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“The sad little fact is that while Obama thinks he’s making the world better by downsizing the US, while Obama thinks he’s making everything more equal and more fair and punishing this unjust country, what he’s doing is allowing the whole world to descend with us.”

“We got some good news yesterday. Rush Revere will soon be El Rushbo Revere. Rush Revere, Time-Travel Adventures with Exceptional Americans, Rush Revere and the first book will be translated into Spanish.”

“We’re into Obama’s sixth year, and the guy, all he does is stand up every day and complain about things happening in the country, as though he’s not got any power to do anything about any of it. It’s striking.”

“What is never mentioned in talking about the projection of American power is the impact it has on global trade. The economies of Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and Europe, those economies were made possible by the US military.”

“You remember back on January 16, 2009, when I said, ‘I hope he fails.’ It is my contention everybody knew what I meant then and chose to mischaracterize it and distort it into saying I wanted America to fail. It was the exact opposite. I wanted America to succeed and prosper. I wanted Obama to fail at exactly what he’s doing.”

“The free flow of oil at market prices around the world is crucial, mandatory for our country to remain free, an economy to remain viable and growing. It just is. There’s a lot of people afraid to talk like that because it makes them sound like greedy capitalists and they don’t want the criticism and so forth, but it’s just common sense.”

“If Obama had had his way, we would have gone to war to put ISIS in power in Syria. Have people forgotten that this is the same group — ISIS in Iraq is the same group — that in Syria that we were almost going to throw Bashar Assad overboard for? This was the “red line.” We drew line (Obama did) and dared Assad to cross the red line, and all along — as we suspected from the beginning and said so — it was Al-Qaeda-related groups making themselves look like average, ordinary citizens.”

“The Wall Street Journal has an in-depth economic survey: ‘Social Media Failed to Live up to Early Marketing Hype.’ Don’t misunderstand me. If you like it and you enjoy it and it completes you, fine. I am not criticizing it. I just keep everything in perspective.”

“When we retreat from the world and bring our military with us, there are negative economic consequences worldwide. Isolationism will undermine global trade to a point of collapse.”

“Nixon only dreamed about doing what Lois Lerner has done. Nixon only dreamed of using the IRS to damage his political opponents. He never did it, but they wanted to convict him of a thought crime nevertheless.”

“The United States isn’t a bully. It’s a protector of worldwide commerce. The United States is a defender, guarantor, protector of freedom.”

“Only defeatists and pessimists and Democrats think, ‘Well, our share is already too big, and my God, we don’t need anymore! It’s unfair how much we have.’ They totally miss the point that as we do well, the rest of the world follows.”

“Nouri al-Maliki, who is the soon-to-be-gone, apparently, prime minister, did not want us out of Iraq. In fact, he wanted more US troops to stay and longer at the time Obama withdrew. It was Obama who wanted to complete bug out.”

“Obama’s not just satisfied with managing America’s decline. I think Obama’s greasing the skids. I think Obama is trying to hasten America’s decline.”

“Another program in the can, exciting excursion of broadcast excellence fini, on the way over to Limbaugh Broadcast Museum at RushLimbaugh.com. I thought the first hour was absolutely spectacular. The rest was simply great.”

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