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RUSH: Midland, Michigan. Greg, great to have you, sir. Do you still have your water turned on or is that just Detroit that’s had half of their water turned off?

CALLER: My water’s working great.

RUSH: Great. So the UN is not in town trying to alleviate the lack of water where you go. That’s good.

CALLER: No, no. We have plenty of lakes in Michigan so we’re all good.

RUSH: All right. Cool.

CALLER: All good. Well, a first-time caller so I really appreciate you taking my comment. This is in regard to contraception. You know, contraception is a personal choice. And when there are things that go on inside my body that I can’t control, health care, yeah, insurance should cover that. But when you start crossing that line of personal choice, you’re opening up a whole new door to a whole new list of things that could be added to that. For example, my gym membership.

RUSH: Wait just a second. Wait just a minute, though. Did I hear you right, you said contraception is a personal choice?

CALLER: It’s a personal choice.

RUSH: No, no, no, no, no, no. No, no, no, no. That’s where you’re off the path.


RUSH: Contraception is not a personal choice. It’s a right.

CALLER: Yeah? Yeah. Well, some might think that, all right?

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: It’s a personal choice. Well, it’s my right to go to the gym. Should they start paying for my right to go to the gym? It’s my right to sit in front of the TV, which now studies will show that affects your health and your mental state. So should they start paying for my cable bill? I know a young woman that used to cut herself. That was a personal choice. It’s her right, it’s her body, right? Should they start covering those costs as well? Once you cross that line, Rush, it just opens up a whole new list to dive into.

RUSH: Bingo. Once there is no personal responsibility, once everything you do is actually something that happens to you, then you become a victim. And when you become a victim, then you are victimized by somebody. And when you are victimized by somebody it’s largely going to be a conservative or a Republican, in which case you can then petition the government to fix it.

So, in your example, contraception, that’s not a choice. That’s a right. When you got pregnant you were victimized by nature. You may not have even intended it. It doesn’t matter that you took the steps necessary to cause it, because you don’t have that kind of power, not in the way the left looks at the world. You’re a victim of something. Other examples, let me tell you how those things will manifest. You talk about your gym membership. Under Obamacare it is entirely possible because they’re in charge of who gets what kind of medical care and how much treatment and how much money is going to be spent on each case.

They are going to be able to say someday if they want to at some stage in life, if you get sick, and if some belief exists that if you had gone to the gym earlier, if you had exercised, you wouldn’t have been sick. So they’re not gonna cover you for previous decisions that you’ve made. And because of your age it just doesn’t make sense to invest in whatever it would take to cure you. It would be better spent on younger, more potentially productive people. Someday they may be able to require you to do a certain amount of exercise. They may be able to limit the number of days or hours you can watch TV if you are going to get health care. This is the kind of sweeping control over people’s lives that Obamacare is gonna end up providing to government.

Now, I know the people that don’t want to hear about politics, “That’s never gonna happen. Come on, Rush, that’s so extreme, it would never.” That’s exactly what kind of power they seek. It’s the old death panel argument. So whereas you’re looking at this as, “Well, shouldn’t they? I mean, if we’re gonna cover a woman’s contraception, why shouldn’t they cover my cable bill,” and then this kind of thing, ’cause it’s making you sick, right?

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: If you go to the gym, you’re trying to make yourself better. If everything is designed in some way, shape, manner, or form to either gonna make you sicker or cure your sickness or make you healthier, shouldn’t they pay for it, given you’re not responsible for anything? And that’s what your thinking is.

CALLER: Yeah. And I’m totally against all that. I think that health care should be provided for those that — I can’t control what’s going on inside my body, therefore —

RUSH: Wait a minute. No, no. Wait a minute. With everything known today, quote, unquote, about what causes cancer, you might be able to prevent it, say, by not eating certain things. I mean, look at the cockamamie beliefs every day we are treated to about what causes this sickness or that sickness. You get the point.


RUSH: Hi. Now, listen, folks. The last caller’s point, I kind of got short-changed there in my summation by having to go to the obscene profit break, but his point was, “Hey, I don’t control what goes on in my body.” Meaning if he gets sick, he didn’t do anything to cause it. But yet a woman who gets pregnant took action to make it happen, whether she intended it or not, she still did. But his point was, let’s say I come down with — take your pick. He comes down with Crohn’s disease. “I didn’t do anything to cause it.” Well, not so fast. Not so fast. If you end up with socialized medicine, single payer with the government in charge of every dime that’s spent, you’re going to have a whole bunch, ’cause we don’t have the money, folks.

First and foremost, we don’t have the money. We’re $17 trillion in debt and there’s no amount of money too small in order to get something like this passed. But then once that happens and it’s fully implemented then there’s gonna be all kinds of cost consciousness. There’s going to be all kinds of people limiting the amount of money you spend. It’s the nature of things. So you might think you did nothing that resulted in you getting Crohn’s disease, but what if they can provide some scientific research that says that if you got up at ten o’clock in the morning on Tuesday while camping out and decided to drink water from a lake that was not government approved and had some sort of thing in there, even though you didn’t know it, you still gave yourself Crohn’s disease, then you may not be entitled to health care because he didn’t exhibit proper personal responsibility.

If you don’t think something like this is gonna be part of it, you need to readjust your thinking. It’s no different than the death panel existence. There’s no question it exists, and Obama even alluded to it with that daughter on ABC’s prime time special asking about her mother getting a pacemaker. She’s too old. We’ll give her a pain pill and finish her days that way.

So they’re clearly prepared to make decisions on who gets treatment and based on how much it costs and how old they are and whether or not it’s gonna make any financial sense to invest in someone who’s not gonna be productive or whatever. But the fact that this is even being contemplated is evidence that it exists. And you know every day you wake up you’re doing something that’s causing you to get cancer or causing you to die prematurely or causing you to get sick or do something, every day. It may be drinking too much coffee. It may be eating too much saturated whatever. You know every day there’s stuff out there.

So the opportunity for you to say, “Ah, ah, ah, wait a minute, I didn’t cause this,” the odds are that they’re gonna be able to construct a case that you did, with negligence, by not properly informing yourself, by not trying to take the greatest health care for yourself that you could. All the guidelines are there. You shouldn’t smoke, you shouldn’t drink, and if you’ve done that and you come down with Crohn’s disease, well, what do you expect? Anything to get out of spending the money, particularly if you happen to be a Republican. Obama has shown favoritism in these waivers that’s purely political, whether people want to admit it or not.

And yet on the other end of this is contraception. Pregnancy, you have to engage in specific behavior for that to happen, whether you intend it to or not. And yet his point was, why should they have everything paid for when they took action to make it happen, when I didn’t do anything to cause something. Well, wait a minute. It’s gonna be perhaps someday that you did cause whatever afflicts you. But in the case of women who get pregnant, they’ve set it up for years, it’s a disease that needs treatment. It’s a sickness. You remember the stories we’ve talked about here over the many years of this program.

Certain feminist groups have come out and pointed to all the negative health characteristics associated with women who get pregnant and women who give birth. They conveniently ignore the very true link between abortion and breast cancer. That’s also been established. But they ignore that. For the purposes of the left, people like today’s modern-day Democrats, pregnancy is a disease and it makes a pregnant woman a victim, a victim of a man who would not listen to the word “no,” a victim of society which tells young girls that the guy will never leave you if you get pregnant, whatever. They want as many people to be victims with no claim to personal responsibility whatsoever because that makes those people subservient, docile, and dependent.

That’s what illegal immigration and amnesty is all about.

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