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RUSH: Just as predictable as the sun coming up in the morning, the Drive-By Media and several Democrat consultants are simply shocked, shocked that I would dare call Democrat voters who voted for old Thad, Uncle Toms. And of course they did not listen to the program so they did not hear it in context. They know nothing of the flier that was sent out by the Thad campaign and probably some Democrats as well. And there’s a bunch of Republican consultants, they’re out there celebrating.

This is another thing here that will drive you nuts. There’s some Republican consultants actually celebrating. They think they’ve broken ground. They think they’ve finally attracted black voters! They have crossed, what is it, a milestone, a miracle has happened. And you gotta hand it to Donna Brazile. Donna Brazile’s out there applauding them for thinking this, “Oh, yeah, old Thad, I mean, he really came to their rescue after Hurricane Katrina. Old Rush Limbo didn’t go down there and help ’em out. And George Bush didn’t go down there and help. Old Thad was down there helping.”

Oh, so we’re now supposed to believe that there has been a seminal change and that we can expect 8% of African-Americans to start voting Republican now. (laughing) People actually think that this has happened and they are shocked, shocked, shocked. Of course, I’m now back to my entertainer days by daring to call those voters Uncle Toms. Again, they didn’t hear it in context so they do not know. Well, they probably do. See, that’s the thing. But maybe not. I was simply reacting to the flier that was spread out all over a couple of key counties in Mississippi.

We showed you the flier on the Dittocam yesterday telling black voters that McDaniel, the Tea Party guy, was trying to suppress their vote. That you had to get out and vote because the Tea Party didn’t want black people to vote. So they showed up in droves to vote against him, and we’ve actually got Republican consultants who think that this is a new day, that this actually represents the success of the — (laughing) — I can’t keep a straight face. (laughing) Republican leadership, all these years of outreach has finally paid off.

Anyway, folks, let me tell you, the turnout in mostly black counties was up 40%, and in one black county in Mississippi it was up almost 50% for an off-year primary for a Republican who’s near senility. (laughing) We’re supposed to believe that election — see, the Cantor race doesn’t mean anything. Oh, no, no, no, that’s a one-off, that’s irrelevant. But this, why, this shows you the brilliance of the schemes the Republican establishment has been hatching all of these years. I love it. I love it.

I tell you, I know when I have hit the bull’s-eye, ladies and gentlemen, and the little throwaway line, “Uncle Toms for old Thad” has just sent ’em climbing up the pole. Even Snerdley, who works here. His friends know he works here. His friends know what he does as part of his job here. He got calls from his friends, “Did you hear what your boss said?” Snerdley holds the phone away, “Whoa, what do you mean? Yeah, I was laughing at it along with everybody else.” And they were outraged and he finally had to tell ’em what it was in context. They didn’t know about the flier. We’ve got audio sound bites to support all of this.


RUSH: I wish there were a way to share this fun with you. I wish there were a way for you to know how easily predictable it is. We all knew yesterday that this was gonna send ’em into orbit. So predictable. Oh, and don’t forget the robo-calls. The robo-calls in Mississippi that went along with the flier that was going out there telling black voters that — basically heading back to the days of Emmett Till. The Tea Party wants to take you back to segregation.

It’s actually kind of a serious thing. I know we’re laughing at it here because of the involvement of myself in this, but it’s actually kind of a serious thing when you look at the way the Republicans are fooling themselves over what it means. How easy it is, how easy it is to make Americans, certain Americans, believe that the election of a decent person will take them back to the days of segregation. When in fact, do you know who the modern day segregationists are? The Democrat Party of today.

The Democrat Party are segregating everybody every which way they can: race, gender, sexual orientation, sexual surgery change, whatever they can come up with. Whatever ways, whatever new groups of victims that they can invent, put people into, they are segregating and dividing people.

You got the Southern border wide open as the Democrat Party’s desire and need for a permanent underclass in this country’s on display. It’s exactly what that is all about and always has been.


