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RUSH: Do you remember Valerie Plame? Do you remember how you heard about her? Do you really remember how you first heard about Valerie Plame? Robert Novak, the late Robert Novak wrote a column in which he casually mentioned that he’d been told that Valerie Plame, wife of Joe Wilson, had been over there supposedly on a mission assessing Iranian and other Middle Eastern nuclear capabilities. Supposedly Novak outed her as a CIA agent, and thus destroyed her career and ruined her life and made her a target.

This begot a special prosecutor, Patrick Fitzgerald, to dig deep to find out who it was that told Novak, except by the time Fitzgerald got in gear, we already knew. It was a guy named Richard Armitage, who worked with Colin Powell at the State Department who had outed Valerie Plame. Novak did not reveal his source at first. But it came to be known that it was Armitage who did it. A man by the name of Scooter Libby was found guilty of it in a witch hunt, and for years the media was obsessed with who in the world would out this woman. Why, what kind of ignorance and lack of attention, what kind arrogance could lead to people simply outing the identity of a very brilliant, it was said, very effective, just totally valuable CIA agent, Valerie Plame.

Meanwhile, she and her husband were on the covers of magazines in Washington driving around town in convertibles, not doing a thing to keep her identity secret. Richard Armitage, who was the original leaker, was never made to pay a single price for this. Scooter Libby was the target of a witch hunt special counsel. Scooter Libby, who worked for Dick Cheney, which is what made him an exciting target. They tried to get Karl Rove as well. So for, what was it, two years the media couldn’t let go of this. And we’re told what a dangerous, reckless bunch of incompetents were at the Bush presidency, the Bush administration. And outing this poor woman because her husband did something that Bush didn’t like, came back and said that the Iranians weren’t doing nukes, or somebody wasn’t. It was all about the yellowcake trip to Niger.

And so it was said that the Bush administration purposely outed her name to get back at her husband, and they’re both kind of… elevator doesn’t go all the way to the top. Oh, yeah, they had the movie and everything. Naomi Watts starred as Valerie Plame in the movie. It was an absolute media frenzy, and the guy who leaked — first thing, the leak was not that big a deal anyway. But secondly, the guy who leaked her name to Novak never — when people found out he did it they left him alone, because he was with Colin Powell, and they were both anti-George W. Bush. So they were on the right side as far as the media was concerned.

So what happens this past weekend? Obama, in trouble with the VA, has to make a super-secret trip to Afghanistan to prove his bona fides with the military. And the White House leaks accidentally, quote, unquote, accidentally the name of the CIA station chief in Kabul. Not some analyst at Langley protected by security there, but the CIA station chief in Afghanistan, in Kabul, twice! And they were told by somebody at the Washington Post who somehow knew that the name — it was supposedly on the guest list, appearing with Bush at Bagram Air Force Base. And somebody at the Washington Post recognized it, “That’s the CIA station chief,” and told the Regime about it, and the Regime (gagging sound).

The media, “Why, it’s just unfortunate. It’s just a momentary lapse.” This leak, the CIA station chief in Kabul, this is a death warrant making his name public. And the same media that couldn’t get enough of the Valerie Plame leak is treating this as, “Ah, just another unfortunate thing. Just another unfortunate incident in a terrible year for Obama.” I don’t know whether they did it on purpose. I have no idea. It doesn’t matter. They’re just totally inept and incompetent, and it just goes to show, if you ask me, in the final analysis, they don’t care that much. They really just don’t care.


RUSH: You know, actually as I remember it, Richard Armitage outed Valerie Plame to Bob Woodward first a month before Robert Novak found out about it. And Armitage said, “Yeah, Wilson, he’s mad about all kinds of stuff, and, you know, his wife is over the agency.” It was Wilson that was telling people, when you get right down to it. But the whole thing was outrageous. Scooter Libby didn’t do anything, but forget that. The media couldn’t let go of it.

It was so bad. It was life-threatening. It destroyed this woman’s life and her marriage and her world, and oh, my God, it was horrible. And they let go the name of the station chief at Kabul and it’s just an accident, not intentional, didn’t mean anything by it, unfortunate, name got posted in a list that it wasn’t supposed to, blah, blah, blah, blah. Sickening, this double standard that exists, because it’s destructive.


RUSH: “Well, you know, it’s just an accident that we outed the CIA station chief in Kabul.” Here, grab sound bite number three. We have a little montage here. Poor Scooter Libby. Valerie Plame was sitting at a desk in Virginia. Her husband outed her, and then Armitage outed her to Bob Woodward who couldn’t believe what he was hearing, and then Novak ends up outing her in his column, and she ends up being famous and having movies and books written about her and so forth. And Scooter Libby gets found guilty for leaking her when he didn’t have anything to do with it. The Regime comes long and outs the CIA station chief in Afghanistan, and the media treats it like a little side note.

HEATHER CHILDERS: The White House accidentally blowing the cover of the CIA’s top officer.

JIM AXELROD: The CIAÂ’s top officer had his cover blown accidentally.

PETER ALEXANDER: The White House mistakenly identified the CIAÂ’s top officer.

MAJOR GARRETT: The White House mistakenly blew the cover.

KATE BOLDUAN: The White House accidentally revealed the identity.

DAVID KERLEY: The White House inadvertently released the name.

BROOKE BALDWIN: Accidentally revealing the identity of the top CIA officer.:

JAKE TAPPER: The White House accidentally leaked the identity.

CHRISTINE ROMANS: That is a big blunder.

JOHN BERMAN: A big intelligence blunder.

JIM ACOSTA: This was a colossal one.

KRISTEN WELKER: The White House quickly fixed its error.

BRIANNA KEILAR: And a big oops from the White House.

RUSH: You can’t fix the error. What’s this poor guy gonna do? He’s just been outed. And there are pictures of him now in addition to his name. He was up there with Obama. Here’s Jonathan Martin. Let’s see. The New York Times talking with John King at CNN this morning on CNN’s New Day, the Inside Politics segment. And here’s the conversation they had.

JOHN KING: Keystone Kops element to this. Is this just a second-term mistake? Is it some tired military person in Afghanistan?

JONATHAN MARTIN: It does strike me as when it rains it pours, that these guys are just going through a rough patch. and even a sort of feel-good event to go in and support the troops, they canÂ’t even do that without something going wrong.

RUSH: Oh, it’s such a shame. It’s just, you know, when it rains it pours. Man, it’s just so unfortunate. It’s so sad. Poor Obama, he’s trying so hard, and he’s so smart, oh, God, he’s so smart, yeah, victimized once again by stupid idiot underlings. Wow, it’s just man, when it rains, it pours. Here’s John Bolton, he was on Fox this morning. Bill Hemmer said, “Look, others contend the Valerie Plame incident was similar, when she sent her husband to Africa to investigate some claims of evidence that Saddam was doing something nefarious, so her name goes public. Is this a fair comparison, John?”

BOLTON: No, I don’t think so. I mean, Valerie Plame’s name was made public by Rich Armitage, Secretary Colin Powell’s deputy, and then resulted in some very unfair treatment of a lot of other people in the Bush administration, like Scooter Libby, but that was just a malicious piece of gossip. This is utter incompetence. There is no justification for this. There’s no explanation for it. It’s like there’s nobody in charge at the White House. I think it’s a problem that runs through Obama’s administration. Who is in charge on these things?

RUSH: They don’t care, is the bottom line. This is so beneath them, all this CIA station chief secrecy stuff. (imitating Obama) “Hell, I’m only over here ’cause I’m in trouble on the VA anyway.”

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