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RUSH: Steven in Tampa, Florida. You’re next. Hello, sir.

CALLER: Well, good afternoon, Mr. Limbaugh. An honor. I was calling because over the last few days you have been mentioning all the gloom and doom, the ice caps are melting and so forth and so on that people are saying. And the interesting thing is that most of the people who are saying them are technological and technical illiterates, including all of the politicians. One of the difficulties is, for example, take the ice that broke away on the Antarctic ice cap. They’re predicting that as soon as it all melts, the water level will rise. Well, Archimedes of Syracuse, in something like 500 BC, proved that it’s gonna make no difference because the water is displaced by the same amount of the weight of the — So if it had fallen off, if the water was gonna rise, it would have rose precisely when the ice hit the water.

RUSH: Well, but the environmentalist wackos are prepared for that argument, and they say that the North Pole, particularly Antarctica, that there is a landmass underneath the ice, so it’s not an ice continent. In other words, Antarctica is not just a giant ice sheet or series of glaciers floating in the water, that there is land anchoring it, and if it melts, it will add to the volume of seawater. The point is not that. The point is it isn’t melting! Antarctica is expanding, whether a glacier has split off from a part of the continent or not, Antarctica’s ice coverage is expanding.

I have in my Stack here, I put it at the bottom, I didn’t know this was gonna come up today — a total in the last two years, eight stories chronicling from various news organizations reported by scientists the expanding mass of Antarctica. There is no melting taking place. It’s minus 70 degrees there. The only way that there could be significant melting, and we had a caller yesterday, you’d have to blow up a bunch of nukes down there to create enough heat. It would take 235,000 50 mega ton nukes at the same time to raise the temperature down there one degree to cause melting, and you have to do it every year. The only other way — and I found this on a couple of different blogs ’cause I wanted to find out — see, my common sense gets in the way of understanding a lot of things.

My common sense gets in the way of understanding a lot of liberal BS. And my common sense says it’s minus 70 down there. How in the hell is anything melting? What could cause it? Because they want us to believe that it’s warming up down there and it’s melting and that’s why this ice sheet broke off. If there would happen to be a volcano under Antarctica that was erupting and it was enough sustained lava flow coming out to warm the lowest level of the ice, way underneath the water, you might have a small degree of melting, but nothing on the magnitude of causing a four- to 10-foot increase of see level. But you would still need something like an undersea volcano erupting, and there’s no evidence that that’s happening.

I mean, what really is gonna melt the South Pole, or the North Pole? These people, “Man-made global warming, these SUVs and fossil fuels.” What are they warming? The atmosphere? It is not 50 degrees at the poles. Now, I want to warn you. I just came across — let me look at it very quickly ’cause I scrolled past it. What’s the website? Okay, Climate Central. “Maps are one way to understand what collapse of West Antarctic glaciers could eventually mean.” But they’re not good enough. So what some people have done — and I’m gonna make a prediction to you. In fact, I’m gonna send this story up to Koko so he can link to it ’cause this is pictures and this is radio. I want you to see these.

They’ve had a professional photojournalist create some fake pictures of the Jefferson Memorial half underwater, San Diego half underwater, New York half underwater, and they look real. They look like there was a giant flood that happened yesterday. And I’m gonna predict to you these pictures are gonna get wide distribution in all the usual low-information places and you’re gonna have some people think that this is actually a picture of what has happened in some places. Most will understand that these wackos have Photoshopped these pictures as a way of illustrating what this glacier breakup in Antarctica will mean.

It’s not happening. Nothing’s melting. The ice is expanding in Antarctica. And even if they were right, we’re talking about a hundred years from now. The baseball stadium in San Francisco is underwater in this picture. Half of it’s underwater. I’ll send it up there and you can see it. This is gonna be just like Al Gore used those fake polar bear pictures on small, little ice floes to show you their habitat was melting.


RUSH: Yeah, I just sent it up to Koko. Now, you remember when you click on this link, every picture you’re looking at is fake. And it isn’t gonna be long before people think otherwise, in one way or another. You know how they’re gonna be used.

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