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RUSH: I want to go back to the NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll for one little tidbit of additional information that was not imparted by F. Chuck Todd. However, it could be one of the reasons he’s so despondent. Washington Examiner dug deep. “Hispanics Help Drive President Obama’s Approval Rating to a Fresh Low.” Hispanics.

Now, remember, the conventional wisdom in Washington is the Republicans had better adopt the policies of the Democrats so that they get some Hispanic support so that they can win some elections again. And if they don’t do that, it’s sayonara — or adios. Yet here we have the NBC/Wall Street Journal poll, “Hispanics Help Drive President Obama’s Approval Rating to a Fresh Low.”

How is this possible?

Republicans are buying into the idea that they have to be for amnesty to win Hispanic votes, yet Obama’s erased the border, he’s promised illegals amnesty, and he’s tanking in this poll. We’re being overrun at the moment with unaccompanied children from Central America. Maybe could it be that the Hispanic population of this country wants a secure nation just like everybody else?

“President Obama’s approval rating has slipped to a fresh low of 41% amid a myriad of scandals involving mismanagement and alleged corruption at multiple federal agencies and a significant loss of support among Hispanics, according to a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll. The recent decline is notable in that it has been rather sudden, consisting of several sharp dips occurring just after the start of this year.

“Also notable: The president has lost a considerable amount of support from the Hispanic community,” and here are the numbers: “[H]is approval rating plummeting to 44%, down from its previous posting of 67% in January 2013.” What is this, 17%? No, this is 23%! He’s had a 23% drop in approval from Hispanic voters in a year and a half!

“The decline comes at a time when the border between the US and Mexico has been overrun with thousands of abandoned immigrant children and teenagers. ‘It all comes back to one word: leadership,’ Democratic pollster Peter Hart told the Journal. ‘He may be winning the issues debate, but he’s losing the political debate because they don’t see him as a leader,'” meaning Hispanics.

Now, this is not insignificant.

This is pretty sad.

I’ll bet you F. Chuck Todd saw this. He didn’t mention this per se, but this has to be one of the reasons he’s so despondent. Because remember, now, everybody and their uncle in the entire Washington establishment is basing every election victory on garnering a majority of Hispanic votes. They have become the new independents. They’ve become the new moderates, Hispanic voters.

We’ve been told, the Republicans have been told, “You’d better support amnesty, and you’d better support an open border, and you’d better support them ‘coming out of shadows,’ or you’re never gonna win.” Obama’s leading that charge, and he’s dropped 23 points among Hispanics in a year and a half, from 67% approval in January 2013 to 44% today.

His overall approval is at 41% nationwide, and it’s at 44% Hispanics.

How can this be?

Will the Republicans take note, folks?

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