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RUSH: Here’s Linda, Central Illinois. Welcome. Great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Good afternoon, Rush. It’s a pleasure to speak with you. I actually have to say that Mr. Snerdley answered my initial question because I was curious as to whether Virginia had an open primary or if you had to declare for a Democrat or Republican ballot. I didn’t know if the Democrats would try Operation Chaos down there, but apparently it is an open ballot so that wasn’t a problem.

RUSH: They did! In fact, I’m glad you said that because I read in an independent story where there were some people that used the term “Operation Chaos.” Let me tell you something. That even showed up — there was a George Clooney movie about politics that they — I guarantee you, this Operation Chaos is in their brains now. That’s when we were encouraging Republicans to switch over and vote for Hillary in the Democrat primaries in ’08 just to keep that race alive.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: And so the Democrats have tried their own version of it in places, Virginia being the one, and I do recall reading over the past 24 hours where it was called a reverse Operation Chaos.

CALLER: Ah. Okay. And then my other observation is, well, now that the primary is over, you have two professors from the same university vying against each other for the same seat. But one is a sociology professor and the other one is an economics professor. Can we say liberal and conservative? I mean, it seems to me that’s pretty obvious because sociology just goes right down the whole path of liberal thinking, democratic thinking, community organizer.

RUSH: Well, I rather think the fact he’s a Democrat means he’s a liberal, but I can see where you think a sociology professor would be a liberal as well. Most professors are liberals. That’s another thing unique about Mr. Brat.

CALLER: Yes. So with his economics background, he’s got to be well versed to be able to teach it. So it should be an interesting thing to follow.

RUSH: He’s an economics professor. “Oh, no, he’s a Tea Party nutcase, wacko extremist.” Again, I can’t think of the word. I keep saying “divide” or “distance,” the gap of relatability between the ruling class and the country class, it is as wide as I’ve ever seen it. And, again, normally somebody wins a big election like this and other people in the business try to take note of it. Like Samsung said, “Ooh, everybody like iPhones. We’ll make one of our own that looks like it.” Somebody at a network does a TV show that works. Here comes another network with their version of it.

But here, I haven’t heard anybody embrace Brat’s ideas, and they’re just standard, ordinary, everyday American principles. And yet they are considered obscure, foreign, odd, strange, dangerous, weird, because they all are rooted in individual liberty and the limiting of the power of the government. (gasping) No, no, no, no. Can’t do that.

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