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“Ideas and substance have consequences, and you reacted to that in the Cantor race. You reacted to principle, you reacted to substance, you reacted to ideas. I think this is totally understandable and I think it’s just an indication of a wave that is on tap for November for incumbents of both parties.”

“I think Eric Cantor was in trouble no matter what, because of substance, because of ideas. Ideas matter. Ideas and substance have consequences, and Eric Cantor just learned them.”

“Nouri al-Maliki asking for American air support in Iraq gives Obama another political opportunity to blame Bush. And that is an opportunity they just can’t pass up. It’s too juicy.”

“I’ve been saying this for 25 years: My success is not determined by who wins elections. If it were I wouldn’t be here still, would I?”

“Hillary is buzz and PR. And it just amazes me the number of people, on our side, I’m talking about Republicans in Washington, who just eat it up, they buy it. And they do so because they’re afraid, I think.”

“I think this administration wants both Iraq and Afghanistan to fail as stable democracies. And if you doubt that — I’m open to changing my mind about this — would you give me any evidence to the contrary?”

“Steven Hayward at Power Line put forth what he thinks is a very real possibility: After the 2014 elections this November, Barack Obama will issue a blanket pardon for every single illegal immigrant in the country. Hayward says one of the reasons Obama would do it would be to goad the Republicans into finally getting serious about trying to impeach him.”

“If you understand liberals, you understand that everything is viewed through the prism of politics. So Nouri al-Maliki asking for air support to beat back Al-Qaeda insurgents is immediately calculated as a political move by Obama and everybody on the left. It’s not about human rights. It’s not about saving the women and children. It’s not about saving a war torn country. And, sadly, it’s not about standing up for US policy.”

“I think the most confusing thing for people about the Tea Party is the word ‘party’ in it. There is a Democrat Party, and there is a Republican Party, but there is no Tea Party in the same sense. So who are they? Who are these people that say they’re in the Tea Party?”

“Even when I don’t say anything, I get credit for it. Even when I don’t do anything, I get credit for it — or even when I don’t say anything or do anything, I get blamed for it. It happens.”

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