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RUSH: I want to get to the audio sound bites. I want to show you some of the inside-the-Beltway reaction/detachment. The gulf widens between the ruling class and the country class. This isn’t so much elites versus plebes. This is ruling class versus country class. The ruling class literally is out of touch. Let’s start with number two here. This is Squawk Box today on CNBC, Joe Kernen speaking with cohost Andrew Ross Sorkin and cohost Becky Quick about Cantor’s primary loss, and this is how that went…

KERNEN: It’s immigration. It’s immigration. And — and it’s not just Limbaugh that is a radio show. There’s, like, female radio show conservatives — and — and — and —

QUICK: Laura Ingraham.

KERNEN: Yeah, and I never understood the… it’s… going off on Cantor —

QUICK: Laura Ingraham was.

KERNEN: — about amnesty.

QUICK: Right. Laura Ingraham.

KERNEN: Going off about it!

QUICK: Ingraham —

KERNEN: And I never really…

QUICK: — talked about it.

KERNEN: And I go, “What? God, they really are…” But then this latest episode with — with all the children that are… What is it, it’s like 40,000?

SORKIN: But you’re for amnesty, I thought.

KERNEN: I am for everybody getting along and being able to hire the — the people that we need.

RUSH: That was Joe Kernen. See, now that’s just meaningless pap. “I am for everybody getting along and being able to hire the people that we need.” Ninety-three million Americans are not working! Some estimates are 100 million are Americans not working. We do not need an influx of poorly educated, poor people added to the job rolls! Anyway, you see the point of this bite I wanted to play here.

“Wow! My God! It’s not just Limbaugh. Ho-lee! Do you realize that?” Now, folks, you may be laughing. I find myself chuckling. This is how out of touch… Not out of touch. They don’t know. (interruption) No, no. Snerdley, they think I am a kook, freak, extremist occupying positions on issues that are supported by a few, a really minute number of people, as far as these people are concerned.

They never listen to this program. They have no idea what happens here. They have no idea what’s happening in the country. They are stunned to learn that the people of this country oppose immigration, that it isn’t just me. Stunned! That’s what he’s saying. “It’s immigration! It’s immigration. It’s not just Limbaugh!

“There are all kinds of people who are opposed to immigration.” That’s what they were talking about. “It’s not just Limbaugh!” They don’t know. Here is F. Chuck Todd talking to Savannah Guthrie on the Today show today. Question was: “Why did no one see this coming, Chuck? I feel like I read something a week ago that said that Eric Cantor had this locked up, no sweat.”

TODD: The issue of immigration. Particularly in the South, immigration is just the one issue that animates the conservative base in a way we haven’t seen anywhere. And then add in what’s happened in the last 72 hours, the coverage of the crisis of these unaccompanied minors that have been crossing the border. It gave urgency to Dave Brat’s message at the perfect time in a perfect situation. Low turnout, it all came together.

RUSH: See? It was low turnout. It was kook Southerners who really were brought to the boil by virtue of these photos. But, see, immigration is just something Southern conservative hicks care about. They don’t know, folks. This is my point. People don’t know how out of touch they are. You know, F. Chuck Todd does not know what he thinks he knows.

This is the point. None of them do, and they insult their audience. Reports like these two are insulting to people, which they don’t get. So then Savannah Guthrie said, “Look, this is gonna have broad implications in the political world. I mean, there had been so much talk this election season that maybe the Tea Party was over, because it hadn’t been able to unseat major establishment candidates.”

Here we go. There is no Tea Party. There is no leader. There’s no convention. There’s no Contract with America. There is no Tea Party. It’s just average Americans fed up and feeling like they don’t have any representation anymore. That’s all it is. That’s why you’ll never get rid of it. The Tea Party is American citizens who have lately been told they are the problem. Yet they see themselves getting up and going to work every day.

They see themselves as not the problem, and they’re being told they’re a problem because of what they think. They’re told they’re the problem because of what they believe. They’re told they’re the problem because of where they live. They’re told they’re the problem because they believe in God. They’re told they’re the problem for whatever number of reasons and they simply are fed up with it, but there is no Tea Party.

Yet these people… The first sound bite of the program today was me earlier on this program back in late May thinking on the ruling class thinking they had wiped out the Tea Party, and there isn’t one. I mean, there are people that raise money for it. I don’t mean to be insulting Tea Party people, but there is no Tea Party. You don’t see “Tea Party” on a ballot. Here’s Brit Hume on Fox. Megyn Kelly said, “Look, this was driven in large part by an anti-establishment, we’re-sick-of-it attitude among constituents.”