RUSH: Let’s go to the audio sound bites. We’re gonna start here at audio sound bite number two. This is last night on CNN’s The Lead. Fill-in host John Berman speaking with Democrat strategist Donna Brazile about me and my theory as to why old Thad won his primary election in Mississippi. To set up the discussion, Berman says this…

BERMAN: Rush Limbaugh, you may have heard of, had some, you know, pretty provocative explanations for why Thad Cochran won last night. I think we have the sound. Let’s listen to that.

RUSH ARCHIVE: I wonder what the campaign slogan was in Mississippi the past couple days. “Uncle Toms for Thad”?

BERMAN: So obviously Rush Limbaugh talking about the fact that African-Americans did appear to turn out and vote for Thad Cochran.

RUSH: And as I pointed out when I made the comment, first we had the robo-calls. We had the flier that was out that was telling black people in Mississippi that the Tea Party wanted to deny them the right to vote and take them back to the days of segregation and so forth. And I don’t know that these people know this. I don’t know that they know that there was a flier. They do not treat themselves to news that they do not wish to hear.

Even the Drive-Bys. I mean, Roger Simon, writing at PJ Media, has a piece today called: “IRS: Shame and Loathing on the Media Trail.” His point is that with the failures that Obama is racking up here, the worldview of leftists and Democrats and their lifestyle is under threat because of the debacle that is the Obama presidency. And to face the reality of the Obama presidency would mean to see everything they stand for falling apart. Everything they stand for dissolving in a puddle.

Everything the left wanted when they supported Obama, every utopian dream they had, represented by his election, the country’s falling apart, everything is a disaster. Obama is clearly — I mean, in a charitable sense, in their view, by the way — this is crucial — in their view, it may be he’s incompetent. They will never assign ideological intent to Obama. They’ll always chalk it up, his buds in the media will, to incompetence. But Simon’s viewpoint here is that Obama’s now beside the point they don’t even like him anymore and that nothing could be more obvious, but that they’re not gonna call him on any of this because it would basically acknowledge that they and the things they believe in are failures, and the things they believe in don’t work.

So they’re not gonna do that. They’re not gonna hit Obama. So they may not know of the flier. And if know of the flier, they may ignore the flier. They’re looking, they’ve got a story line here. They have got a template, and that is that the Tea Party is racist and that everybody knows it and that the black people of Mississippi are heroes to come out and vanquish the Tea Party. It’s not even about Thad Cochran. As far as the Drive-Bys are concerned, it’s not even about Thad Cochran. It’s not about the Republican establishment finding a way to attract black voters. They’re saying that in some of their news stories. That’s not what this is really about to them.

The reason they’re happy and gleeful is they think they have succeeded in tarring and feathering the Tea Party as a bunch of racists and that they were able to spread that word. What do blacks call Republican blacks? I think the term is Uncle Tom. Clarence Thomas has been called an Uncle Tom. Michael Steele’s been called an Uncle Tom. Dr. Sowell has been called an Uncle Tom. Allen West has been called an Uncle Tom. Condoleezza Rice, an Aunt Jemima Uncle Tom. I mean, they’ve double dipped on her. And so what is a Republican African-American? It’s an Uncle Tom. They own the terminology.

I’m simply following their thinking and logic and saying, “Well, you had this many black people vote for a Republican, had to be Uncle Toms for Thad.” And I knew it was gonna irritate them. The truth always does. So they happily and gleefully take the comment and sound bite out of context, and then they ask Donna Brazile what she makes of the comment.

BRAZILE: He’s an entertainer so I laugh, okay, so that’s number one. Number two, I have to tell you, you know, in the past, because I have family Mississippi, my maternal grandmother was from Mississippi, I was there last week, let me just say this. There are a number of African-Americans, independents and others, who support Thad Cochran because he’s been a good Senator.

RUSH: Come on!

BRAZILE: He’s been good on constituency services, he’s delivered. And I can tell you this, Rush Limbaugh needs to understand this. Right after Hurricane Katrina, who was down there trying to help people pick up their lives? Who was there to help them get back into their homes? Who was there to help them rebuild their lives? It was Thad Cochran. It was no Rush Limbaugh.

