes means something else is going on with this. I mean, they are quick to do hashtags; they are quick to show solidarity. The natural thing here would be a hashtag, just based on what Obama said.

Obama has publicly said that he doesn’t want these kids. He’s told the parents down in these countries, “Keep the kids. Don’t send ’em.” He has not made a big deal of it, but he said it a couple times. A natural hashtag would be #KeepYourKidsAtHome, or #DoYouKnowWhereYourKidsArerRightNow, or some such thing.

There’s no hashtag. There’s no telethon. There’s none of the usual accompaniments that liberals attach to their causes that are designed to make an emotional connection with people and tug at people’s heartstrings. They’re not doing that. In fact, they’re trying to keep it all secret here!

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