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RUSH: Even when I, ladies and gentlemen, am not here, I still remain the most talked about radio talk show host in the country. Yesterday on Fox, America’s Newsroom, the fill-in host, Eric Shawn, spoke with Ed Rollins, the Republican strategist — and the Democrat strategist Mary Anne Marsh — about comparisons that I made between the problems at the VA and Obamacare. Do you remember what I said? It was very simple.

In fact, it was harmless, and it happened to be true.

In discussing on Monday the problems at the VA I said, “Folks, here we have a little microcosm of where we’re all headed with Obamacare. The VA is single payer. This is where we’re all headed: Long lines, some people not being treated, and regime officials monkeying around with waiting lists. This is what is gonna happen to everybody with Obamacare if it’s fully implemented.”

That’s what they played for the reaction of the Republican and Democrat strategists. Here first, Eric Shawn.

SHAWN: Problems with the VA health care system could be a sign of what’s to come with Obamacare. Here’s what Rush Limbaugh had to say…

RUSH ARCHIVE: No matter how big anybody’s heart is, no matter what how much they care, here is a microcosm of what Obamacare is gonna be if it’s fully implemented.

SHAWN: Is that the case? What does the VA scandal tell us about the new world of government health care in our nation?

RUSH: So, after that, they went to Ed Rollins and Mary Anne Marsh, and the question for Rollins: “The VA health care system is government health care. While some vets are satisfied all these other cases are just so horrendous and unforgivable. Will this be what it could be like under Obamacare,” Ed Rollins?

ROLLINS: I think you have to separate the two. First of all, we have to take care of — of — of the VA, whatever it takes, bipartisanly. We need to fix this thing. Relative to it being connected to Obamacare, you know, the problem with Obamacare is it didn’t do anything to reduce the costs. It basically added more coverage for people, but wasn’t any guarantee that there was gonna be more medical services available.

RUSH: Just can’t go there. Just can’t. Just can’t, ’cause, see, if you agree with me that would be divisive in Washington. So you have to make the point, “Well, it’s two different things. First of all, we have to take care of the VA, whatever it takes, be bipartisan. We have to fix this thing.” It’s the establishment mantra. Could be Chris Christie, could be you name it. It has to be bipartisan. (McCain impression) “That’s right, Limbaugh! We’re gonna cross the aisle! We gonna roll up our sleeves and we’re gonna work with the other side, and that’s what I’m the best at,” and that’s the solution. Can’t possibly agree with me.

No, no, no, ’cause that would be (whew!) too scary to contemplate.

Then they went to Mary Anne Marsh, the Democrat strategist, and this was her reaction.

MARSH: The VA had issues long before Obama was president and long before Bush was president. The tipping point came when we went into two wars we shouldn’t have been in, we didn’t pay for, and never planned for these veterans. That is the huge problem here. So I agree with that, a bipartisan agreement by Republicans and Democrats to devote the resources necessary to the VA to make sure every soldier gets every service they need because they have served our country.

RUSH: Right. So you agree with Rollins. The establishment is finding comfort with one another. Bipartisan, absolutely — and then she adds (summarized), “By the way, we wouldn’t even have these veterans and their medical problems if it hadn’t been for Bush and those two wars that we didn’t pay for and that we never planned for. That’s the huge problem here. We had two wars we should have never been in. We had all these injuries and all this sickness that wouldn’t have happened if it hadn’t for Bush.

“But I agree with Ed. We need a bipartisan agreement and the resources necessary to fix the VA, to make sure every soldier gets every service they need because they’ve served our country. But, damn it, they didn’t have to!” So you see how this plays out inside the Beltway. Do you realize how idiotic this is? This is the huge problem. “W need a bipartisan agreement, Republican and Democrats, to devote the resources necessary to the VA.”

Well, that’s been going on the last five years?

We didn’t have these problems before. We were at war when George W. Bush was president, obviously, and we didn’t have these problems. The Iraq War ended a long time ago. What do you mean these injuries and the cases are specific to these two wars? But because the mantra is bipartisan, work together, we cannot let it stand that what we’re seeing here at the VA is a microcosm of where we’re all headed with Obamacare, even though it is. It’s a natural progression.

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