RUSH: Right. Right. I didn’t go there, but let me ask you this, Miss Brazil, seriously. If there’s this much appreciation for Thad, if African-American voters in Mississippi are so devoted to Thad, so appreciative, then why the hell did he end up in a runoff? Where were you in the first election? Why didn’t these African-American voters show up the first time around and just end it then? Why didn’t the African-American voters who showed up in droves in the runoff, where were they during the original election?

If there’s so much appreciation for Thad, if there’s so much gratitude for all that Thad did for them after Hurricane Katrina, then where were they? The answer is she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. And the idea that there’s any kind of Democrat appreciation for Thad Cochran in Mississippi, she is the one who’s being disingenuous with the audience at CNN. She is the one that’s furthering a false premise, not I.

I gotta take a quick time-out. Sit tight, my friends. Back with much more right after — did Donna Brazile go down to Mississippi to help out after hurricane? Where was she?


RUSH: Let me make another observation. Donna Brazile says that this “Uncle Toms for Thad” comment is just the utterances of an entertainer, and she’ll laugh, ha-ha-ha. But, the reason these African-Americans came out and voted for old Thad, gratitude, appreciation, for what old Thad did for ’em post-Katrina. Right? Well, why did they wait until the runoff? If they have so much gratitude and appreciation for Thad and if this vote for Thad is legit, why didn’t they show up in the first election?

And then the robo-call. If the truth is that the black vote this week for Thad was really for Thad, then why weren’t the robo-calls all filled with appreciation for Thad? Instead, the robo-calls were filled with lies and vicious race-baiting and accusing the Tea Party of trying to suppress the black vote. But if it was all about appreciation for good old Thad, why didn’t the robo-calls tell black voters how much old Thad had done for ’em post-Katrina? Here is just a brief excerpt of the robo-calls that were going around Mississippi on Tuesday.

ROBO-CALL: Hello, neighbors. The time has come to make a stand and say “no” to the Tea Party, “no” to their obstruction, “no” to their disrespectful treatment of the first African-American president. Next Tuesday, June 24th, Tea Party candidate Chris McDaniel is in a runoff against Senator Thad Cochran. If we do nothing, Tea Party candidate Chris McDaniel wins and causes even more problems for President Obama. With your help we can stop this. Please commit to voting against Tea Party candidate Chris McDaniels next Tuesday, say “no” to the Tea Party.

RUSH: Now, excuse me for noticing, but I didn’t hear anything in there about Thad. All I heard in that robo-call was what a reprobate the Tea Party candidate is, how much he hates Obama, how much trouble he’s gonna cause Obama, and how much trouble he’s gonna cause for black people. He’s gonna deny ’em the right to vote. Where were all the accolades for Thad? Donna Brazile says there’s so much gratitude and appreciation, we may have lost those voters to the Republicans forever, they love Thad so much. Well, they didn’t show up in the first election, and the robo-call didn’t say a word of gratitude for Thad. Which means Donna Brazile’s filled with BS, yet again.


RUSH: You know, I’m gonna go out on a limb here, ladies and gentlemen. I’m gonna offer you a little bit of opinion. I think it’s entirely possible that the African-Americans that turned out Tuesday to vote for Thad Cochran may have thought he was a Democrat. Based on the robo-calls, based on the flier that went out, it’s entirely possible that they thought that this was not a runoff, that they thought it was a Republican versus Democrat election because of the way the Tea Party candidate was referred to. It’s the way they always hear Republicans referred to. Is it not? Be it Tea Party, be it regular Republicans, they’re racist. They want to deny you the right to vote. They want to take you back to segregation.

So here comes the robo-call, here comes the flier, and nobody can convince me — and I don’t think there’s any hard evidence, but who do you think was behind the flier and the robo-calls anyway? What would be your best guess? Well, I’ll leave that an open question for now. But I don’t think it was Donna Brazile. Let’s put it that way. But it’s entirely possible to me that these African-Americans that turned out on the runoff Election Day thought that Thad Cochran might have been a Democrat, ’cause the Tea Party guy is portrayed the way they always hear Republicans portrayed. I mean, it’s a possibility.

