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RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, prepare thyselves, because I have here a sound bite from just this afternoon on Wolf on CNN. He spoke with the head honcho of the Monochrome Coalition, the Reverend Jackson. And Wolf said, “I know you have strong views. The fact that Thad Cochran, the Republican incumbent Senator in Mississippi, reaching out to African-American voters in Mississippi, mostly Democrats, to secure this primary victory. What’s the bottom line here, Reverend Jackson? What’s your message from what happened?”

JACKSON: The bottom line, if it were a white primary and blacks couldn’t vote, it wouldnÂ’t have been the outcome. Our voting determined the outcome. Our not voting determined the outcome. And when thereÂ’s a reach-out, I mean, what made Bill Clinton so strong coming out of Hope, Arkansas, he reached out. I mean, his opposition had more white votes than he did. He had more white, black and brown. So a multicultural rainbow coalition is America’s future

RUSH: So let me — (laughing) — I know. Anybody know what he said? I do. That’s why I’m host. I’ll explain this to you. In the first place, really the only thing you need to know here is that the Reverend Jackson’s not mad by the question. If this black turnout for Thad Cochran were really, really meaningful then the Reverend Jackson would be criticizing it. He’d be ripping it to shreds. He’d be calling it illegitimate. He would claim that it was created with lies and deceit.

But no. The Reverend Jackson’s all for this. That alone tells you this doesn’t mean diddly-squat. “The bottom line, if it were a white primary and blacks couldn’t vote, it wouldn’t have been the outcome.” Okay, we need to diagram that sentence. And, by the way, folks, just so you know, the VA is still a scandal, we’re still losing Iraq, Obamacare is still a disaster, and we’re still being flooded at the Southern border. It’s still happening out there, while all this is going on.

Well, I’ve had people say, “You know what? You’re letting them distract you by focusing so much on you. It’s what they always do. They get you talking about what you didn’t do wrong, and now and then you –” Ladies and gentlemen, we’re having too much fun with this, don’t you understand? This is a gold mine. This is fun! And while we’re doing this, Lois Lerner’s still demanding that Chuck Grassley be audited. The IRS is still the smarmy bunch they’ve always been. The Southern border’s still being flooded, and everybody knows that. It’s not as though because I’m talking about this that people have forgotten any of that stuff today.

The economy’s still contracting. Obama’s approval numbers are still in the tank, and the country is still teetering. Yeah, just relax. We got it in hand here. Everything’s under control. Just because we’re talking about this today doesn’t mean people have forgotten that other stuff is happening.

“The bottom line, if it were a white primary and blacks couldn’t vote, it wouldn’t have been the outcome. Our voting determined the outcome. Our not voting determined the outcome.” So the Reverend Jackson is basically saying we hold all the cards. If we vote, if we don’t vote, the outcome changes. “If it were a white primary and blacks couldn’t vote, it wouldn’t have been the outcome.” Well, of course. If the blacks hadn’t turned out, it wouldn’t have been the outcome. True enough. “And when there’s a reach-out, I mean, what made Bill Clinton so strong coming out of Hope, Arkansas? He reached out. I mean, his opposition had more white votes than he did. He had more white, black, and brown, so a multicultural Rainbow Coalition is America’s future.”

None of which happened here. I don’t know how you get from Thad Cochran to Bill Clinton. I don’t know how you get to reach-out, because Thad didn’t reach out. There wasn’t any reach-out. That’s the point here. And the Reverend Jackson knows it. There were robo-calls. There was race-baiting. The race card was thrown countless times. There was a flier that went around in black counties and voting areas warning them that the Tea Party candidate wanted to take ’em back to the days of segregation and stop them from voting.

There wasn’t any reach-out. Thad Cochran didn’t reach out to anybody. If anybody reached out, it was the Republican base, or establishment, if you will. The Republican establishment reaching out, trying to thwart their own base voters is what happened here. Look, folks, the bottom line is, you can’t find a single Democrat or civil rights leader who is in the slightest upset by this. That’s all you need to know, to know that this is not real and doesn’t mean anything other than it meant Chris McDaniels loses and old Thad wins. But it doesn’t mean any terms of realignment. It doesn’t mean the Republicans have figured out a way to reach out and convince blacks to vote. It doesn’t mean any of that, and everybody knows it. Pure and simple. There’s just no two ways about it.


RUSH: You know, I was just gonna make a point. It’s amazing. I was just gonna make the point that whoever came up with this brilliant strategy in the Thad Cochran campaign that attracted all those black voters could become an instant multimillionaire Republican consultant, right? I mean, this is what the Republican Party has been dreaming of being able to do my whole life: Outreach to the black community. “We don’t need ’em all, Rush, just eight, 7% of the black vote, we could bust up that Democrat coalition, and we could win election after election.” And apparently somebody did it, folks.

If we are to believe the Drive-Bys, a bunch of African-American voters fell in love with the Thad Cochran campaign, and they showed up in droves, and they propelled him to victory. Who is it that came up with this? That person should be on television right now explaining how they did it, because that person could name his price. Every Republican candidate would line up to hire that consultant, that strategist, right? Except there is no strategist, and there is no strategist on TV. There is nobody to hire, because we don’t know who did it.

