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RUSH: Do you remember (many of you will) one of the instances in this program’s history (and there are many of these) that established me as a great thinker was my acknowledgement that it was necessary for economic commerce to keep the ugly behind closed doors during business hours? A forerunner of this was actually a commentary I did in Kansas City, Missouri, before I got fired for being too controversial.

This one, the libs at the station actually loved. There was a story about the economy being bad. The Country Club Plaza was having trouble, and I said, “Have you ever been down there? There are still a lot of places that you really can’t get into ’cause you can’t afford to go in the stores. They’re all upscale, high-expense stores. Well, one of the things you can be guaranteed when you go to Country Club Plaza is you will not run into the ugly.

“That’s fundamentally necessary if we’re going to have commerce. You’ve got to keep the ugly out of it. People run into a store, see a bunch of ugly people, and they just want to leave the store. They don’t want to stay there and continue to shop. They don’t want to stare at the ugly, and then people that run the stores don’t want the ugly in there.” Of course, the libs thought that I was talking about the poor.

So they thought that I was really all of a sudden had a big compassionate heart here, and somebody said, “Well, how are you gonna ban the ugly?” because that was the subject. “How are you gonna do it? I said, “Well, the easy way first. We make it voluntary. The ugly know who they are.” The accolades I got and received established me as a great thinker largely because those people misunderstood what I was saying.

I actually was talking about the ugly. They thought I was talking about the poor. I said, “The ugly tend to marry each other. Have you noticed?” Well, the subject has come up, there were then Uglo-Americans as a distinction later on in this program. Well, the ugly are back, is the point. A study was commissioned. “Researchers had participants write about their attractiveness and ability to empathize before asking them if they’d like to donate to Occupy” Wall Street.

The short version of this is they found out that the ugly, the people who think they’re ugly and feel ugly were more likely to donate to the Occupy movement and liberal causes. I’ve been on this for 25 years. I was so ahead of the curve on this. The ugly happen to be one of my areas of expertise, and I just kind of swerved into it. We’ve talked about it on this program countless times, and there’s a picture here of Rosa DeLauro accompanying this story. I don’t know what it has to do with any thing.


What would that have to do with it?


(laughing) Yeah. (laughing)

The website for this is one of my favorite new websites, Campus Reform, which is a bunch of conservatives on college campi across the fruited plain. They’re going against the grain. Anyway, the basic upshot of this is that people who think they’re ugly or feel ugly tend to associate with liberal Democrat causes such as Occupy Wall Street. I can tell you why if you’re interested.

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