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RUSH: There’s another story out there, folks, that I’ve been waiting for a long time, and it has finally hit, and I am somewhat shocked at how the mainstream media and the mainstream sports media is trying to ignore it. Do you remember when the class-action suit was brought against the NFL by players, hundreds and hundreds of them, who have suffered concussions? And do you remember, within seconds, that story was everywhere?

The sports media, the news media, the entertainment media, the pop culture media, it was everywhere. Do you remember? It was how rotten the NFL was, how dangerous the NFL was, how you shouldn’t let your kids play it, how deadly it is. There were stories from players that committed suicide because of concussions and all that. So yesterday another group of players filed another class-action suit, this time alleging that the league turned ’em into junkies by passing out narcotic painkillers, using non-narcotic painkillers, sleeping pills.

One former player, JD Hill, who played for the Lions and I think the Buffalo Bills, said, “Yeah, I had never done a drug in my life. I join the NFL and I come out of there homeless and a junkie. I’d never done drugs in my life. The NFL turned me into a homeless junkie.” Jeremy Newberry, center for the Fort’iners back in the nineties, claimed that half the team on game day got shot up with Toradol on their way out to the field. Half the team!

Jim McMahon, too. I mean, it’s the same number of players and the same big names. Except the story is, “The NFL and unlicensed trainers without prescriptions were just passing out these painkillers left and right and turning these guys into addicts, just to make ’em play so the NFL can earn big bucks!” Nobody wants to cover the story. It’s not there.

I even went to a couple of football blogs, and they mention it but they say, “But we’re waiting to read the lawsuit. We’re waiting to get the details.” They don’t want to cover it. I had a media expert I was talking to, ’cause I’ve been waiting for this. To me, this is bigger than the concussion story. I have been waiting for this to hit, and it finally has.

So I had a media expert tell me, “Rush, they’re not gonna cover it. No, no, no. You don’t understand. Even as smart as you are, you don’t understand.”

I said, “What do you mean, I don’t understand?”

“The networks and the media rely too much on drug company advertising revenue. They’re not gonna touch this. They’ll treat this with a little superficiality and that’s it.”

And I thought, nah, you know, the leftist do-gooders that want to rip the league to shreds at every corner will jump up. But they’re not. I mean, the same media can’t wait for Michael Sam to kiss his boyfriend on national TV. The same media can’t wait for Michael Sam to own the NFL. The same media that can’t wait for the league to be sued practically out of existence for causing concussions, doesn’t want any part of “the league made me a junkie” story. Fascinating stuff to me, folks. It is.

The media expert, he was exactly right. They don’t want to cover it. I just went to a couple of sites. They are waiting, they’re studying ways they can nuke this lawsuit out of existence. The same media that couldn’t wait to indict the NFL for killing people via concussions and suicide. There has to be a reason that they don’t want to do this. Has to be.

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