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RUSH: Let’s move on to the White House now and the reestablishment of climate change and global warming as a new primary impetus of the White House because it offers the president opportunities to be dictatorial. Executive orders and executive actions. Now, John Podesta was dragged out yesterday to all of a sudden make some comments about this. John Podesta was Bill Clinton’s chief-of-staff, and he’s over at a think tank. I think it’s The Center for American Progress. I get ’em confused. Think Progress, Center for American Progress, Advanced Liberal — (interruption) Center for American Progress, yeah. He’s back in the Obama White House, and he’s been back since December of last year, and I want to take you back to December 11th, last year, and just replay for you what I said about why they were bringing Podesta back.

RUSH ARCHIVE: Why is Podesta really there? Okay, Obama has now lost his trustworthiness. He has lost any hope of majority support from the American people for his agenda. Obamacare has wiped that out. It really has. So you bring in Podesta to deal with that. And how do you deal with that? You attack Republicans, but you basically say, to hell with the will of the American people. And you just do what you’re gonna do despite the Constitution, despite the law, you just do it. To hell with popular support for it. Be nice if you had it, but now that you don’t, still not gonna derail the agenda. So you bring in the consiglieri. You bring in the muscle.

RUSH: That’s what Podesta is. So let’s go to the sound bites. Here’s Podesta at the White House daily press briefing, he spoke, and during the Q&A, reporter said, “You mentioned the energy efficiency bill moving through the Senate. I was wondering what level of concern you have that Republicans are gonna try to push back on some of the carbon emissions regulations of that bill and what work, if any, you guys are doing to shore up Democrats in the Senate on this issue.”

PODESTA: They’ll find various ways, particularly in the House, to try to stop us from using the authority we have under the Clean Air Act. All I would say is that those have zero percent chance of working. We’re committed to maintaining the authority and the president’s authority to ensure that the Clean Air Act is fully implemented. They may try, but I think that there are no takers at this end of Pennsylvania Avenue.

RUSH: Translation: The Clean Air Act permits us to do whatever we want to do. And we’re just gonna do it, and to heck with anybody who wants to get us to stop. They bring in Podesta to do this because Podesta hasn’t lost any credibility with the left, with the Democrats. Podesta is loved and adored and all the respect in the world ’cause this guy, even though he looks like he weighs 25 pounds, he’s the muscle. He strikes fear in the hearts of anybody who might stand in his way, including in the Democrat Party.

Up next was John King. This is on CNN’s New Day today, speaking with the AP White House stenographer, whose name is Julie Pace, and Ron Fournier of the National Journal. And John King says, “Why did they wait so long to get into global warming? Why didn’t they do this in the first term?”

PACE: That’s a question we’ve been asking about actually a lot of issues when the White House talks about this year of action that they’re having. You know, if these things are so important, why didn’t you do them earlier?

FOURNIER: The president has missed an opportunity to really seize one of the most important issues facing our globe. You had eight years; why didn’t you start sooner?

KING: Well, we’ll see how he does starting now. We’ll watch this going forward. As you know, it is a critical issue for the globe.

RUSH: I mean, it’s just amazing. It’s nothing we can do anything about. They don’t even know if there’s anything critical happening. I’m struck, I really am. I read so much, and I read a lot of things written by young people. They just absorb. They just have believed everything about this, and they’ve got themselves convinced that it’s all science and it’s all scientific and that it is just incontrovertible that the world is in the process of being destroyed by advanced populations. And it’s therefore the responsibility of advanced populations. That would be capitalist, Western civilizations. It’s up to us because we’ve been doing the greatest damage.

These people have just accepted it, and if you’re a leftist and you hear an issue that’s gonna advance your agenda, you’ll glom on to it, and that’s what’s happened here. Now, the real reason why Obama’s going to it now is ’cause they’ve gotta do something to get vote turnout up for the midterms in November. They are in bad shape, and they are really bugged by that USA Today story yesterday that had the Pew Center and USA Today poll. There’s a number — and I want to reinforce this. There’s a number in that poll by a margin of 65% to 30%, voters want the next president to pursue different policies than those of President Obama.

Do you know what that means? That is as chilling for the Republican establishment as it is for Obama. What that is saying: we don’t want any amnesty. We don’t want any of these Democrat issues. We don’t want any of that. We want push-back against what’s happening now. We want push-back against Obamacare. We want push-back against amnesty, illegal immigration reform. We want push-back on what’s happening with the economy.

Sixty-five to 30% in essentially a Drive-By Media institution poll. Of all the things in that poll, this one’s scaring them: 65 to 30% voters want the next president to pursue different policies than those of Obama. And then there’s another question in the same poll, or previous poll last week which, similar number, wants the next Congress to be comprised of people who will oppose what’s gone on the last eight years.

So the reason they’re circling back to climate change is, A, there’s a lot of money in it. A lot of donors from out here on the Left Coast will give big to advance this. B, it scares people. It gets them to the polls, they think. C, it allows the Democrats to blame corporations and people that support corporations, people that run corporations and the mythical Republicans that are in bed with corporations when actually it’s Obama who is.

The whole point of this is to gin up the same kind of fear they hope to gin up in the single woman/mother category and minorities. It also gives Obama an issue. There isn’t a single issue that the Democrats can run for reelection on in the upcoming midterms. Not a single one. Everything they’ve done has blown up on them.

The only way what’s happening now is not a failure is if Obama intended this. Since most people don’t even want to contemplate that, just look at it the other way. Everything they’ve done has been an absolute failure. There’s not one issue that they can point to and say, “Reelect us for more of this,” and the polling data says we don’t want any more of this.

We want people who are gonna stop this. Ergo: “Let’s get an issue! Climate change, global warming, Algore, movies! The media will be all in.” So this is it. They’re simply circling back to something that they think is one of their core issues that will drive turnout — and also, by the same token, permit Obama to exercise dictatorial powers with his executive orders, as you will hear in further sound bites when we come back.


RUSH: Now, if you look at the polling data on global warming (which I just circled back and looked at, the latest Gallup numbers), only 34% of the American people care about it. It’s not a big issue to a lot of people, which is another reason they’re circling back and trying to make it one. It’s a golden oldie for them.

Do you remember…? If you are a Baby Boomer, do you remember growing up with the fear of a nuclear bomb hitting your school? You remember when they taught you how to sit under the desk to protect yourself if the Russians launched a nuclear missile at your school? “Duck and cover.” Remember all of the bomb shelters people were building in their backyards and so forth?

Remember how they scared the hell out of us? Now, that was real. The Russians did indeed have nuclear bombs aimed at us. I’ll never forget… What was her name? Laura Dern was on Donahue one afternoon, literally in hysterics talking about how people just didn’t know what it was like to be a young person growing up with the fear of nuclear holocaust.

Yeah, we do, ’cause now they’ve transferred that to global warming, except it isn’t real. But if you remember how frightened you were about being nuked, we’ll just transfer that to the youths of today in global warming, and that’s exactly how they’re pulling this off, except there’s really nothing to be scared of. The earth is the earth; the climate’s the climate.

The universe is the universe and we are just passing through, and there is not an earthly thing we can do about it. The idea that we’re causing it to change is absurd. So is the idea of fixing what’s not broken anyway. Nobody can prove it is.

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