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RUSH: This is Gordon in Sugar Land, Texas. Thank you for the call. Glad you waited, and welcome to the program, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Greetings from the Lone Star State.

RUSH: Thank you, sir, very much.

CALLER: I was telling Snerdley that I have a Two If By Tea report from Bagram, Afghanistan. About three weeks ago my wife was putting together a care package to send to our son-in-law, who is a doctor in the US Air Force and who is currently stationed at Bagram. And while she was putting together the usual things — you know, beef jerky, candy, stuff to read — I had just recently ordered a case of Two If By Tea.

RUSH: Oh. Cool.

CALLER: So I decided to slip a bottle into his care package, and I did, and about a week and a half ago we got a report back that he absolutely loved it.

RUSH: Wow. Well, that’s fabulous. Just one bottle?


RUSH: Poor guy. What’s he gonna do when that’s over?

CALLER: I know. I kind of put myself in a bind right there.

RUSH: (laughing) What flavor did you send him?

CALLER: I sent him the regular sweetened.

RUSH: Yeah?

CALLER: And he said it was absolutely fabulous.

RUSH: Well, look, that’s great that you thought to include Two If By Tea in the care package. I’m really flattered and I can’t thank you enough, and I’m really happy to hear that he liked it. You know, it could have gone the other way. It’s the best tea in the country, but you never know. Personal taste is personal taste.

CALLER: Absolutely. So I thought maybe you’d get a kick out of hearing that.

RUSH: Well, I do very much. In fact, I was in Afghanistan. I did a troop visit in conjunction with a State Department trip, USAID (Agency for International Development) and we were scheduled to go to Bagram Air Force Base, and a Rush to Excellence-type appearance that I was gonna do there, and we had a mechanical on the C-130. We were gonna go there from Kandahar on our way back to Kabul.

But we had a mechanical and we had to spend the whole day on the ground in Kandahar and never got to Bagram, and I had with me a whole bunch of EIB Store gear. I had T-shirts, caps, a whole bunch of stuff that I had to ship under separate cover later and I never heard whether it got there or not. I’m assuming that the military took care of it and it got there. But I was really…

I got a military briefing in Kabul shortly after we arrived, and Bagram was on the schedule, and we just didn’t get there because of it. It was an engine. We took off for Bagram and had to go back to Kandahar. I was in the cockpit, and of course I was never worried because I never do get worried in an airplane.

I don’t know… (interruption) No, we didn’t come under “snipper” fire. We did not have to corkscrew down like Mrs. Clinton did when she landed in Bosnia. She came under “snipper” fire. In fact, it is said that that incident where she came under “snipper” fire may have contributed to the concussion problem.

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