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RUSH: President Obama on Friday, late Friday afternoon in Canon Ball, North Dakota, the Standing Rock Indian Reservation. This is during the Canon Ball Flag Day celebration.

OBAMA: I know that throughout history the United States often didn’t give the nation-to-nation relationship the respect that it deserved. So I promised when I ran to be a president who changed that, a president who honors our sacred trust and who respects your sovereignty and upholds treaty obligations and who works with you in a spirit of true partnership and mutual respect to give our children the future that they deserve.

RUSH: Any opportunity to flip off this country, this guy will take it. There’s another example. (translated) “I know that throughout history the United States often didn’t give the nation-to-nation relationship the respect that it deserved, but I changed all that. I’m the guy that cares. I’m the first president that gives a rat’s rear! I’m the first president to do any kind of reconciliation, because I understand how unfair and discriminatory this country’s been.”

That’s what he’s telling them.

What president speaks this way?

And, of course, then he said that he and the lovely and gracious Moochelle identify with this audience.

OBAMA: Michelle and I know what it feels like sometimes to go through tough times.

RUSH: Really?

OBAMA: We grew up at times feeling like we were on the outside looking in.

RUSH: Really?

OBAMA: There’s no denying that for some Americans the deck’s been stacked against ’em —

RUSH: See?

OBAMA: — sometimes for generations.

RUSH: See?

OBAMA: That’s been the case for many Native Americans.

RUSH: See?

OBAMA: But if we’re workin’ together, we can make things better.

RUSH: Right.

OBAMA: We’ve got a long way to go, but if we do our part, I believe that we can turn the corner.

RUSH: This is freaking Flag Day, and he’s out there once again letting them know just how rotten this country’s been. Now, I don’t want anybody to misunderstand. I do not believe that the United States of America is perfection, and I do not sit here blindly believing that the United States has never, ever made a mistake. That’s not the point. The United States of America is the freest land.

It has the most freedom.

It’s the land of liberty.

There’s not a nation that has ever come anywhere close. We are a nation that realized, at our founding, what some of these very problems were and constitutional provisions were written in so that they would be addressed and corrected. It’s a standing matter of fact that certain things had to happen in order for there to be a unified country at the time of the Revolution, and to get a Declaration of Independence and later a Constitution.

That’s not the point. The point is focusing constantly on this to the point of making it look like it is still institutional, this racism and bigotry. He and his wife grew up on the outside looking in? Who in the world doesn’t think they’re on the outside looking in? Everybody grows up thinking that! Some because of their weight, some because of their race, some because of their gender, some because of their own psychological problems, whatever.

Deck stacked against them?

From the president of the United States? What deck is stacked against them? The fact of the matter… Well, it’s just the exact opposite. The deck is now reverse stacked in perpetuity. This kind of stuff just really infuriates me that this continues to happen. But it’s good in the sense that for those willing to listen, you’re being told exactly what I’ve always tried to get everybody to believe about how this man sees this country.

I’m not making it up. It’s undeniable. Okay, let’s move forward now to Anaheim, Angel Stadium, for the University of California-Irvine commencement. The world is literally burning with violence all over the globe — allies are under assault everywhere — and President Obama is in California playing golf, raising money, and mocking “climate deniers.”

OBAMA: (godlike echo) When President Kennedy set us on a course for the moon, there were a number of people who made a serious case that it wouldn’t be worth it. It was gonna be too expensive, it was gonna be too hard, it would take too long. But nobody ignored the science. I don’t remember anybody saying that the moon wasn’t there or that it was made of cheese.

AUDIENCE: (one person laughs)

RUSH: In fact, if you go back and if you listen carefully to the tapes of Armstrong getting off the lunar module, there was a school of thought — even during the mission and leading up to it — that the moon surface was like quick stand, that it would be impossible to land on it, that it would simply swallow up anything that hit the surface. This was science. This was accepted science. It was a possibility.

It was not obviously etched in stone. You go back and listen to Armstrong describe the surface getting off, they were really, really worried about this because it was accepted in the day that the surface of the moon was like quick stand. That’s not the term that was used. I forget what it was, but it was the equivalent. There were people who thought it was “cheese.” But this is the kind of thing here he does.

“I don’t remember anybody…”

It’s another straw-man creation. “I don’t remember anybody saying the moon wasn’t there.” (laughing) Well, you can see it! He’s trying to compare that to those of us who say there isn’t any global warming. Mr. President, you can’t prove it, and none of your scientists can prove it. There is no proof. All you’ve got is computer models. The only thing saying there is global warming is computer models!

There is no empirical evidence of it. That’s why it’s all talked about as, “In 10 years, 50 years, a hundred years, it’s gonna be really bad!” The problem for these people is that they’ve been, since 1980, saying 20 years — and then, since 1990, they’ve been saying 10 years. The problem is that the warning time has gone by, and there’s no warming. There are still icebergs on Lake Superior! So this is the best he’s got.

Here’s the next bite along these same lines.

OBAMA: Today’s Congress, though, is full of folks who stubbornly and automatically reject the scientific evidence about climate change. They will tell you it is a hoax or a fad.

RUSH: It is.

OBAMA: One member of Congress actually says the world is cooling.

RUSH: Well?

OBAMA: There was one member of Congress who mentioned a theory involving dinosaur flatulence, which I won’t get into.

RUSH: Well, it had to be a Democrat. It’s you people that believe cow flatulence is causing global warming. It is a hoax. There is no evidence. I tell you, the audience he’s speaking to, little college graduates and Millennials, they buy it, I’m telling you, folks, hook, line, and sinker. It’s easy to understand why, psychologically. They are effectively at the beginning of their lives. They’re being told there isn’t gonna be a planet waiting for them.

They’re being told that their parents and grandparents are destroying the planet or have destroyed the planet and they don’t want that to happen. They haven’t been properly educated on this so they buy it hook, line, and sinker. It’s much easier to be a fatalist, pessimist, than it is to be an optimist. It’s just 10, 25,000 times easier. Being an optimist takes a lot of effort. Pessimism is easy. Everybody can do it, and does.


RUSH: It was moon dust. I remember what it is now. There were a bunch of — well, for lack of a better word, people believed that so many collisions over time with the moon had created a layer of moon dust that would essentially be like quick stand, that we would just sink into. A pretty sizable contingent at NASA thought that. They were very, very worried. You could listen to Armstrong describing his first steps on the moon to tell people, “No, no, no, solid as a rock here.” He didn’t say that, those words. So Obama (imitating Obama), “Moon made of cheese.” Well, a lot of people thought it was made of dust and we still sent the astronauts there.

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