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RUSH: Here is Doug in Ludington, Michigan. You’re next on Open Line Friday, hello.

CALLER: Yeah, Rush, it’s good to talk to you.

RUSH: Thank you very much, sir.

CALLER: I just want to let you know that I had tears of joy when I heard your story about your implant. I hope all the best for you.

RUSH: Thank you. Thank you very much.

CALLER: I shook your hand at the Filco store way back when you were in Reno.

RUSH: (laughing) You’re going back to 1989! The Filco store in Reno. That was one of the original sponsors of my radio program in Sacramento. It was an electronics store. It’s still there, I think, and they had opened one up in Reno, you’re right.

CALLER: Rush, I think it would be a pretty cool idea if you were to make a video and put it on your website where you would address the youth of this country so that you can inform them about what a sovereign nation is all about, what America is all about, the exceptionalismism. And try to get them to understand what conservatives are all about, and the Tea Party, so that they don’t go out and throw their first vote away on the destruction of their own country. I was wondering if you’d ever consider something like that, making a video and having it available on RushLimbaugh.com to follow up with your two books.

RUSH: I’m encouraged to do things like that now and then, specifically a video series on my website has not been suggested. You’re the first to do that. But many have suggested that I, you know, buy some national TV time and do it or create, back in the old days a set of DVDs. Others have said, “Why don’t you buy a 60-second commercial? Do a really good 60-second video, put it on some TV stations or networks around the country.” A lot of people have come to me with ideas and I appreciate it. I do. I mean, I’m sure that would have a lot of potential. You know, video is, particularly Internet video, is the medium of choice for young people today.

CALLER: It would give a lot of people like myself a place to tell young people to go. You know, I could walk up to a few kids and just tell ’em, “Hey, go to RushLimbaugh.com, because he addresses you in a really cool video.” I mean, you’re like the godfather, okay, you’re like the godfather of talk radio. And you’re a good-looking guy, so I think that you could really pull it off. I don’t think anybody else could, but I think you could.

RUSH: (laughing) Godfather of talk radio and a good-looking guy. Well, I appreciate that. That’s very nice of you to say. I appreciate it.

CALLER: I wanted to get that point across to you that maybe you could consider. I think the president of the United States would go there himself to see what Rush Limbaugh is telling the youth of this country, because they’re very concerned when Rush Limbaugh addresses the youth.

RUSH: He would have somebody tell him what’s there or he would go to Media Matters to find out what they say is there. But that would be a way — yeah, it’s a good idea, I have to admit. It’s true. Doug, I really appreciate it. Thank you very much for everything that you said. I appreciate it. It is true, folks, people are always coming up with additional ways for me to work. It’s just never-ending.


RUSH: Here’s Glenn, Fort Worth, Texas. Great to have you. Welcome to the program. Hello.

CALLER: How are you doing, Rush?

RUSH: Fine dandy. Thank you.

CALLER: Hey, one thing before go on. Would you please stay the path? You’re doing outstanding. There’s a lot of things that you can take and veer off on, but you’re doing an outstanding job helping us out out here.

RUSH: I appreciate that, sir.

CALLER: The books are great, the tapes are great, but please stay the path. The reason I’m calling, there’s several suggestions that I have — and then I’m a first-time caller so I’m kind of a little nervous. The immigration problem that we’re having. The easiest thing to do would be to take and just annex Mexico and make it the 51st state. That’s the easiest thing to solve all our problems. They’re our neighbors. They’re actually our family members. So that should be easy to do.

RUSH: Well, but you see, the problem is (chuckles), they’re annexing us.

CALLER: I agree. I agree. But, you know, we can go ahead start the formality. Let’s make Mexico all the United States. The second thing is —

RUSH: Are you serious about that or are you being facetious?

CALLER: Ummm, I’m being facetious.

RUSH: Yeah, I was gonna say. But you sound serious, so you better be careful about who you say that to. You better careful say, ’cause you sound dead serious when you’re saying that.

CALLER: Yes, okay.

RUSH: It was just my refinement that allowed me to tell that you were being facetious, which is why I asked you. Somebody not as refined and sophisticated as I am might not have recognized that and you could have a mouthful of fist, depending on where you go if you’re not careful. I’m just trying to help, just trying to be helpful, as it were. Glenn, thanks for the call. I appreciate it.

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