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RUSH: Friday, grab sound bite number five. I don’t have time to play the preceding sound bite, but it’s CBS This Morning and they’re talking about the boycott of the Beverly Hills Hotel and the criticism of the sultan of Brunei, and it’s hilarious. The sound bite contains CBS people and their guests claiming that the sultan’s a big hypocrite. I mean, here he is imposing Sharia law but he engages in adultery and he doesn’t live by his own dictates. And they’re talking about what a hypocrite he is, and that that’s the problem with him. Sharia’s not the problem, radical Islam isn’t the problem. No, no, no. It’s the fact that he’s rich and he’s a hypocrite because he’s not living by it. And the left ought to know everything there is to know about that because that’s them to a T. So after that discussion, one of the things they learned is that sultan of Brunei has gold-plated toilet brushes, and this exchange happened with Charlie Rose, Norah O’Donnell, Gayle King.

ROSE: They were listing all the things that he had, I thought, “That’s what you do when you have all the money in the world.”

KING: ThatÂ’s right.


KING: A gold-plated toilet brush.

O’DONNELL: That’s being successful.

KING: Yeah.

RUSH: Gayle King said I gotta find one of those for Oprah. A gold-plated toilet brush? That’s probably something we can get Oprah that she doesn’t have. Who knew? I wish I had time to play the whole thing ’cause they’re just all upset that the guy is a hypocrite, not that he’s imposing Sharia law, but that he doesn’t live by it. And all they have to do is look at themselves because they are identical in that regard.

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