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RUSH: There’s polling data out there today. Basically a Gallup Poll: 51% now do not think that the words “trustworthy” and “honest” apply to Obama. At CNN: Obama matches Bush’s unpopularity, unfavorable rating of 45%. That’s in TheHill.com. That’s not job approval. The Bush job approval was in the low to mid-thirties. That’s the one where Wolf Blitzer couldn’t contain himself. This is unpopular, unfavorable, 45%, and that is a low that matches Bush’s, CNN.

Then we have Gallup: 63% say Obama is handling the VA scandal poorly. It’s also the top issue in their poll at The Hill. The number four issue is Benghazi at 59% thinking that it is a priority. If you look at the polling data, you go into it in some depth, it doesn’t look good for the Regime.

Here’s the difference. You have to look to find it. For example, when Bush plunged into the thirties, CNN told everybody about it multiple times an hour for eight straight hours. He couldn’t escape, nor could you miss that Bush’s numbers had fallen to the thirties. I don’t think anybody picked random on the street could tell you what Obama’s approval number is right now, in any poll. They’re doing the poll, they report it, but that’s it, then it dies, and nobody knows. So it all traces back to the media again. So they can say, “No, no, no, our poll’s accurate and we’re doing the poll.” Yeah, you are, and it’s showing Obama increasingly unpopular. It shows Obama and his approval rating continue to plummet. Thirty-eight percent approval in a Reuters/Ipsos poll, for example. But after it was reported, it died.

So the low-information crowd never hears about it. So there is not any accompanying atmosphere with it. People just don’t know. So in most cases the assumption is that Obama’s still popular, liked, that there’s not a crisis in the polling information, that there’s not a problem. That’s what people would conclude because they’re not being treated the information about the details of the polls, and there’s no accompanying sense of crisis or problem. But nevertheless, the polling data is bad.

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