This would be akin to somebody finding the cure for cancer staying anonymous. (interruption) Who would kill? (interruption) Well, any number. Bob Shrum, any number of people would kill for the knowledge that went into this strategy. How did they do it? Who did it? But it’s a mystery. Why, we don’t know, except that we do now. The Huffing and Puffington Post has revealed that it was a group of Democrats, and there is a second pamphlet. Stand by.


Okay. So, the Huffing and Puffington Post: “An unusual coalition of activists and organizations have united in the hopes of defending Sen. Thad Cochran (R-Miss.) in his June 24 runoff against state Sen. Chris McDaniel (R-Miss.). As the Clarion-Ledger reported Tuesday, James ‘Scooby Doo’ Warren, a Democratic political operative, says he is working with the Mississippi Conservatives PAC –” again, another Democrat group “– on a statewide plan to turn out votes for Cochran. Meanwhile, Bishop Ronnie Crudup, Sr. of the New Horizon Church in Jackson is affiliated with a super PAC called ‘All Citizens For Mississippi’ that has run advertisements and distributed pro-Cochran fliers.

It turns out that a bunch of Democrat groups did this. Why, what do you know? At least one of the fliers and robo-calls was put together by a Democrat group, and it’s proudly reported in the Huffing and Puffington Post. There’s a second flier, it’s just as racist as the flier that we had yesterday. And in Democrat circles it’s well known who these people are. But, you know, all they did — it turns out there’s no grand strategy here. It turns out there is nothing new. It turns out there was no reach-out or outreach from Thad Cochran and his campaign to black voters. There is no expansion of the base. There is no crossing bridges and breaking the divide. There’s none of this that the Drive-Bys want you to think happened.

All it is is what always happens: The Democrat called their opponent a racist. It was just cheap race card politics. That’s all it was. That’s why there’s no grand strategy. That’s why there’s no great, brilliant millionaire in waiting here on TV claiming credit for it, ’cause there’s nothing new. It was just a bunch of Democrats that got together and started sliming the Tea Party candidate as a racist. There was no reaching across the aisle. There was no outreach. There was no appeal to black voters to join the Republican Party, to change their life, there was none of that.

In fact, we checked All Citizens for Mississippi, there’s no such group registered with the FEC that we can find. So we had Julie Pace, we had John King, we had Jesse Jackson, we had Charlie Rangel all today telling us that this is exactly what the Republican Party should be doing all along. This kind of outreach and broadening their base. Reaching out to minorities and promising them things and telling them they have a home, the Republican Party, Thad Cochran showed how it was done. Except Thad Cochran didn’t do anything and may not have even been aware of it, and even if he is aware of it, he’s probably forgotten it.

The NAACP, by the way, now wants its cut. Again from the Huffing and Puffington Post, headline: “NAACP Wants Thad Cochran to ‘Show Some Reciprocity.'” Well, now I thought Thad did all kinds of stuff for ’em. Donna Brazile said so after Hurricane Katrina. I thought this was gratitude from the victims of Katrina to thank Thad Cochran for all that he had done. It looks like this group, All Citizens For Mississippi, is a church group. And as you know, they’re not supposed to be, if they’re a 501(c)(3), if they’re a charity, they’re not supposed to be involved in politics, but they’ll look the other way here because the end result is what everybody wanted. They will not lose their exemption.

So there is no grand strategy. There was no outreach. There was no building of bridges. There was no reaching across the aisle. And John King knew it and Julie Pace knew it, and Donna Brazile knew it, Ari Fleischer knew it. The Republican Party establishment knows it. All that happened here is what always happens, a bunch of Democrats got together and called a Republican Party a racist and put together a bunch of lying, filthy pamphlets and robo-calls to spread that message. That’s it. Nothing new to see.


RUSH: How can there be, ladies and gentlemen, and this cuts to the nub of this, really to the quick. And I just got an e-mail from a friend, he said, “You know, it sounds like you’re having a really good time doing this today.” And I have been. This has been immensely fun and enjoyable. It is a bummer that it’s necessary to do. It is a bummer that you gotta explain this every which way from Sunday, but this has still been fun. I love highlighting ignorance and stupidity and failed efforts to slime me.

But here’s the real nub of it. So they want us to believe there’s been this massive realignment, so to speak, that we’ve had, “Wow, look at this, the black vote really moved over to the Republican Party. Thad Cochran, what a strategy! What was it?” And everybody praising that this happened. It’s a beautiful thing. How can there be this massive shift to the Republican Party when the Democrat Party wasn’t on the ballot? It was a Republican runoff. There was no Democrat on the ballot. Thad Cochran took the place of the Democrat.

The Republican Party establishment and the media made Thad the equivalent Democrat in this race, and they treated the Tea Party guy as a traditional Republican racist, sexist, bigot, homophobe. But in truth both were Republicans. So these voters were not abandoning their own party here. All this is absurd, folks. And we have now covered this every which way possible.

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