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RUSH: From the website The Week: “Why ‘Female Friendly’ Restaurants are Making Women Unhappy.” Have you ever heard of a “‘female friendly’ restaurant”? I hadn’t. (interruption) Well, you would think that theoretically they’re all female friendly, but, no. By “female friendly” they mean designed and conceived as a restaurant friendly to women.

See, the assumption is that everything out there is for men, and women are just tagging along, and so it’s time that women were thought of first. “A few years ago, Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria opened a steakhouse for women, aptly named SHe.” Capital S, capital H, small E.

“In a press release, Longoria said the restaurant would ‘create a feeling of empowerment’ for women and challenge the notion that steakhouses are a place for men.” Now, why get mad at that? Why in the world get upset that there are steakhouses, and why get upset that men like to go there? Well, if you’re feminazi, you have to live in a perpetual state of being upset at everything that men do, because your assumption is it’s all meant to exclude you, the woman.

So Eva Longoria… I always thought Chick-fil-A was a female friendly place ’til I knew what it was. This restaurant “opened its doors on New Year’s Eve 2012, all that talk of empowerment…” Female empowerment at a steakhouse, at a restaurant. So what was that? Well, it “boiled down to smaller, ‘she-sized’ steak portions,” probably the same price. Oh, and get this: “mirrors on the dessert menus so women could reapply their lipstick,” without having to go to the powder room.

I’m not kidding. The dessert menu had mirrors on it. That’s said to be not just female friendly, but female empowerment. “SHe’s main attraction: A catwalk where women in scanty clothing perform for the restaurant’s female and male guests.” They should have just put a pole in there and just done pole dances like The Sopranos did. But all this stuff is disguised as fashion shows, you see?

But Eva Longoria’s restaurant “isn’t the only restaurant that has drawn criticism for invoking gender stereotypes under the guise of being ‘female friendly.’ The international steakhouse chain STK received backlash after posting a female-friendly promotional video that featured sexist images of stilettoed women feeding each other steak. “A pink sports bar in New York’s Union Square hit every feminist’s nerve when owner [said], ‘We did a softer design [because] we wanted to make it very inviting for women so that they don’t feel like they’re sitting a men’s kind of club.'”

So everything was pink.

“Last year, when The Bachelorette’s Chris Bukowski opened the Bracket Room, a female-friendly sports bar in Arlington, Va., Washington City Paper reporter Jessica Sidman chided the bar and other similar restaurants, writing, ‘[S]mall plates and sexy decor? ‘If this is what these restaurants believe women want, their target audience should be insulted.'” Well, it was women that designed these other places.

But the whole idea here is that you run around, and first you get ticked off that these places are designed for men. So in the modern era of feminism, what do you do? You take over, and you try to infiltrate that world rather than creating your own. I just think it’s absurd. The thinking all the way around is just typical of people that are miserable and unhappy because the bottom line is…

Well, never mind. I’m not even going to go to the bottom line.


RUSH: This is Tanya next in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. While I was on hold I looked up the Eva Longoria restaurant, and I don’t know that you mentioned this, but I saw that the health inspectors actually closed the restaurant down for 21 demerits on Wednesday, according to CBS, for food temperature being off. But the reason that I called —

RUSH: Wait, wait, wait, wait. Hold it. Hold it. Hold it just a second. You went by lickety-split. Did you just say that you hadn’t heard about it so you looked it up —


RUSH: — and the health inspectors closed it down for 21 demerits.


RUSH: CBS said the food temperature was off?

CALLER: Yes, that’s what it says according to CBS Las Vegas on the Internet when I Googled it.

RUSH: I am shocked. I’m stunned. This is a restaurant for women!

CALLER: Well, the caption says, ” Health Inspectors Close Eva LongoriaÂ’s Strip Restaurant.” They’re calling it a strip restaurant. And then it goes on to say for 21 demerits related to —

RUSH: Wait.

CALLER: — keeping food temperature proper.

RUSH: Strip restaurant or restaurant on the strip?

CALLER: They said strip restaurant.

RUSH: Well, ’cause, you know, they do have these scantily clad women walking around in there parading themselves while women are looking at mirrors on the dessert menu.

CALLER: Yeah, I wanted to bring up about the dessert menu, when you first brought that up I thought that is a terrible — I mean, while I understand they’re trying to, you know, distinguish themselves and create a brand and find some ways to distinguish themselves with the whole mirror thing, it’s just really much of a gag. But for me I thought it was a counterintuitive gag, because if you put a mirror on a dessert menu, me as a female, the first thing I’m gonna think is I don’t want a dessert. I look fat. Like, if I want to stay looking good, I don’t want to have dessert.

RUSH: Well, what if the menu is sort of convex so that the women don’t look fat in it? You know they could do that.

CALLER: Doesn’t matter. It’s the whole like — when I’m trying to talk myself out of buying some horrible dessert in the grocery store —

RUSH: Hey, Tanya.

CALLER: — if I look at a fat person, then I don’t want it. If I look at a thinner more attractive female then I don’t want it. I can easily talk myself out of the dessert.

RUSH: Well, I can understand that, but I always thought that the trip to the powder room was not to go to the powder room, but to get away from the men. And the menu on the dessert menu eliminates that excuse to get up and leave the table, walk around. (interruption) We have just been informed — what is your source in there for this? (interruption) Okay. Tanya, the restaurant’s back open. They just closed it down for a day. I guess they had to go in there and just lower the thermostat so that the food didn’t spoil. I was gonna say, you know, here’s a restaurant for women designed by a woman, supposedly, and that kind of inattention, that’d be bad. I understand the restaurant is now open in all its glory. Tanya, thanks for the call.

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