Now, Donna Brazile says I didn’t go down to Katrina. I did go to Joplin, Missouri, after a tornado wiped it out, and I did take a truckload of Two If By Tea and gave it away. And I did a little speech as the people there were attempting to recover from that disaster.

But I also want to remind you of something else about Donna Brazile that she may not want me to remind you of. And she may not want Democrats in this audience to remember that she said this. But it’s to her credit. Donna Brazile is one of the few Democrats to admit the truth about George Bush and Katrina.

April 25th, 2013, CNN: “Donna Brazile: ‘Bush Came Through on Katrina.'” It was an op-ed that ran on the CNN website. And here a couple of excerpts. “George W. Bush was good as his word. He visited the Gulf states 17 times; went 13 times to New Orleans. Laura Bush made 24 trips. Bush saw that $126 billion in aid was sent to the Gulf’s residents, as some members of his own party in Congress balked.”

And here’s how her op-ed praising George W. Bush ends. “Our recovery can be credited to the civility and tireless efforts of President Bush and other Americans, who united and worked together to help rebuild the Gulf and the place of my birth, New Orleans.”

Now, I don’t hear anything in that op-ed about Thad Cochran. And yet on CNN yesterday (imitating Brazile), “Oh, yeah, oh, yeah, Thad Cochran, he came to so many people’s aid and rescue that the turnout for him on Tuesday was one of gratitude and devotion. Thad did so much post-Katrina. Rush Limbo didn’t do anything.”

No, I was in Joplin after a tornado. But anyway, just to cross the T and dot the I and add an exclamation point, because we still got one more sound bite, still more fun to come on the Uncle Toms for Thad line. But if these African-Americans were so deeply indebted to Thad, where were they in the original primary election? If they had shown up then, old Thad wouldn’t have needed a runoff, number one. And number two — well, let’s just leave it at that. Her op-ed about praising George W. Bush, she was one of the few Democrats to ever do that.


RUSH: Here are the raw numbers truth. And this is, I think, another thing, series of facts, actually, that people may not know. In Mississippi, conservatives won the primary. More Republicans voted for McDaniel than voted for Cochran in the runoff. You take away the Democrat turnout ginned up maybe by Republican establishment figures who are out there raising all kinds of money against the Tea Party guy. Nobody knows for sure, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the money for the robo-calls and that flier came from Republican sources. Again, that can’t be established, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

But when all the votes were counted, more Republicans voted for McDaniel than voted for Cochran. And yet the Republican establishment is running around crowing how they crushed the Tea Party. They lost the party! The Republican establishment got fewer votes on Tuesday! Take those Democrat votes out, I mean, just as a numerical exercise here, the Republican establishment got crushed! So they resort to race-baiting.

Is that the future of the GOP? They’re trying to tell us that because we’re seen as racists, we’ve gotta support amnesty, it’s terrible, and then they go out and engage in race-baiting themselves. I think the Republican Party ought to be scared to death. Thad Cochran may have won, but if you look at just the Republican vote, the establishment got creamed in Mississippi. And then you add that to Eric Cantor.


RUSH: The Drive-By Media is fit to be tied, just outraged, just offended that I would dare call African-American voters showing up for Thad Cochran, Uncle Toms. How dare he! We had a couple of sound bites in the first hour from Donna Brazile. Here is John King, CNN’s New Day this morning.

KING: The state with the highest percentage of African-American voters in the country. So you would think hereÂ’s an opportunity for Republicans maybe to learn the lesson. Thad Cochran had to go to these voters in a moment of need, but maybe he could start to build a relationship and maybe other Republicans could copy it, Julie, but then Rush Limbaugh weighs in. This won’t help.

RUSH ARCHIVE: I wonder what the campaign slogan was in Mississippi the past couple days? “Uncle Toms for Thad”?

