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RUSH: Right now on CNN, report: “Climate Change is Here!” It’s amazing. Minimum wage, global warming, income inequality, women don’t get equal pay. I mean, it’s just like clockwork, and this is the daily media soap opera. The script is written in Washington and New York by the Drive-Bys in conjunction with the White House or the liberal leaders of the day.

They run with the agenda and that’s it, and they get everybody on it. You know, if they’re gonna pound people with it, we’re gonna push back. I don’t care if I’m pushing back for 25 years. If they’re going to keep lying, if they’re going to keep trying to use all kinds of subterfuge, I’m gonna push back on it. Let’s go to the audio sound bites.

Here we have a montage of this story that ran in TheHill.com: “Obama to Talk Climate with Meteorologists.” (Gasp!) Yes, ladies and gentlemen, “President Obama will speak about climate change on Tuesday,” and maybe already has, “with a number of national and local TV” weather guys, “meteorologists…”

They’ve all got the AMS seal of approval there, which means they paid the entry fee. So they’re all “climate scientists” now, see? All these TV Ken Dolls and Barbie Dolls. I remember the first time I realized what this was all about. I was in Kansas City, and there was some weather babe that station hired. She was the talk of the town, and you know why? ‘Cause she stood at the weather map and as she was…

If you look… You got the map of the whole country behind her, and she’s standing facing you, facing the camera while standing where the East Coast is. The minute she turned to her right to point out something happening in Kansas, her busts covered the whole country. I said, “Wait a minute. She’s gotta move! I can’t see the country. Her breasts are in the way.” So I realized, “Wait a minute, that’s why she’s there.” (interruption)

Well, you can smirk in there, but I’m telling you. You should have seen it. It’s why she was there. Anyway, that’s who Obama’s talking to today, and so the media’s all excited about this because, you see, “The 2014 National Climate Assessment will be released Tuesday and will be the focus of ObamaÂ’s interviews,” and Al “Poop in His Pants” Roker will be among those… (interruption)

He did, at the White House. Don’t blame me! He pooped in his pants in the White House and bragged about it, laughed about it. We got the sound bite coming up. But we put a montage together of ABC’s media people, NBC’s Savannah Guthrie, Robin Roberts, Al Roker, Gayle King, and Megan Glaros talking about all these weather people on TV being interviewed by Obama.

ROBIN ROBERTS: You’re going to talk to the president of United States later today about climate change!

GINGER ZUIDGEEST: Yeeees, and I’m very much looking forward to that interview!

SAVANNAH GUTHRIE: Let’s check in with Al. He’s down at the White House this morning. He’s going to be interviewing the president today. Al, how’s it goin’?

AL ROKER: (outdoor noise) Hey! It’s good. We just saw Bo! Uh, he was out for his walk.

GAYLE KING: She will interview President Obama today. All right, Megan Glaros! Are you ready?

MEGAN GLAROS: I am ready, yes! We’re going to talk about the first climate assessment that’s been released in five years.

RUSH: Oh, come on! They release one every year. Sometimes two or three times a year we get one from somebody. But this is pathetic, and it’s hilarious at the same time. Obama’s doing a series of interviews ’cause “climate change is here.” A new report, the 2014 National Climate Assessment. It’s all these weather people. It’s mass-produced interviews today. It’s the assembly line, and the subject is global warming.

The whole thing, folks, is a preplanned, preprogrammed political push. Bill Clinton did the same thing with weathermen back in 1997. Al Roker was at that one, too. Here, let me read New York Times, October 2, 1997. “Clinton Nudges TV Forecasters on Warming.” Here’s a story, New York Times, October 2, 1997. It’s 17 years ago. Unbelievable. Seventeen years ago, same thing, history repeating.

“Clinton Nudges TV Forecasters on Warming — On the theory that you do, in fact, need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows, Mr. Clinton invited more than 100 national and local television forecasters to the White House today for a chat with him and Vice President Al Gore and for briefings on climate change from government experts.

“The administration hopes that the forecasters will influence public opinion on climate change more than the journalists on the evening news; Clinton aides complain that they pay scant attention to the issue,” journalists. Well, that was then; this is now. Now everybody’s on board, see? (chuckles) It’s nothing but politics, folks. There isn’t any science. The idea that Obama is talking to scientists in these interviews…

Of course the TV weather people, they’re happy to be used. I mean, it’s access to the president. They get bragging rights. But it’s pathetic, and it’s history repeating itself. The New York Times was exposing how Clinton tried to brainwash everybody back in 1997. Polling data today: Only 34% of the American people even give a hoot, so they gotta retry it, gotta redo it.

Here’s more from that New York Times story: “‘You, just in the way you comment on the events that you cover, may have a real effect on the American people,’ Mr. Clinton said this afternoon to the assembled [TV weathermen], who were overwhelmingly white, male and shorter than they appear on television.” Do you believe that? That’s actually in the story! That is actually in the story.

