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RUSH: This is a Washington Post story today: “Only Half of Young Obama Voters Are Prepared to Vote for Democrats.” (interruption) Yeah, there’s no buts or tricks here. This is just a straight out bad news story for the Democrats.

“In case there was any doubt that the youth vote could hurt Democrats in 2014, the following two charts,” which I don’t have ’cause I can’t do charts on the radio, “should just about kill it. The data below come from Democratic pollster Paul Harstad, who conducted a survey of young voters for the Youth Engagement Fund and Project New America. It looks in-depth at what motivates young voters — specifically, millennials aged 18 to 31 — to vote, and to vote Democratic. What’s most notable here: Only half of young people who voted for Obama say there is even a chance that they’ll vote in 2014 and that their vote would be for Democrats.

Now, it’s early and polling data is what it is. It’s all a wild guess at this point. But, boy, common sense would tell you that this is accurate. So I think it’s worse for Democrats out there than anybody wants to admit. And I think they know it. I think they in the White House know it. I think these professional Democrat pollsters know how bad it is. And I think it explains why they’re doing the things that they’re doing. The Koch brothers thing, Harry Reid, that’s strictly vote turnout. So is everything else that they focus on. Race, War on Women, you name it, it’s total desperation that they’re feeling right now.

There’s not one positive in six years of Obama policy or government that they can point to and say, “And you want more of this, you elect Democrats.” There’s nothing anybody wants more of, including Obamacare. So all Obama’s got, like announcing this concussion summit, the whole point of that is to deflect attention away from the total, pathetic ineffectiveness of whatever we’re trying to do to get the kidnapped girls back. Remember, this Regime inserted themselves into this. When something like this happens and you’re president, you run the country, you can do one of two things, maybe more than two. But if you are going to send your wife out there with a picture of a hashtag, you are inserting yourself into the story, and you are saying that you’re gonna get ’em back. You are actively engaged in getting ’em back.

Sorry, a sign isn’t gonna get ’em back. And it better happen fast. Well, it didn’t happen fast. The sign didn’t get the girls back, or it hasn’t yet. So you’ve gotta deflect attention. What do you do? Concussion summit. Ah. And why? ‘Cause at least he cares. We’re back to good intentions. At least Obama cares. He may not be doing, but he’s trying, he really cares about people. At least he wants to help. He doesn’t just run people down all day and all the time. At least he cares. At least he’s trying to do something good. And that’s all they’ve got. And to them it’s a big deal because they think they’ve programmed most Americans to believe the Republicans don’t care about you or anybody else.

The Koch brothers don’t care about you. The Koch brothers only care about themselves. And when the Koch brothers do anything that looks like they care about other people, they’re faking it just to hide who they really are. The Democrats, they don’t have anything of substance. They’ve got signs. They’ve got hashtags. The concussion summit. And there will be many more such things, until the election of 2014. But you get into the nitty-gritty of the polling data, only half of young Obama voters are prepared to vote for Democrats. So they’re gonna have to do something to try to change this, to get these people motivated to vote and then vote Democrat.

They know how to do that, and that’s propagandizing, tugging at heartstrings, emotion type things, and hoping and praying there’s another Republican Todd Akin that pops up between now and then. But that’s it.

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