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RUSH: Folks, a little housekeeping item here. You will notice… Well, you may not notice unless you go check it out. Last night, we issued an update to the Rush Limbaugh app, the iOS and Android apps. There was an update via the App Store, and we fixed some compatibility issues that have cropped up, because operating systems on smartphones get upgraded and changed. So we had to fix some compatibility problems, and we’ve done that.

But what we also did is, I told you the other day or other month that I commissioned some official EIB wallpapers for the iPhone based on my own color preferences and desires, and we did that. Our great graphic artist did them. We have one of the greatest graphic artists in graphic artistry at RushLimbaugh.com, and she made up a whole slew of them. But they were only available for download on your Web browser.

The update to the Rush mobile app, the iPhone wallpapers are now available through the app. Since we were doing this we created the same wallpapers that were customized with dimensions for the iPad and for Android now. They’re for more than just the iPhone. The wallpapers are in a new section of the app called EIB Extras which is located in the main app menu right next to an icon which says, “Cool Rush Stuff.”

By the way, we didn’t call it “EIB Wallpapers.” There’s a more general heading there to give us a little bit more flexibility when we have other things, because we are gonna be adding other things into that “Extras” section. So if you have the app you probably have already been alerted that there’s an update to it.

If you haven’t got the update it is at the Mac App Store, iOS App Store and also for Android now and the iPad. Wallpapers. These are all available on the home page as well as the app so you can access ’em any way you would like. There are 21 wallpaper designs that are sized for each device. You can see them at RushLimbaugh.com on the Web but you can get ’em all right now for the app.

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