Let me read this to you again. This is the New York Times, October 2, 1997. “‘You, just in the way you comment on the events that you cover, may have a real effect on the American people,’ Mr. Clinton said this afternoon to the assembled [TV weathermen], who were overwhelmingly white, male and shorter than they appear on television.” (stifling laughter) Jeez!

You know, this is back in the days when the print people still hated the TV people, ’cause the TV people hadn’t figured out to make guests and experts out of the print guys. The print guys were just jealous as hell of the vacant brains the TV people had, plus all the money they make. The print guys thought they were the real deal, that they were the real journalists.

And here these artificial Ken Dolls and Barbie Dolls on TV were making all this money saying things written down for ’em in the teleprompter, and so that’s why you have a snarky comment like this 17 years ago in the New York Times. They “were overwhelmingly white, male and shorter than they appear on television.” What’s that got to do with anything? (laughing)

ESPN started this. Now you can’t turn on the television without some print guy being an analyst or expert on something. So they’ve made TV guys out of the print people, and they’ve forged some unity in that way. “Playing host to the nation’s television weather forecasters was the most innovative step in a White House campaign to rally public support for new binding global targets for restricting greenhouse gases …

From the start of the piece: “Steve Doocy, the jovial Fox News Channel weatherman, asked Al Roker, the ebullient NBC weatherman, just why it was that the President of the United States had invited them over. ‘Because we promised to bring Krispy Kremes!’ Mr. Roker chortled.

“Then he sobered up and told the Fox viewers watching the live broadcast that Mr. Clinton wanted to talk about changes in the global climate.” It’s all political. Folks, it’s just… Okay, so let’s go to the videotape of what happened this year. Seventeen years later, here is Brian Williams this morning on the Today show. They aired a promo for tonight’s NBC Nightly News.

WILLIAMS: Among the stories we’re working on for tonight’s NBC News this major new report on climate change. Al Roker going one on one with President Obama talking about the growing threat.

RUSH: Stop and think how pathetic this is. Okay, here we are, and whenever this ran, seven o’clock in the morning today Eastern time, and they already know what’s gonna be on the NBC Nightly News. It’s gonna be a programmed package with the local NBC weather guy talking to Obama, and they breathlessly promote the new major report on climate change. NBC working on tonight’s NBC Nightly News. Al Roker interviewing one on one with — what do you mean, one on one? Gonna be a debate?

Let’s hope that Al Roker doesn’t get excited today because the last time he got excited it wasn’t a pretty sight. January 6, 2013, NBC’s Dateline, Al Roker’s gastric bypass surgery, which was also promoted on the NBC Nightly News. Chief medical correspondent Dr. Nancy Snyderman and Al Roker talked about his gastric bypass surgery.

ROKER: When you have a bypass and, you know, your bowel’s been reconstructed, you think you’re pretty safe. And I probably went off and ate something I wasn’t supposed to, and as I’m walking to the pressroom, I gotta pass a little gas here. I’m walking by myself, “Who’s gonna know?” only a little something extra came out.

SNYDERMAN: You pooped in your pants?

ROKER: I pooped in my pants. Not horribly, but enough that I knew.

RUSH: This was on NBC prime time television Dateline on a report about Al Roker, January 6. This is a year and a half ago. So this morning on the Today show the fill-in cohost Willie Geist is interviewing Larry King. We’re changing subjects now. I don’t want to stay on the poop story long. (interruption) Really, come on. I mean, do you believe that? Al Roker reporting — by the way, were you at the White House today? ‘Cause Roker said that they saw Bo running around. Must be the family dog. (interruption) Well, I don’t know why you would tell anybody. And certainly with a straight face as though you’re actually making news? (interruption) No, I’ll tell you why. Because Al Roker thought he was being helpful.

If you’re gonna get gastric bypass surgery, be very careful, because you could get invited to the White House like I did and poop in your pants. You could get fooled. The passing of gas might be a little more. This is their definition of helping people who may not know. They might poop their pants. You talk about dumbing down.


RUSH: Back to this global warming thing for one minute. You know why this is actually being done, don’t you? Let me remind you. There’s a huge billionaire out here, a Democrat donor by the name of Tom Steyer, and he spoke up in the last three weeks or four weeks expressing his dissatisfaction with the lack of action on climate change from Obama. Hundred-million-dollar donation from this guy. That’s what he’s willing to give in order to fight this, $100 million.

So the story from the Washington Post today, they showed Obama two pictures. One of the Central Valley here in California, the drought, then over in Nevada. And Obama was so struck by the arid, waterless terrain, oh, my God, oh, my God, we gotta do global warming. That’s the story. But the real reason is Tom Steyer and Obama’s desire for his $100 million donation to the Democrat National Committee. That’s why it’s all political. That’s why this is all happening. So Obama evolved on climate change for the same reason he evolved on gay marriage: money.

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