KING: Anything I say will make it worse, but — if you find irregularities, fine, investigate them. You have that right after an election to look at things, but to say things like that and disparage people, and forgive me, if that’s not a racist statement it’s dancing right up to the line of it, how does that help anybody?

RUSH: Come on, John. What in the name of Sam Hill are you talking about? This is absurd and you know it’s absurd. What was racist here is calling black Republicans Uncle Toms. Go talk to Clarence Thomas and ask him what it’s like to be called one, John. Or go talk about to Allen West, or go talk to Dr. Thomas Sowell or Condoleezza Rice who’s been called an Uncle Tom Aunt Jemima for good measure. You know and I know that Republican blacks are disparaged, they are impugned, they are ripped to shreds, they’re called Uncle Toms, traitors, you name it.

The idea that this is some kind of breakthrough for the Republicans on the African-American vote in this primary in Mississippi, where were they the first election, John? If Thad Cochran’s come up with a brilliant strategy here to get the black vote and there’s something to build on here, then what did it? What policies, what did he do? Donna Brazile said it’s gratitude for Hurricane Katrina.

Well, if they got that much gratitude for Thad for Hurricane Katrina, why didn’t they show up in the first election, John? And, John, are you aware of the racist flier and the robo-calls that generated this black turnout? Yeah, robo-calls and fliers telling black voters that the Tea Party candidate wanted to take us back to days of segregation and deny them the right to vote and all that.

If you’re gonna talk about this stuff you’ve gotta put it in context and you’ve gotta start consulting my website or what I say before you start playing these sound bites and start talking about them out of context not knowing what you’re talking about. And then somebody needs to explain to me why my referring to black voters who vote for Republicans as Uncle Toms is somehow right up to the edge of racism, but it isn’t when everybody else does it.

Democrats, civil rights leadership, they all refer to traitorous blacks who vote Republican as Uncle Toms. I think this hit too close to home. Here’s Julie Pace, that’s who he was talking to, Julie Pace at the AP. She was the one laughing in the previous sound bite. Here’s what she said.

PACE: It doesn’t. And a lot of national Republicans just cringe when they see statements like that, when they see things like what McDaniel is saying, because this is a party, remember, after the 2012 election, that said, “We have to broaden the base.” And now you have a race where they’ve managed to broaden the base, for whatever reason, they’ve managed to do it, and they have this push and pull of, “Maybe we actually don’t want to broaden the base.” It just sends a really mixed message.

RUSH: Come on, Julie. If this really represented broadening the base, you people in the media would be in a state of panic today. If you thought that Thad Cochran getting eight, nine percent of the black vote really meant a new day and that the Republicans had found a way to reach out and make this happen, you would be in a panic and you’d be warning black people to beware. You’re not worried about this at all because you know that this was a one-off.


RUSH: Anybody remember Dr. Ben Carson being called an Uncle Tom just for criticizing Obamacare? Ben Carson was also audited by the IRS for his troubles. So Ben Carson’s an Uncle Tom, and Thomas Sowell is an Uncle Tom and Clarence Thomas is an Uncle Tom, and you know the list goes on and on and on.

You see, folks, this is textbook Drive-By Media. Just like my comments about phony soldiers in Iraq and just like “I hope he fails,” the Drive-Bys know exactly what I am saying. They know exactly, and in fact a couple of ’em can’t stop laughing about it because it’s funny. Julie Pace had to catch herself from laughing at it when John King played her the sound bite.

They know exactly what I’m saying. But they think — if they take my comments out of context, they do that enough that they can distort my brand, tar and feather me and prevent others from actually catching — ’cause they don’t want other people to get my point. They don’t want the low-information people to figure out my sarcasm, my parody, my whatever this is. It’s just another way of making a point.

You don’t make fun of the left, you see. You don’t tell jokes about the left. Do you know any comedians that tell jokes about the left that are hired to host programs? Of course not. Do you know of any comedians that tell jokes about the left that get guest shots on comedy shows? You don’t. It’s a no-no, because, see, they are good people and they are serious people. They have good intentions and they are not to be laughed at, and they are not to be joked at, and they are not to be made fun of, and they’re not to be belittled, and they’re not to have their hypocrisy pointed out no way whatsoever.

