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RUSH: We’re gonna start with David, Lees Summit, Missouri. It’s great to have you on the program. Hello, sir.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Hey, for years the Democrats have put policies in place that basically hurt the black community. But come election time, the Democrat establishment tells the black community, “You have to come vote for us, support us, because the alternative would be so terrible as to vote for somebody that might put a different policy in place.” So now we have a Republican establishment who endorses policies that most conservatives are against and they don’t defend conservative policies. They go after Tea Party candidates. But when their establishment candidate wins the election, they tell conservatives, “We need to support that candidate,” even though that person won’t do what the conservatives want them to do when they get elected. Isn’t it exactly the same thing?

RUSH: Yeah, they make a play at party unity, but as you say, it’s a one-way street. They will not in any way, shape, manner, or form support a Tea Party idea or candidate. But they want the Tea Party to think so. This is the great trick that they’re trying to perpetrate here. The establishment wants the Tea Party, even after this debacle in Mississippi, to think that they’re in support in some ways.

But I want to go back the first point you made. Democrats use the African-American vote to cement their power, yet Democrat policies have destroyed the black family. Democrat policies are keeping African-Americans poor. They are denying African-Americans opportunity and so forth. But African-Americans continue to vote for ’em. Yet what do they do?

They then go tell these same African-Americans they’ve gotta vote for this Republican, Thad Cochran, because that Republican is gonna take away everything we’ve given you. So obviously the African-American vote does not see the Democrat Party’s effect on your life the way you and I see it. They see the Democrat Party as great saviors. Even if the Democrat Party really doesn’t do anything for ’em economically, they are convinced that the Republican Party will…

I don’t know. Do what to ’em? Not let ’em vote? I don’t know what. The irony of this is that both parties went to voters who are traditionally told, “Don’t ever vote for a Republican! It’s gonna be the end of every good thing that ever happen to you,” and they end up voting for a Republican, Thad Cochran in this case, despite being told for 50 years to never, ever do that.

“You’re an Uncle Tom if you do that!” Yet they went out and did it, and they went out and did it because they were lied to, which seems to be rather easy to do. This group seems susceptible to lies. They were lied to, and they were told that the Tea Party candidate was gonna try to suppress their vote and deny them liberty and freedom or whatever else, and they believed it.


RUSH: I wonder what the campaign slogan was in Mississippi the past couple days. Uncle Toms for Thad? ‘Cause I thought it was the worst thing you could do as an African-American. Voting for a Republican is absolute worst thing you could do, but somehow they were made to believe that voting for old Thad would be fine and dandy. And why? Well, ’cause they were told that Thad’s done a lot for black people in Mississippi.

It must be the first time they’ve been told that. It was nine percentage points. Insider Republicans in the Senate bought nine percentage points, eight or nine percentage points from the black Uncle Tom voters in Mississippi. (interruption) Well, isn’t what they call Clarence Thomas? Condoleezza Rice? They call ’em Uncle Toms, the Republicans. These guys had voted for Thad? Uncle Toms for Thad. Now, I want you to listen to a sound bite here, folks.

Gloria Borger is an establishment media babe who’s worked everywhere. She’s worked at Newsweek until it went out of business, and now she’s at CNN, and it should be out of business. She was on Anderson Cooper 34 last night. Wolf Blitzer was the fill-in host, and Wolf Blitzer said, “Hey, Gloria!” He was all excited. He said, “The establishment’s coming back. A lot of folks thought that after Eric Cantor’s sudden setback defeat a few weeks ago, all of a sudden a lot of people thought that Chris McDaniel was a very good chance to beat Thad Cochran. It doesn’t look like that’s happened. We’re projecting Thad Cochran the winner.”

BORGER: If I were a potential Republican presidential candidate looking at what’s going on in the state of Mississippi, I’d have to say, “You know what? Thad Cochran is a conservative Republican. He managed to get out Democrats, many of them African-Americans, some moderate Democrats, and formed a coalition because they could cross over and vote for him in this Republican primary,” which is kind of a quirk in this state. But if you look at the coalition that he’s established, and I’m a Republican who wants to broaden the tent of the Republican Party, I’d be looking at that and saying, “You know, that’s a very interesting group that he’s put together,” and it’s something that the Republican Party ought to consider as it heads into 2016.

RUSH: How clueless do you have to be to seriously say that on CNN, that Thad Cochran put together this winning coalition of black voters and moderate Democrats, that all Republicans should heed the lesson, all Republicans should learn that this is what they’re going to have to do if they’re going to win elections? Thad Cochran, to this moment, doesn’t know what happened. He’s just sitting there. He’s the robot recipient of all this. (interruption)

We’d have to ask her if she thinks that this same coalition is gonna vote for Thad Cochran in November, but does anybody want to take any bets on that? This isn’t a “coalition.” Thad Cochran didn’t put anything together. The people that came out and voted in that primary yesterday, African-Americans and Democrats, did not do it because they loved Thad Cochran. They didn’t do it because of Thad Cochran’s machine and his brilliant strategy and campaign and all that.

They did it because they were lied to by Republican and Democrat establishment types who told them that the Tea Party candidate wanted to do I don’t know what to ’em. Well, there was a flier that went out that said the Tea Party doesn’t want you to vote; the Tea Party wants to take away your right to vote. Chris McDaniel does not like you able to vote. A big pamphlet that went out said that.

But this is classic. This is how the inside-the-Beltway establishment thinks. This is why they think Republicans ought to do amnesty to get some Hispanics. This is a put together a coalition of these minorities, and this is how you win. Except it’s not what happened, and it won’t happen again in November. These people that voted one time for Thad Cochran are not gonna cross the aisle and vote for him again.

But, on the other side of this, it is, I think, now undeniable that 8% of the Thad Cochran vote was African-Americans from African-American counties. Now, look. Just forget everything else and just look at that. Look what happens when that happens. I mean, how many times have you heard people say, “If Republicans could just bust up that Democrat-black voter coalition, you don’t have to to get ’em all.

“Just get 10% of ’em. Just get 5% of ’em and it would change everything.” Well, in a way this sort of illustrates that. But at the end of the day, it really doesn’t because these people weren’t vote for Thad Cochran. They were voting against the Tea Party because they had been lied to about what the Tea Party candidate was and what he believed. They weren’t voting for Cochran. You think they were voting for Thad Cochran?

There’s no way they’re voting for that. He didn’t put the together any kind of coalition. But it goes to show, in some ways the Democrats could be a little fearful, ’cause they’re the ones that made this happen. (interruption) Well, see, that’s the thing for me. If the establishment Republicans would just spend 10% of the energy they expend trying to beat Republicans into beating Democrats, who knows what we might be able to accomplish.

The Republican establishment spends more money and more time trying to beat other Republicans than they ever do… Well, not ever. They do raise money to beat Democrats at elections, but, I mean, you get my point here. They really were passionate about this. It was all-out warfare. This was seek and destroy. This was leveling everything. This was a nuclear attack, the kind of attack they will not launch on Democrats but they are happy to launch on their own people.

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