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RUSH: This morning on the CBS morning show, they were talking about Karl Rove suggesting that Mrs. Clinton may have brain damage because of her fall. Norah O’Donnell, Charlie Rose, Gayle King.

O’DONNELL: John Dickerson, our political director, has a piece out this morning saying Democrats bragged about how maligning Mitt Romney early on was good. And as Dickerson points out that “[r]aising issues about health and age is also standard operating procedure in campaigns,” and “in modern history, it has been [used] chiefly” by the Democrats. Okay?

ROSE: Here’s what Rush Limbaugh said: “So, anyway, the left is fit to be tied over what Rove said about Mrs. Clinton. He’s walking back ‘brain damage,’ but he thinks that she’s suffered some kind of catastrophic or very serious injury when she fell, and we know that she fell.”

KING: We’ll see.

RUSH: So they’re quoting me on the CBS morning show. H.R., when’s the last time they asked me to appear on that program? Do they ever ask, or is it always Good Morning America and the Today show? (interruption) Yeah. Yeah. We haven’t been asked. So they just read the transcript of the program. I don’t know what was specifically controversial about that, but they must have thought there was something.

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