So they know exactly what I’m saying and they know I’m right. They have probably joined all of this talk about Uncle Tom Republicans over the course of their own careers. They’re not doing this out of ignorance. They know me well enough. I’ve been around here 25 years. They sit around waiting for these moments, hoping against hope that I’ll say something that gives them the nail in my coffin.

So my point is, they know better. This is intentional, and it’s what they always do. And it never works, and that’s why we have fun here each and every time I get close to something, we all laugh and say, “That’s it, that’s gonna be in the Drive-By headlines tomorrow,” and this was one of those times.

There’s further evidence here. Let’s listen to Chuck Rangel. You know, Chuck won his primary on Tuesday. He was on CNN’s The Lead last night, John Berman, who also expressed mock outrage over my Uncle Toms for Thad line, interviewed Representative Rangel, and they talked about good old Thad winning in Mississippi. Berman said, “Do you think there’s anything wrong with African-Americans getting out and voting like this in a Republican primary?”

RANGEL: Of course not, my God. I think that’s what it’s all about. Clearly they looked at the Tea Party candidate and looked at Thad Cochran, they made a determination as to which would be better between the two for Mississippi. And, my God, it just seems to me, it makes a lot of sense, in view of the fact that the Tea Party is so unpredictable and actually don’t care too much about the Republican Party or the country, as we can see, as to what happened with Eric Cantor.

RUSH: Yeah. Yeah. We see your tears. Poor Eric Cantor. We see your tears, Charlie. Poor Eric Cantor. Charlie, is there anything wrong with a bunch of black people voting for Thad? No way. Of course not. My God, that’s what it’s all about. That’s all you need to know that this isn’t serious. That’s all you need to know that this is not even real. ‘Cause I’m telling you, if Charlie Rangel and all these media people really thought a new threshold had been crossed here, and that somehow the aging, senile Thad Cochran had magically come up with the way —

You know, Republicans have been searching for a way to get the black vote for as long as I’ve been alive. And out of the blue on one lazy Tuesday in Mississippi, good old Thad Cochran found a pot of gold. Anybody really want to believe that that’s what happened here? Because if it did, Charlie Rangel would be out there trashing Thad Cochran as a liar and as a racist and misleading these people and Donna Brazile would not be out praising Thad for all of the gratitude people are showing him after his work on Mississippi post-Katrina.

The very fact that the Democrats are praising this is all the evidence we need to know that they don’t think it’s anything here but a successful trick that has been pulled off. Again, the idea, of all people, Thad Cochran comes up with this way that everybody’s been trying to find to finally get the message out to black voters: “Hey, we love you. We want the best for you. You gotta start voting for us.” Thad came up with it? You would not be able to escape the panic in the media, and you would not be able to escape the tarring and feathered destruction of Thad Cochran that would have started on Tuesday night.

The fact that Charlie Rangel — I mean, this is just hilarious. (imitating Rangel) “Of course not, my God, that’s what it’s all about. They looked at the Tea Party candidate and they looked at Thad.” That’s all we need to know.


RUSH: I wonder if John King remembers, as I do, Representative Bennie Thompson double down on racial remarks he made over the weekend. This is back on April 30th, Bennie Thompson called Justice Clarence Thomas an Uncle Tom for standing against affirmative action. John King, question: “Do you find that helpful, useful?” You know, those are two terms that the Drive-Bys love to toss out. “Was it useful? It’s not a useful comment for Limbaugh to call black voters that vote for Thad Cochran Uncle Toms for Thad.” Bennie Thompson, he called him an Uncle Tom twice. He called Clarence Thomas an Uncle Tom and then people said, “Do you really want to call a fellow brother an Uncle Tom?” (imitating Thompson) “Damn right, I’m gonna double down on it. He’s an Uncle Uncle Tom.”

I wonder if John King remembers that.

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