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RUSH: “In an interview with MSN.com,” that’s Microsoft’s Web service, “First Lady Michelle Obama explained she used to struggle to feed her kids right — even though she received an education from Harvard and Princeton.”

Even with an Ivy League education, she didn’t know how to feed her kids properly, which proves that degrees from Harvard and Princeton contain absolutely zero common sense. Can I share something else with you about this? Let me find it here very quickly. I read a football website now and then called Monday Morning Quarterback.

It’s Peter King, Sports Illustrated. When he re-upped, they gave him his own site, which is part of the Sports Illustrated universe, Monday Morning Quarterback. He’s got a column he writes every Monday called Monday Morning Quarterback. During the season it’s a long piece, and it’s about the football games of the weekend and so forth.

He’s on vacation now, and when he goes on vacation, he has guest columnists. Yesterday Vernon Davis of the San Francisco 49ers was the guest columnist at Monday Morning Quarterback. You might remember Vernon Davis. He’s the player that signed up with this private equity firm. You can buy stock in Vernon Davis now. You can buy shares of Vernon Davis, and as he does well, you get percentage somehow.

You invest in Vernon Davis, and if he does well and he gets paid a lot of money, you somehow stand to do well as well. So I spoke about it once and I don’t remember all the details. It’s interesting that if you did invest in Vernon Davis, you know he’s holding out hoping for even more money. But he had an interesting part of the Monday Morning Quarterback piece yesterday.

He was talking about how players don’t know how to manage their money. And it’s a shame, they get all of this money paid to them relatively young. They come from backgrounds that had never had it before, and such they blow it overnight. He says they blow it on cars they’ll never drive and homes they’ll never live in. He suggested a solution here to this problem. And I thought there was some irony in this. Irony is a favorite term of journalists, by the way. Irony is what they strive to find in all of their stories inside the narrative.

So Vernon Davis, the 49ers, writing yesterday in Monday Morning Quarterback says: “ItÂ’s not enough to gather rookies in June and tell them how not to go broke, or to offer an offseason financial seminar at a college. Those are great steps taken by the NFL in recent years with their rookie symposium and the player engagement program. But if they really want to save young players from themselves, they have to make it mandatory. Send a college professor to every NFL team and require all players to attend business seminars during training camp. Maybe guys didnÂ’t pay attention during college, but the lessons take on a new meaning when youÂ’re finally getting paid.”

Now, we know it’s not the case, but we assume that college athletes attend class. And apparently they don’t, because when they get out into the NFL, Vernon Davis says the league needs to bring in college professors after these players have been there two or three, sometimes four years, a lot of early departures for the NFL now. I just found it ironic that the assumption is the players are college grads, they attend class, but they come out of there absolutely knowing nothing.

Do you remember Dexter Manley? What do you remember about Dexter Manley? Well, it’s true. He was a great player for the Washington Redskins. But do you know what? He could not read or write. He graduated from Oklahoma State. No, wait a minute, now. I don’t know if he graduated. He went there, attended Oklahoma State enough that he got drafted out of there. He couldn’t read or write. Yet he made it to college.

This is not a rub on Dexter Manley. He was a great player and he was a great guy, but he was in college and couldn’t read or write. And he’s the one that made this public. So Mrs. Obama, a college degree at Harvard and Princeton, still, she didn’t know how to feed her kids right.

“‘Before coming to the White House, I struggled, as a working parent with a traveling, busy husband, to figure out how to feed my kids healthy, and I didnÂ’t get it right,’ she explained, sharing a story about her childrenÂ’s doctor who pulled her aside to talk about her family diet. ‘I thought to myself, if a Princeton and Harvard-educated professional woman doesnÂ’t know how to adequately feed her kids, then what are other parents going through who donÂ’t have access to the information I have?'”

Do you believe this? So now Princeton and Harvard, college degrees, Ivy League, nowhere near enough to teach you how to feed your kids, so we are gonna do it for you, is where this is headed. We in government are gonna teach you how to feed your kids. We are going to put ourselves in control, in charge. It’s a beautiful thing, we got wonderful intentions because you’re too idiotic, and it’s not really you. I’m one of the smartest women in the world. I got degrees from Harvard and Princeton, and I don’t even know how to feed my kids.

How silly is this?

“Her personal struggle helped her launch her mission to address childhood obesity, she explains, especially passing a law requiring schools to provide healthier meals for kids.” How do they know what’s healthier? “The First Lady recommended that schools make decisions for children because their parents struggle to feed their children well.” So again, the parents don’t know what’s best for their own kids. Michelle’s gotta take over.

(crying) It’s a beautiful thing. They care so much. They love your kids so much. They’re watching you basically make your kids fat and obese. You don’t know feed ’em. But they’re willing to give up everything else to feed your kids. I can’t believe people care so much. They want to do the right thing. Stupid people in this country can’t even feed their kids right and Michelle Obama is gonna take time-out to do it for you. Such a wonderful thing.

Do you recall the school lunch program when the Republicans were supposedly threatening to cancel it? This was the mid-nineties. The word was out that if the school lunch program gets cut, why, the kids will starve. Why is that? Well, parents don’t want to feed ’em. So this is really nothing new. But the whole premise here is an insult to our intelligence. The average, ordinary mom and dad don’t know how to feed their kids healthy food. Don’t know how to do it. And it’s not their fault because Michelle, who is as smart as Hillary, went to Harvard and Princeton, she didn’t know how to do it even with a college degree.

Vernon Davis, one of the greatest tight ends in football, San Francisco 49ers, doesn’t know how to manage his money unless the government or some power sends in a college professor of business affairs to teach ’em how to do it. See? You just can’t do anything on your own. You can’t provide for yourself. You can’t take care of yourself. You can’t make the proper decisions for yourself. You just are basically a schlub. And you are nowhere near as good as Michelle Obama, either. Don’t ever forget that. She went to Harvard and Princeton. You didn’t.

And even at that she doesn’t know, or didn’t, but now she does because she cares so much she’s learned how to do it. She’ll share it with you, but you gotta listen to her. Never mind the fact that everywhere Michelle Obama has instituted a school lunch menu, the kids are in revolt and leaving school to find potato chips and pizzas and whatever the hell else.

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