HUME: (angrily) Amnesty is a word with a meaning! You can look it up in the dictionary, and I wish… There are people who I wish would do so. And it means pardon. It basically means an unconditional pardon. There is not a single immigration reform measure that has been advanced seriously by anybody, certainly not by any Republicans, that would involve an unconditional pardon for anybody.

Amnesty has been an epithet but it has been very, very effective, and it is certainly what I believe was effective against Mr. Cantor, and it is not at all clear to me that any immigration measure that he would have ever signed on to would have entailed an amnesty. The country favors immigration reform, broadly speaking. Nobody’s for amnesty, and nobody says they are!

RUSH: Why, then, does everybody oppose it? (interruption) He does sound angry. He was mad. He was ticked off. I think it was Brit Hume who also lamented that Cantor’s loss was really bad because it was send a signal to the people of the country that the Republicans just can’t get an immigration bill done. Not sure. I think it was Brit Hume. It might have been somebody else.

But he’s really mad about this amnesty business. I mean, there’s a coalition here of the Fox News Channel/Wall Street Journal leadership (which is the same thing), the Drive-By Media, the establishment of both parties, and the Chamber of Commerce. (chuckling) They say it isn’t amnesty, a blanket pardon, and Hume says, “The country favors immigration reform, broadly.”

Yeah, but can we define that?

“Immigration reform.”

When we hear Barack Obama talk about “immigration reform,” I’m sorry, Brit, we hear “amnesty.” (chuckling) We know amnesty! (interruption) I know. The DREAM Act. There are any number of things. When we hear any Democrat talk about immigration reform, we know what it means. We know that they want a constant inflow of poorly educated and economically poor people who are gonna vote for them once they become citizens.

This is what the Democrats want. That is why they want immigration reform. Immigration reform is simply voter registration drive for new Democrats. That’s all it is, Brit. When we hear any Democrat talking about immigration reform, it’s a voter registration drive, which is why we do not understand Republicans supporting it, when it is going to mean the end of the Republican Party. It’s mathematics. It’s not even politics.

Now, consequentially, if there is a substantive immigration reform proposal, movement, idea in the Republican Party that secures the border first, then, yeah, you’ll be able to get away with saying Republicans support immigration reform. Immigration reform is a different thing, depending on who you say it to, or depending on who is saying it. I’m just telling you, the people of this country are not idiots. When Democrats start talking about immigration reform, we know damn well what they mean.

When Republicans talk about immigration reform it used to mean something else. It used to mean securing the border. It used to be mean letting in certain people at certain times and they would assimilate, and everybody would become Americans. That’s not what the Democrats mean by it. So we don’t understand why, frankly, the Wall Street Journal and the Chamber of Commerce and every Republican in Washington wants to help the Democrats succeed with their definition of immigration reform. And, frankly, we don’t understand why you don’t see that.

What we think is that Republicans, conservatives, whatever, inside-the-Beltway are so cowed, they have been convinced that they can never win another election unless they get a majority of Hispanic voters voting for them. And the only way to do that is to send a message to Hispanic voters that we Republicans don’t hate you and that we’re not racists. And the only way to do that is to open the borders say, “Come on in.” And we don’t like approaching everything from a defensive position wherein we must assume guilt and then have a policy which assuages that guilt.

We resent that, and that’s what immigration reform has become on the Republican side. It may as well be the Republicans admitting the Democrat charge that we’re racists and bigots, and so to prove that we’re not, come on in. Here is immigration reform. And, by the way, XYZ company wants to hire you at 80 cents an hour. Come on in.

We don’t understand it. To us, common sensibly, it makes no sense. So when you say the country at large favors immigration reform, define it. Because there is no earthly reason, not a single reason that I can see for the Republicans ever supporting Obama’s idea of it. And, by the way, it’s a been there, done that. It’s Simpson-Mazzoli. We’ve been through this. Teddy Kennedy promised us that what has happened wouldn’t. We’ve been there, done that.


RUSH: Okay. I ran the numbers on turnout, and if anybody tries to tell you that the turnout was low, do not believe them. It’s a flat-out lie. Here are the numbers. In the 2012 Republican primary in Virginia 7, 47,037 votes were cast, 47,000 votes, in Cantor’s district. Yesterday, 65,000 votes were cast. There was an increase in turnout by 38%. So you could say nearly a 40% increase in votes which would have to mean that there was higher turnout.

See, this is classic. Here come the Drive-Bys, “It can’t be immigration, turnout. It had to be the rain, that’s right. It had to be the rain that suppressed turnout.” No, no, no, no, folks. You couldn’t keep people away from the polls yesterday. Forty percent increase in votes cast yesterday versus 2012.

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