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RUSH: Did you know, folks, that the mayor of Toronto was turned away from the United States? This is Rob Ford. The mayor of Toronto finally admitted that he might have a problem. He said he did drugs when he drank, so he had to stop drinking. Anyway, they finally got to him. He said he had a problem, and was gonna go to rehab.

So he got on a jet in Toronto at Buttonville Municipal Airport near his house on May 1st. He flew to Chicago, landed in Chicago, but was turned away by ICE — they wouldn’t let him in the country — proving it can be done. It can be done, folks. It can be done. The “mayor announced he was taking a leave of absence and pausing his re-election campaign to enter rehab last Wednesday.

“He was last seen boarding a private plane bound for Chicago. But US Customs officials say he never formally entered the country, withdrew his application and turned the plane around. Neither his brother Doug Ford or lawyer Dennis Morris will say where exactly he is, but maintain he is in rehab as promised.” But it’s not that. He “never formally entered the country.” He was turned away, according to Canada’s journalists at the Globe & Mail.

Again, it’s the same source as this global warming fearmongering on the little children. Just to reiterate, the experts, the hoaxers are telling kids, college students, whatever: If you’re suffering from this trauma, the way to fix it is become a climate change activist. See how this works? It’s massive recruiting by liberals on the basis of fear and intimidation, lies, fraud, all of this.

So why was this guy turned away at the border? Why would we turn away the mayor of Toronto, who apparently wanted to go to a rehab center here in the United States? His brother and his lawyer won’t say exactly where he is. “‘He voluntarily withdrew his application to enter the USA,’ Ray Norton, Canada’s Consul General in Chicago, told the Globe and Mail.”

Now, “voluntarily withdrew” after having probably being told something or other. It proves it can be done, folks. We can keep people out of the country! Why we would want to keep the mayor of Toronto out, I don’t know. Maybe because of his condition he’s violating some laws. I don’t know.

But I just wanted to pass this on ’cause I just found out about this. Officials say “foreigners attempting to enter the US can be barred on the grounds of ‘criminality, security reasons and documentations, among dozens of others,'” but you gotta wonder: Why didn’t he ask for political amnesty or some such thing like that?

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