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RUSH: The New Republic has a cover story on Wisconsin governor Scott Walker. Now, as you know if you are regular listeners to this program, I think what Scott Walker has done in Wisconsin is a blueprint. It’s a road map for the Republican Party to win. It’s a road map for the Republican Party to fix the country, to change the direction we’re going.

Scott Walker has taken everything that the Democrat machine has thrown at him and his family. He has beaten back two recall efforts. He has implemented his policies. He has created a budget surplus with tax cuts and tax refunds. He has cleaned up a corrupt union school system in Wisconsin. It is stunning what he has done there. It is so stunning, I can’t believe that he’s not…

Well, he is actually in the mix for the Republican presidential nomination, but he’s not being touted by the Republican Party the way he should be. I mean, to me, it is what is necessary, exactly what is necessary. In terms of economic policy, government philosophy, it’s just amazing what he’s done. Therefore he has become a target. If the Republicans don’t want to tout him, the Democrats nevertheless want to continue to destroy him.

New Republic cover story: “Scott Walker Is So Hot Right Now,” and then you get to the bottom line of the cover: “Too bad he owes his success to a toxic strain of racial politics.” Now, wait. All of this I present to you in context with the story from the woman Looney Toon at the bookstore who says that she will not sell books not written by people of color.

And then in the next sound bite, C-SPAN2’s BookTV last night she’s complaining and whining that they can’t even break even. She will not sell my book. She proudly says that you will not find my book in her store. No way, no how. And then she begs people to donate to this store (it’s a nonprofit) or buy books there, because they’re not even breaking even.

Yet she’s engaged in social justice and tolerance and fairness and equality and all the things that Peter Beinart says that the Democrats are really optimistic about ’cause they see that’s where the country’s headed: People like that woman in positions of power. Okay? Then we add Beinart saying the Republicans look at this demographic shift, and they are not optimistic.

They don’t see what the Democrats see. The Democrats are optimistic because they see a “growing percentage of Latinos, African Americans, and young people, they see a growing constituency for tolerance and social justice,” like gay marriage, you name it, anything. Legalize marijuana, whatever anybody wants to do, the Democrats are optimistic.

That’s where they’re headed because that’s what the demographic shift means. Beinart says Republicans are pessimistic because they look at that demographic shift and all they see is “a growing constituency of takers, who want to turn America away from its exceptional nature.” He says it’s that view… He says, “It’s because Republican activists are more fearful of the future that they demand politicians willing to take extraordinary, Ted Cruz-like measures to reverse history’s course.”

Beinart says, “The irony is that by preventing the GOP from adjusting to a younger, less white, less Anglo country, grassroots Republicans,” i.e., you and the Tea Party and the Republican base, “are hastening the very liberal dominance they fear,” because you are preventing your Republican elected officials from embracing the same view the Democrats embrace. Now, doesn’t that sound familiar?

Doesn’t that sound like exactly what the Republican consultants are selling? Doesn’t that sound exactly like what the Republican establishment wants to do? Because people like Beinart have been bending their ear for years, telling them, “If you don’t do this, you’re never gonna win the White House again,” as though they care about us winning the White House.

So, in other words, what the Republicans are being told is that unless you start seeing the world we do, you’re never gonna win anything. You’re gonna be perpetual losers. Unless you start seeing the world the way we see it, then we’re gonna be so dominant you’ll never be a political factory again. Right? So what happens when we have a person of color prominent in our party? Let me give you a name: Clarence Thomas.

What happens? Well, they set out to destroy him! Can I give you another name? Alberto Gonzales. What’d they do every time the Republicans try to get in on this identity politics business? In fact, but that’s not what they’re doing. That’s an even bigger crying shame. Clarence Thomas gets nominated to be on the Supreme Court, and what does the left do?

While they’re clamoring that we better do just that kind of thing — we had better start seeing the country the way they do, we’d better start playing identity politics, we better start including people of color — the minute we do it, they set out and destroy him! It can be a woman. It can be an Hispanic. It can be an African-American. What’s his first name in South Carolina? Tim Scott. They’re trying to destroy him.

J.C. Watts? The game goes on and on. Allen West? What did they do to Allen West? What’d they do to Miguel Estrada and the African-American woman in Utah, Mia Love? What’d they do to her? See, this is the great irony. So here’s Peter Beinart telling us and the Republicans, “You are helping us achieve what we want to achieve by opposing us.” What a great trick they’re perpetuating here!

It’s working, just like the trick that you now need to focus on independents every presidential race. That’s another successful trick. This trick is, “You better start seeing the world the way we do, and you better start talking about the world the way we do, and you better support amnesty, and you better support whatever immigration reform we want, or you’re going to lose, and you’re just gonna make what we want happen even faster.”

I’m telling you, the Republicans have bought it. Okay, so, given those two things, here comes the Scott Walker cover: “Too bad he owes his success to a toxic strain of racial politics.” So, ladies and gentlemen, Ann Althouse, who lives in Wisconsin, waited and waited until the New Republic put that story out. Not just the picture of the cover but the actual text of the story up on their website.

She has called it a smear, “a racial smear.” There are phrases in this story like,

“When Is it Considered Acceptable, in Polite Company, to Refer to the Excessive ‘Whiteness’ of a Public Figure? — Why did the editors of The New Republic — that venerable journal — think it was acceptable to title an article ‘ The Unelectable Whiteness of Scott Walker’?” That is the title. You don’t see that on the cover.

That’s the title of the story. “The Unelectable Whiteness of Scott Walker.” So when you read the story, the only thing in it that even relates to race is the fact that he is in favor of voter ID. That’s it. Scott Walker is in favor of photo ID to be able to vote, and the New Republic has tarred him as, “Too bad he owes his success to a toxic strain of racial politics.”

“The Unelectable Whiteness of Scott Walker.” So, from the bookstore, to Peter Beinart, to this. We see the way the left views the country, and even if a move is made to accommodate them, they then begin their search-and-destroy mission on whatever people of color we have. Why in the world would we want to pay any attention or give any credibility to a news media that would do a story about one of our governors this way?

This is not just a smear. That it is, but it is a huge hit piece. The title: “The Unelectable Whiteness of Scott Walker.” He only got elected and survived two recalls in the blue state of Wisconsin. It’s time to destroy him again. See, the left will always tell us who they fear. They will always tell us what they’re most worried about by who they try to destroy. But I think this is kind of fascinating.

I want to go back to Beinart here and the Democrats “optimistic, growing percentage of Latinos, African-Americans, young people is seen as a growing constituency for tolerance and social justice.” It is, and “social justice” is just another term for statism or Marxism. Social justice is not liberty and freedom or anything like that. It’s not even justice. It’s nothing that it implies.

It’s racial politics, reverse racism, whatever you want to call it.

It’s hideous.

So another trick is being played on the Republican leadership. “Unless you see the world the way we do, you’re never gonna win anything — and, of course, we do want you to win! We Democrats hope you win the White House someday.” Right. So the Republican Party will fail because its base, the Tea Party — a bunch of racist, bigot, sexist homophobes — will not adopt Democrat Party policy.

And they wonder why Ted Cruz is so popular.

They wonder why anybody standing up to this bilge and this drivel is so popular.

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